Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 – TV Review

Arrow Thea Slade

“How else do you think I’ve been able to tolerate Colton Haynes’ cheekbones?”

Had enough of Lance family reunion drama?

Good. Because now it’s time for a flashback episode.

So we’re still not rid of Sarah. Unfortunately.

TL;DR Our 3 heroes take down the freighter, with mixed results; Slade finds out about Oliver being a part of why Shadow died (I refuse to say he caused her death. Because he didn’t); present day Slade makes a play for harming the Queen family, but withdraws.

The lack of depth perception is a difficult hurdle to overcome in any venture.

The plot takes us mostly back to the island. Oliver, Slade, and Sarah launch their assault on the freighter ship. They play some standard tricks (fake prisoners, diversions, you know the deal) and eventually Oliver gets the upper hand on Ivo while Sarah releases the prisoners, who take the fight to the guards. Ivo manages to talk about Shadow’s execution just as Slade shows up, which leads to Slade and Oliver having their long-awaited slap fight. Sarah and the prisoners eventually manage to abandon the ship (which has had all its engines exploded, but is still afloat), but Oliver is caught by Slade, who makes Ivo into his bitch and takes command of the surviving guards. Meanwhile in the present, Slade menaces the Queen family. The Super Friends step in to thwart him, but he manages to capture Diggle.

If they wanted a sniper, they should have just called Deadshot. Duh.

Not a lot happens that really tells us anything we don’t already know/could have presumed from what we do know. I’m not the biggest fan of the foregone conclusion flashback.

That said, the action is tight, and Oliver’s dirty little secret is finally out.

That’s gotta be worth something, right?


Why I hate this episode:

Arrow is like the opposite of The Vampire Diaries. Every single episode of TVD invovles someone or something pretty much putting the entire world in danger and the stakes being ridiculously high and a main character’s life on the line and omg everything is so vital. Arrow prefers to just tread water and throw some fight scenes around. Both approaches have their advantages, but both can also be disappointing.

And with the present day plot thread of Slade’s move on the Queens being far more compelling and relevant, the flashback-itis kind of stings. It’s a shame.

There’s no Laurel at all this episode. I suppose it’s nice to take a break from her self-involvement, whingeing, and incompetence. But, you know, Katie Cassidy.

I haven’t seen Caity Lotz in anything else, but she is not too great of an actress, hey? The line she delivers when she hears Slade over Oliver’s phone from Queen Manor is delivered so woodenly, I thought Toby from Pretty Little Liars was possessing her. She does know how to rock her Canary suit, though.

Slade’s motivation comes off pretty stale. He says in the present day scenes that he’s fulfilling the promise (the episode is titled “The Promise”) he made to Oliver in the flashbacks about destroying his happiness like Oliver destroyed his. Bitch, you’ve had years to realise that fucking Anthony Ivo is the one who shot Shadow in the head. I know you’re roid raging on the Mirakuru, but surely you’ve had at least one moment of clarity during this time period. The way he says it to Oliver makes it sound more like he’s doing it simply because he said he would, not because he really believes in it. Just chill the fuck out and get over yourself. Jerk.

Flashback Slade tricks Sarah and Oliver into thinking he burned the remaining Mirakuru supply. He didn’t have any reason to be mistrustful of them at this point, so why did he deceive them?

Oliver has a stress dream of an upset Shadow stabbing him for killing her. Is Sarah the only person in this show who understands that, you know, Ivo killed her?

Even Ivo himself is like “I may have had a gun and hunted you guys down and shot Shadow in the head, but you killed her, Oliver! For shame.” It’s like the “Conrad killed Amanda” shit from Revenge all over again. Fuck.

I don’t know if we met any of the featured prisoners in an earlier episode. I think we did? I can’t remember minor characters back that far, CW. Don’t ask things of me that I cannot do.

There are several explosions on the ship, but it doesn’t sink. Disappointing.

The parachute I questioned last episode is used by Sarah and Slade to parasail from a clifftop onto the freighter’s deck. Bizarre.

Diggle hesistates on taking a shot at Slade, and is then promptly knocked out and kidnapped by a hidden operative. Poor form, Dig.

Oh, and after the freighter attack, Slade hands Ivo a gun and tells him to shoot Oliver with it. He doesn’t, for some reason. What a wimp.


But it’s not all bad:

On the plus side, Slade does proceed to chop off Ivo’s hand.

The trio’s plan to get onto the boat was pretty fabulous. Oliver was a decoy, who allowed Ivo’s goons to capture him. Ivo administers some truth serum and gets Oliver to tell him Sarah and Slade are already on board below decks. In reality, Sarah prepped Oliver with some concoction that would prevent the truth serum from working. While Ivo’s men are searching for Sarah and Slade on board, they’re actually parasailing onto the deck. The plan did require literally every man to go below decks, which is kind of far fetched. But damn, bitches. That’s sneaky. I like it.

Slade’s present day plan isn’t up to those levels, but it works effectively. His menacing of the Queens was only a distraction so Oliver wouldn’t notice him planting cameras all over the place. And he caps it off by stealing Diggle. Touché.

Oliver makes a feeble attempt to stab Slade in the lounge room. I appreciate his willingness to possibly be caught by Thea and Moira with a dead body at his feet. If only he’d been successful.

Slade seems genuinely surprised to see Sarah when she shows up at Queen Manor. I wonder why?

He also is able to tell that Roy is on Mirakuru. I expect a showdown to be imminent.

Slade flirts with Moira. Delicious.

Ivo makes a call to someone named Jessica when shit starts going south on the freighter. It sounds like he was pursuing the Mirakuru to save her life. I know the sick family member angle is pretty played out, but at least Arrow’s giving us something to work with. I think I prefer Ivo as a total arsehole, though.

Oh, and I guess the Mirakuru isn’t so miraculous after all. At least, not miraculous enough to fix this:

Arrow Slade's eye socket


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4 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Next ep, I think, has the Suicide Squad, FINALLY. God damnit, they’ve been hinting at it for AGES.

    Also, I can’t wait for Ollie to shoot Slade in the eye, like he says he did.

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