The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 – TV Review

TVD Katherine Bonnie hell

Nope. No gays in Mystic Falls. Vetoed.

Apparently my brain interpreted Elena being gone for good as Elena being dead.

Evidently, it only meant that Elena would be gone until Katherine was kicked out of the body.

Guess how we found out?

TL;DR Katherine dies (for good. Or at least as “for good” as you can get on TVD); Nadia dies; Wes dies; Elena comes back.

Katherine makes sure to leave some poison barbs for her to step on, though. Thank God.

So the plot of the episode is entirely focused on the Scooby Gang all learning that Katherine is impersonating Elena, and their nefarious plan to bring her out in the open and murder her. Because that’s the kind of things that a show’s heroes do. Katherine plays cat and mouse with them for a bit while relying on Wes to concoct her an antidote for Nadia’s werewolf bite (thanks, Tyler). When Damon kills Wes and Stefan takes Nadia hostage, Katherine goes to her defeat at the evil team’s hands. Stefan gives her about 1.5 seconds to mourn Nadia before stabbing her with the Traveller knife, killing her and bringing Elena back to consciousness. Katherine makes a last second reveal to Bonnie Miss Anchor, though: she injected herself with Wes’ cannibal serum (an even more potent version thanks to his research), so now Elena is a cannibal (and capable of having werewolf venom bites? We will see). Subplots include Caroline and Tyler still bitching at each other; Matt being nice to Nadia; Jeremy and Bonnie calling on Letha from Hemlock Grove for help again (and her wanting Jeremy’s dick); and Katherine being hauled off by some invisible force after failing to pass through Bonnie to the Other Side.

I thought Alison Lohman had the monopoly on being dragged to hell. I guess I was wrong.

Katherine’s death should be the thing I hate most about this episode. But that final little dig at Elena makes it almost tolerable.

What really worries me is the direction TVD will go in from here. Either it’ll be a total wankfest as Damon and Elena scramble to find an antidote for the cannibal serum blah blah blah. Or Katherine’s ending twist will invite yet another endless slog of Other Side drama to come dredging back up.

Or both. Probably both.

Could we at least have Qetsiyah back?


Why I hate this episode:

Katherine decides it’s time to die because she doesn’t want Nadia to have to die alone. Bitch, you’re on the Other Side alone. What fucking difference does it make? You’ve gone your whole life up until a few months ago not even knowing your daughter was alive, and you’re willing to die for her? Fuck off. Katherine Pierce is better than that.

The Mystic Falls crew are legitimately the villains of this story. Katherine may be a devious bitch, but keep in mind that Elena is still alive inside of her. Our “heroes,” though, hold a dying woman hostage, lure her mother in, let her mother watch her die, then kill said mother moments later. Remember, Tyler is also the reason Nadia died. So our “heroes” kill 2 people, and for what? So Elena can run around again? Good going, “protagonists.”

And the whole lot of them just stand around and let Stefan murder Katherine in cold blood. Woo fucking hoo for you, cunts.

Caroline is the only one to feel a shred of sadness for Katherine (later, obviously. When it’s convenient for her). Tyler takes this expression of finding the good in people and instantaneously reads it as “I fucked Klaus.” I may have been with Tyler on the “he killed my mum, don’t fuck him” train. But he’s just looking for a reason to start a fight. Idiot.

Conversely, Caroline again proclaims that she should be allowed to fuck whoever she wants, committer of matricide or not, and be immune from any criticism. Bonus demerit points for playing the “I’m allowed to make mistakes sometimes” card. This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy, honey.

Stefan is absolute trash.

Katherine doesn’t even try calling Klaus for help to save Nadia (out of fear, and knowing that he likely wouldn’t agree, anyway). Should have had Caroline call him.

Nadia talks smack about Katherine while in one of her final fever hazes. Which Katherine is there to hear. Ow.

Damon is still intending to get back with Elena. He wants to tell her everything he did while whacked out and rippery, and see if she’ll still want him. Damon, it’s Elena. She clearly doesn’t give a shit about anyone that isn’t herself. Of course she’ll forgive you.

Oh, and when Katherine appears to Bonnie at the church at the end, it seemed like she could have not been actually dead. If someone appeared to Bonnie when nobody else was around, then she wouldn’t be able to tell if they were real or a spirit looking to pass through. TVD misses the chance to use that tension. Also, it would have been nice if Katherine had indeed been alive, you know?


But it’s not all bad:

At least she gets to leave a delightfully cruel trap for Elena by way of the cannibal serum. Her revelation to Bonnie about finding out Wes had been using the sample of blood he took from Nadia to increase the power of the serum, and not make an antidote for Nadia like he said he was, was so juicy I had to wipe it off my chin.

Then we see Katherine taking out a syringe of that liquid vengeance and administering it to herself. Not even Alison Dilaurentis herself could out-bitch Katherine at this point.

The “I know you know” sequence is a lot of fun. Everyone calls “Elena” and tries to force her to hang out with them as a way of luring Katherine out to be killed. Katherine rebuffs them all, but gets wise to what’s happening. She calls Damon as “Elena” and asks to see him. When he readily agrees, she knows the game is up, because there’s no way Damon would agree to be around Elena so soon after almost killing her (and still having the same urge to kill). Then Damon’s like “I dun goof’d.”

Best line of the episode goes to Damon when Stefan first fills him in about Katherine’s deception: “She’s brilliant.” Always.

Katherine gets second best line when she says what everyone, including the characters at this point, are thinking: “I’m really starting to get sick of Elena getting everything that I want.” Yes.

Damon makes his killing of Wes count. He gives his heart a nice little squeeze firstly, then takes a scalpel to his eye. We don’t get to see the rest, but if that’s the stuff they can show us? Just imagine.

I cried IRL at Katherine’s sorrow for Nadia’s death. Yes, I did.

Nadia’s bite-induced flashbacks are all about her search for her mother, which Katherine overhears while she sleep talks. It’s surprisingly moving. When she dies, she just ends up repeating “I’m looking for my mother.” Tears. Actual tears.

Katherine’s strutting around the Mystic Falls crew and deciding which one will kill her is a treat. Bonus points for Bonnie being the only one she completely dismisses.

Letha is extremely unsubtle about flirting with Jeremy. Even with Bonnie right next to him. It looks like even the show is over Bonnie.

Oh, and what the hell was going on with Katherine’s getting dragged away? I can’t imagine Qetsiyah or Silas would have it out for her particularly. Who is behind it?

TVD Katherine drag me to hell

“I don’t care if Elena’s feet are the perfect size. She’s disgusting.”

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12 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to assume she went to hell. They were in a church for effect and everything.

    And although I gotta give Kathrine props for winning even after death, the fact that yet another problem is slapped onto Elena is so annoying. I mean, God. It’s like they know her regular self is annoying, so they’re just shooting off ideas after ideas to try and make her interesting. And failing.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      No no no, Elena doesn’t get to be alive while Katherine gets dragged off to hell forever.

      I can’t live in that world.

      • Lydia says :

        Unfortunately, I was told that one of the writers said shew a gone for good. Let’s hope this is not the case, because really, there’s not many characters on this show I actually care about.

  2. Amadan says :

    there is no tvd with no katherine. they resurrected everybody in this show, and i mean, is there still a character been killed that was not brought back from death? and they do that with katherine instead of bonnie when they had the chance to get rid of her? is ryan murphy writing the show now?

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