The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 – TV Review

The Originals Klaus Camille

“He could use a bit of fake tan, though.”

Yes, apparently Camille, the one squishy human in the show, is the only one Elijah feels is qualified to nurse an ailing and ravenous Klaus back to health.

Oh, Elijah. Principles don’t defeat primal urge.

TL;DR Unless you’re Klaus, because he doesn’t kill her. He does want to kill Rebekah, though (he’s still mad). We also get to find out exactly what Mikael did do in 1919; Hayley snags a Crescent cure out of Celeste; Elijah kills Celeste; Marcel brings Davina back to life; Monique is a bit less of a cunt.

Still hasn’t brought back Sophie, though. Ungrateful.

The plot mainly concerns Klaus explaining to Camille (who Elijah has enlisted to nurse him, as she’s the only person in New Orleans who Klaus doesn’t hate enough at this moment in time to instantly murder) what Mikael did when he came to New Orleans in 1919. He attacked each of the 3 Original siblings, but mainly went after Klaus. He also burned down an entire opera house and its attendees, as well as (presumably. Though they know better now) Marcel, and some other faction personalities (a werewolf queen is in there). The Originals had to flee New Orleans due to it. This is why Klaus is so furious at Rebekah, because now he knows she’s the reason Mikael found them there. Camille does her best to psycho babble him out of his revenge quest, but the episode ends with him cornering Rebekah in the cemetery, and Elijah preparing to defend her. Meanwhile, Elijah tries to track down Hayley. He finds her torturing a Crescent cure out of Celeste. Once she’s got it (though, we’re yet to see if it’ll work), Elijah snatches Celeste away and proves to Monique that she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but herself. Monique helps Elijah kill her. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Marcel work to revive Davina so she can do a cloaking spell on them to prevent Klaus from finding them (now moot). They manage to kill Bastiana, so Davina is back.

What is a TVD spinoff without a Deus Ex Machina witch? Well, one that’s on the main characters’ side.

I’m still bothered by Klaus’ all-consuming revenge rage at Rebekah. Yes, Mikael ruined New Orleans for you. But again, you’ve lived over 1000 years of disappointment and hardship. And you’ve known for a long time that Rebekah’s loyalty to you is anything but solid. Get over it.

Mikael’s dead. You’ve got New Orleans back. Marcel even survived the fire. Just add this transgression to Rebekah’s list and move on, bro.



Why I hate this episode:

Not content with merely punishing her, he’s dead set on using the invinci-stake (he’s had it hidden inside a bust at his place) and killing her for good. Seriously, bitch. Calm down. Just calm.

If Elijah was so concerned about what Klaus would do to Rebekah, why didn’t he just leave him immobilised for a little while longer? Elijah notes how he doesn’t want Klaus to lie there in agonising pain, but if it’s a choice between that and Rebekah getting staked, you can let Klaus simmer for a little longer, no?

Monique has gone from crazy aunt killer to reasonable human being too quickly. Inconsistent.

Celeste clearly doesn’t think very highly of Hayley. She tells Elijah that her plan with the Crescent cure (some potion/smoothie thing) is foolproof: if Elijah takes off with Celeste and doesn’t let Hayley keep the cure, then she’ll hate him. On the other hand, if Elijah does let Hayley have the cure (Hayley also wants to keep Celeste prisoner in case it’s a fake), then once she’s got her family back, she won’t have time for him anymore. Really? Because it’s impossible for a woman to have a boyfriend and a family? I suppose Celeste is ancient, so her grasp of feminism might not be up to code. But come on.

She also doesn’t count on the possiblity that Elijah will give Hayley the cure, but still steal Celeste away. Which Hayley doesn’t seem to be that bothered by. Oops for you, C-Word.

Rebekah and Marcel apparently need Thierry’s help to lure Bastiana and Genevieve in for an ambush. I guess his actor had some obligatory lines to get in so they could pay him, because he does literally nothing.

Genevieve also manages to get away from the ambush. Just because?

Mikael is hellbent on killing his children so that their plague will stop harming the world, right? So burning down an entire opera house of innocent humans shouldn’t be consistent with that ideology, should it?

Oh, and in a desperate attempt to quell Klaus, Camille points out that he’s acting just like Mikael. Klaus is too much of an idiot to see that she’s completely right. That curved knife must have cut down his IQ points.


But it’s not all bad:

Mikael relishes his plans to screw over Klaus. Not only does he plan to kill him, but he plans to systematically murder every single person in New Orleans who has ever heard of him, so that Klaus has no legacy. Maybe that explains why he killed all the opera goers. But surely not every single one of them knew Klaus. Whatever. It’s a cute plan.

Celeste’s supposed no-win plan for Elijah is equally petty and adorable. Elijah must be a really good fuck to piss her off that much.

Likewise, Elijah’s victory against her is supremely satisfying. Earlier in the episode he explains to Monique that Celeste just body jumps whenever she gets bored/in trouble, and doesn’t care about the witches. Monique doubts him, so he gives her a spell from Esther’s grimoire which will fuck up the body hopping spell if she tries it again. Monique evidently used it just in case, because Celeste totally does slit her/Sabine’s throat. Monique witnesses it, and points Elijah in the direction of where the spell has sent Celeste, which turns out to be a reformation of her original body.

Which Elijah promptly stabs to death. You go, boy. Ain’t nobody gon’ fuck up your relationship with Hayley but you. Mmm hmm.

Marcel manages to violently rip Bastiana’s head off. I loved it.

This allows Davina to come back to life. Hopefully Sophie is next.

Best line of the episode goes to Camille. Klaus has just told her the start of the opera house story: “Why am I not surprised you like opera?” I don’t know why I liked this line so much. It sounds a little bit like she’s calling him gay. Which would be great for my Klaus/Marcel slash fiction.

Klaus has sex in the flashbacks with the hot werewolf queen. She also happens to be a Crescent. Knowing The Originals, I can’t imagine that would be merely incidental.

The fact that the flashbacks show Klaus having successfully unified New Orleans’ factions (vampires, werewolves, witches, humans) makes the subsequent destruction of his utopia all the more affecting. He was in such a good place that he’d even given Marcel and Rebekah his blessing to be together. Aww.

Celeste feebly begs for her life before Elijah stabs her. Haha, bitch.

There’s plenty of flirting between Camille and Klaus. Natch.

In the flashback, Mikael tries to turn Elijah against Klaus. Elijah is too loyal, though, and somehow becomes even hotter. He also volunteers to hold Mikael off while Klaus and Rebekah flee town. Be still, my quivering genitals.

Oh, and it’s nice to spend time with Mikael, again. He was so unceremoniously stepped on in TVD. If he is enough of a monster for Klaus to fear him, he deserves to be noticed.

The Originals Klaus Mikael opera house

Mikael answers the call.

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5 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I will never not see Mikael as Balthazar. #SupernaturalNostaliga

    Also, I have to say that my favourite part of this episode was when Hayley was like, “Help me or get out of my way.” And Elijah simply swipes the cure-potion thing and Celeste and bolts in a blur. XD Elijah, you are my favourite Original now. At least until Klaus gets over this revenge-whinge-fest.

    Also, I didn’t hate Camille in this episode. I hope this is a turning point.

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