Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 – TV Review

Arrow Sarah Felicity shirtless

It’s nice to get some (more) fanservice for the gentlemen.

Arrow: more than just dudes shirtless.

Also girls shirtless.

A victory for equality.

TL;DR Laurel tries not to be a bitch but is then still a bitch; Felicity tries to step out of Sarah’s shadow; we get some Sin backstory nobody asked for; Roy isn’t around.

His chiselled face was starting to give me a complex.

Okay, so with her lady love gone away, Sarah and Oliver are back on. This causes Felicity to become crazy jealous. Crazy jealous enough to go rogue while trying to apprehend this episode’s villain of the week (Cult refugee Robert Knepper). The team ends up joining together, and after Felicity saves Sarah’s life, the two seem to be putting things right. Meanwhile, Laurel decides to host a Lance family dinner to help smooth things over with everyone. Quentin unsuccessfully tries to get back with Mama Lance. And Laurel realises Oliver (who Sarah brought along uninvited) and Sarah are back together, and promptly freaks the fuck out. Oliver disowns her for being an alcoholic brat, and all is wrong with the world. Laurel comes around and apologises to Sarah, though. And the island flashbacks show Sarah promising a dying, shot-down plane pilot that she’ll look out for his daughter. Who is Sin.


It’s not a great episode for the ladies of Arrow, this week.

We’ve got Felicity putting her life on the line just because she’s in a tizzy over Oliver shacking up with Sarah. Felicity deserves to be better than just another love interest. And it’s even more insulting that she’d act so recklessly in the name of unrequited love.

Then we’ve got Laurel.


Why I hate this episode:

Laurel might not be the most tactful tantrum thrower, but bitch has got a point. She went to the effort of, well, making an effort. Then Sarah just shoves her renewed romance with Oliver, the love of Laurel’s life, in her face. To further knock Laurel down, Arrow then has Oliver taking the supposed moral high ground and fucking Laurel off for good. He may be right about how Laurel blames everything on someone else, but in this instance, she’s right. Sarah ruined her relationship with Oliver, and now she’s rubbing her nose in it. Again. Leave Laurel alone.

I don’t care about Sin’s mildly tragic backstory. Also, the coincidence that some random pilot who happens to be from Starling City would be flying over this remote Chinese island is a bit much to swallow. Unless a future episode gives some context as to why he was flying there, it’s pretty fucking ridiculous.

Robert Knepper’s character has a pathetically stock-standard motivation: he’s dying of a terminal illness and he’s robbing banks to get money for his family. Pssh. Breaking Bad has already put that one to bed, baby. Find something new.

Knepper humiliates Felicity by hacking the Super Friends HQ computers and telling them to commit suicide, which entails them all exploding with pyrotechnics. Why are they able to do that in the first place?

Mama Lance awkwardly reveals at the Lance family dinner that she has a lover over in Central City. Probably shouldn’t have led Quentin on, then, huh?

Oliver finds a parachute among the downed plane’s wreckage and claims it will be their way onto the freighter. How?

Oh, and not one to be outmatched in the “make anything with a computer chip blow up” stakes, Felicity defeats Knepper by doing exactly that to his mobile phone. Okay.


But it’s not all bad:

Despite my vehement opposition to Oliver’s decision to drop Laurel like she’s hot (and she is), he isn’t wrong when he points out how much she deflects blame and responsibility. And being an irresponsible bitch is a heinous crime.

Oliver also gets best line of the episode during his tirade: “You losing your job, doing drugs, being drunk. Is that my fault?” He plays rough.

Laurel comes around to Sarah near the end. She tearfully admits that in the years Sarah was gone, her life went to shit. And seeing Sarah alive and happy made her realise just how torn apart her life had become. Sarah is gracious enough to accept the apology and hug it out. Hopefully Oliver can do the same. And with sex.

Roy isn’t around to angst things up. Good.

Thea wears a beautiful dress to Sarah’s welcome home party.

Felicity’s jealousy seems to have been quelled. She takes a bullet wound for Sarah when she saves her from Knepper.

And while her jealousy was the major part of her motivation for going rogue, she was also upset because the one thing she brings to the team, her computer prowess, was getting hammered by Knepper. Motivation!

Mama Lance lives and works in Central City now. Will we be seeing her in The Flash?

Laurel eschews Sarah’s party to stay home alone and drink. Sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me.

The episode ends with Moira introducing Oliver to a business associate: Slade. He’s a slinky minx.

Oh, and I don’t see why Oliver just doesn’t go back to messing around with both Lance sisters. Everybody wins.

Arrow Laurel Sarah

I could never turn down a hottie with a drinking problem.

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11 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Yes! I was waiting for this!

    I personally find Sarah way hotter than Laurel. But that’s just me. (Although, it would be nice her her boobs didn’t keep falling out of her Black Canary shirt.)

    Fun fact: The Clock King (Cult refugee guy) has ties with the Suicide Squad–That squad Amanda Waller was mentioning earlier, if you forget. I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

  2. Teylen says :

    I think Oliver a outbitches Laurel. “I always loved you, and I tried to get to you for years” Uhm, Yeah? Apart from the part where you totally dumped her for ninja-sis and took of for a boat trip and bedding her again,.. like before the talk. o_O;

    Plus she could have gone and answered “You losing your job, doing drugs, being drunk. Is that my fault?” like “Nah, I already put that on mah sis”.

    It might be a stupid coincidence, but I liked Sins backstory. Just,… if they gonna show her backstory they should maybe provide more scenes with Sin? oO;

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Laurel definitely should have told him she blames Sarah, not him. It would have still pissed him off, but at least Laurel could be satisfied that she got a good dig in.

      If Sin did anything other than provide a lacklustre secondary love interest for Roy, then I might come to care about her.

  3. bri bri says :

    I want oliver and felicity to have an unbreakable relationship

  4. Lee Jones says :

    Let me get this straight. Laurel was having emotional problems over Tommy’s death and becoming an alcoholic, and all you can do is label her a “brat”? What is it about addiction that most people refuse to face?

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