The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 – TV Review

The Originals Rebekah dishevelled

I call it Spencer-itis.

You left me for 3 weeks, and now you want me to care about you again?

Fine. At least I can put off watching a new episode of Glee for a little bit.

TL;DR Rebekah’s century-old treachery against Klaus is revealed; Klaus is unimpressed.

Keeping it simple.

So yeah, the major thrust of the plot focuses on Genevieve’s torture of Rebekah. She uses a spell to make Klaus witness all of Rebekah’s wolf venom-addled flashbacks to 1919, when she and Marcel used Genevieve to summon Mikael to town (briefly mentioned a while ago). Much of the episode’s runtime is devoted to said flashbacks, which show how Rebekah befriended Genevieve, used her, then killed her. Despite a last minute attempt to backpedal, the plan went ahead, and Mikael’s arrival in 1919 is what forced the Originals out of New Orleans. Klaus, naturally, isn’t too happy about this fact, and Genevieve gives him the curved knife to stab Rebekah with. Genevieve considers this the ultimate revenge on Rebekah, because it would mean not only her pain, but it would cause a rift between the vengeful Klaus and the sympathetic Elijah. Meanwhile, Elijah, Marcel and Hayley work to track down the missing Originals. Elijah arrives just in time to turn the knife back on Klaus. And Hayley captures Celeste, who she has deduced was the witch responsible for cursing the Crescents (in an earlier host body).

Hayley knows her way around a shovel bludgeoning.

It’s a clean, to-the-point episode, so there isn’t much space for it to go wrong.

What did piss me off was how predictably vengeful Klaus was. He even saw the part of the flashbacks where Rebekah tries to stop Mikael from coming (unsuccessfully), yet Klaus still wants to knife her up. And kill Marcel while she watches.

Shit, man. After all the bullcrap you and your sister have done to each other over the thousand-ish years you’ve been running around, you’re really gonna go to the mat over this one thing that happened 100 years ago?

Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

You’re not a Salvatore. You’re a 1000 year old man. Mature, already.


Why I hate this episode:

For reals, get over it. Betrayal is bread and butter to the lot of you at this point. Move on.

Hayley isn’t late to the selfishness party, almost derailing Marcel and Elijah’s desparate scramble to find the location of the captured Originals so she can find out more about the witch that cursed her family. I know you have to make your token contribution to your boring plot line, but this is an inappropriate time, girl. Wait.

Also, she knocks out Celeste like it ain’t no thang. Celeste is lucky that she’s been able to jump to a new host every time she’s died, because her self preservation skills are clearly lacking.

Genevieve was taking a pretty big gamble that Klaus would both fall for her plan, and that he wouldn’t just arbitrarily murder her once she set him free. Season 3 TVD Klaus would have. Just sayin’.

Rebekah kills Genevieve and an (unkown to her) incognito Celsete (in another host body) in 1919 by infecting them with fatal flu, and leaving them to die in quarantine. Or you could have just, you know, ripped their throats out or something. What?

Rebekah also somehow manages to wander aimlessly around an abandoned hospital for an entire day. I know she’s mad hallucinating, but sheesh. Break a window or something. Fuck.

Sophie seems to be totally dead. Elijah happens upon a smug Monique burying her early in the episode (she’s the one who gives him the clues on how to find Celeste. As part of Celeste’s game). 1) I don’t buy that it will last. 2) Aww, Sophie.

Oh, and just to doubly prove how naively dumb he is, Klaus initially doesn’t beleive Genevieve’s claims about Rebekah’s treachery. Do you people not know each other?


But it’s not all bad:

It’s always nice to see Angry Klaus, though. Even if he is a complete tool.

I’m grateful for a mostly Rebekah episode. We haven’t exactly been swimming in those. She looks great as a period nurse, too.

Elijah is the one who holds the episode together. His determined search to find his siblings is expectedly affable. Once Marcel spills the beans about the age old Genevieve scheme, his focus grows to encompass his justified concern over how Klaus will be affected by the news. His nobility isn’t always cumbersome.

Indeed, Genevieve was onto a good thing with her revenge scheme. Elijah’s morality; his quest to see Rebekah unhurt by Klaus’ wrath, is his perfect weakness.

I’m glad Elijah got there in time, though. He turns the knife back on Klaus, and tells Marcel and Rebekah to run. I wonder where Klaus will go from here?

Not anyhwere, apparently. The knife’s effect is to leave you conscious but immobilised, and in unbearable pain for eternity. And to get it out, which Genevieve so generously demonstrates, you have to cut open the victim’s abdomen and pull it out by hand. Juicy.

Also, Marcel’s attempt to stop Klaus is hilariously feeble.

Hayley manages to work out that one of Celeste’s earlier hosts, the second witch that Rebekah killed via flu germs, is the one who Marcel ordered to curse the Crescents. Marcel confirms this in a conversation with Elijah. Marcel seems to be unaware that Hayley is a Crescent, though. I wonder if he cares enough about her to help?

Not that she needs it. Shovel to Celeste’s head and all.

Best line of the episode goes to Rebekah, when she expresses her disdain in Celeste’s trash talking of her brother: “Say what you will about me, but Elijah is a good man.” Yes.

Hayley gives it her best when she taunts a shovelled Celeste: “Hey there, witch bitch.” Lazy rhyming is okay with me, Hayley.

Celeste apparently has a history of committing suicide in each vessel when she gets bored of them. How fabulously frivolous. I love it.

Oh, and there’s more for the shippers to eat up.

The Originals Elijah stabs Klaus

Go read some fanfiction and fucking educate yourself.

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