Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 – TV Review

PLL Aria crazy eyes

“Denial? Never heard of it.”

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
She must have slipped into a parallel universe where jumpsuits aren’t a keg of cat vomit.
Our count is now 10 gross, 11 gross profit.

Only kidding about Aria. She takes things very poorly.

Well, she is dumb enough to get into a serious relationship with her teacher. Would you expect the breakup (and revelation that he’s fucking psycho) to be any more sensible?

Aria’s a dick, is what I’m saying.

TL;DR Aria chucks a psych all episode long; Spencer handles withdrawal with mixed results; Paige remembers what it’s like to be an obstructive irritation; Hanna gets her love triangle spinning again.

She kissed Travis 5 episodes ago. That’s an eternity in teen drama years.

Now for Liars plot lines. Flavours separated:

Aria, given her little tizzy last episode, is back in the lead. She has the misfortune of both being a melodramtic piece of shit, and also not believing (and convincing the other Liars. Wtf!?) that Ezra is A. Simply an opportunistic writer. Good, go fuck off then. Go away.

Spencer is close behind in the crazy stakes. She tries to kick her drug habit to avoid going to rehab, but is a weak brat and fails. She then descends into a further insanity spiral when she finds documents of Ezra’s that suggest she herself might have attacked Alison the night she disappeared. Going ape at Jessica Dilaurentis isn’t any way to help your “don’t send me away” case, either. Oops.

Hanna encounters Travis again. She keeps that ship afloat by leveraging her other ship with Cute Cop (Holbrook, for the purists) to soften Travis’ dad’s court case. It works, and now she can forget about Caleb. Like everyone else in the world has.

And Emily faces resistance from Paige when she tries to complete the cash drop off for Alison. She has to admit that Alison is alive, and Paige thinks things are all a bit too dangerous, and reaches a decision with Emily to have her stop contacting Alison (for Emily’s own safety).

Sadly, there’s no more Mona macking on Mike. Alliteration sex is best sex.

So you know the drill, I’m obviously going to single out Aria as the worst thing about this episode.

And she is, but not for the melodrama.

No, her infuriating contribution is her absolute refusal to believe that Ezra is A. She is convinced, despite her otherwise rampant hatred of him, that he was totally only doing research for a book. He’s evil, but not A evil.

Fuck off. What planet are you on? ‘Cuz I don’t wanna be on it with you.


Why I hate this episode:

Worse, she seems to convince the other Liars that he isn’t A.

And yet even worse, she believes that Ezra’s Ravenswood base isn’t an A base. Just a place for his research material. Yep, because you need fucking A costumes to do that. Jesus Christ.

Like, holy fuck, Aria. The delusion is absurd. She believes that although he was using truckloads of gear and tech and sources to track and follow them, he still isn’t A. He just happens to do and be everything A is, but isn’t A? Good god, woman.

And yet yet, even worse, when she finds, like, a little box of research in his apartment, she flips her shit and loses her goddamn mind. Because an entire Ravenswood base full of surveillance gear and research is no big thing, but a little shoebox of photos is enough to have a mental breakdown. How does Aria not crumple under the galactic weight of her inconsistency?

Spencer is useless at quitting her srs bsns amphetamine addiction. Her parents give her one last chance to kick it on her own, or she’s going to rehab. Spencer’s course of action? Totally fall for the bait A leaves (putting some pills in her locker), then Hulking out on Jessica when she finds a random note of Ezra’s that implies she could have attacked Alison the night she disappeared. Never mind that such a thing would be moot anyway, because Alison is, you know, alive. Why does Spencer really even care if anyone (Jessica, her dad) thinks she hurt Alison? She knows she’s alive. Isn’t that enough?

Emily is a frosty bitch to Paige, who is only trying to help her by discouraging her from staying involved with Alison.

Not to be too pure, though, Paige is a bit ultimatum-happy. Paige has always had a problem with coming on too strong.

Aria spends a lot of time moping about. Oh baby, I don’t care.

Hanna randomly and inappropriately kisses Cute Cop after she thanks him for his help with Travis’ dad’s case, and he backs away. Yet another man who doesn’t want any of that. What is he? Gay? We can hope.

Oh, and Aria doesn’t think Ezra is Board Shorts, either. Just to cap off her conga line of denial.


But it’s not all bad:

Aria ends the episode by deciding to pack up and go somewhere for a while. So that’s good.

She also deserves points for the absolute thrashing she gives Ezra’s apartment when she goes on her bitch fit. I didn’t know she had it in her.

Hanna gets best line of the episode after witnessing the aftermath: “If it were me, I would’ve burned this whole place down.” Which means she should have burnt Ravenswood down, but I’m willing to give her another chance to prove herself.

Hanna’s romantic sub plots are actually the least groan-worthy aspects of this episode. Mainly because Travis and Cute Cop are both attractive, and neither of them are her teacher. Aria could learn something from this.

Spencer’s confrontation with Jessica is the most plot relevant moment of the episode. Even though it shouldn’t matter, because Alison is alive. In any case, she finds a note in Ezra’s research where he writes about Cece telling him she saw Spencer threaten Alison with a shovel on the night she disappeared (Spencer can’t verify this with her own memories, because she was shitfaced on pills back then, apparently). Cece was bought off by Jessica to shutup because Jessica had seen the fight, too. Jessica plays dumb when Spencer gets up at her about it, but there’s definitely something going on.

Paige ends the episode by leaving an anonymous note announcing Alison as alive and the address for the cash drop off on a police car. You go, girl.

Shana’s apparently fucked off back to Georgia. Don’t come back.

Aria’s anguish at Ezra’s recording of all their personal conversations warmed my heart.

She finds a letter among Ezra’s things from a publisher who is making plans to publish his book. Ooh.

Oh, and honestly, Cute Cop must be gay, right? Although, if he was, he should have been complimenting her jacket a bit more.

PLL Holbrook Hanna kiss

With that hairstyle, just pretend she’s Thor.

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