Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 – TV Review

PLL Aria Ezra ski lift


Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
She’s monochroming her way to even levels. That sneaky bitch.
Our count is now 10 blech, 10 heck (yeah).

So are we done with our drug hallucinations?

Good. Moving on.

TL;DR Aria finds out about Ezra, which he kinda denies; Spencer is a full blown meth head; and things are getting pretty serious for Mona and Mike.

Unfortunately for Mona, there’s no “A” in “love.”

Liar by Liar, this is how it goes down:

Spencer is back in the lead this episode, with her escalatingly preposterous free fall into drug abuse. Apparently this isn’t her first time, and nobody has her back. What are friends for? At least she spills the beans to Aria about Ezra finally.

Aria, of course, doesn’t believe that shit (thanks to a hideously unsupportive effort from Hanna and Emily). Luckily, she’s nosy enough to investigate for herself, and finds out that Ezra has been hiding shit all along. He plays it off with some bullshit “research for a book” excuse, but Aria seems to have betrayed her brain damage and isn’t believing him. For now.

Hanna just flits around and tag teams with Emily to offer absolutely nothing of value (that’s Emily’s specialty). At least she dresses well while doing it.

And Emily is her usual, unimportant self.

Oh, and Mike and Mona have some dates. And Mona is apparently smitten enough to try and leave her A ways behind.


My biggest problem with this episode was the scene where Spencer had planned for Hanna, Emily, and herself to finally confront Aria with their theory about Ezra. Then Aria comes in and is all “You’re a drug addict, bitch.” And Hanna and Emily immediately back off the plan and offer Spencer zero support in telling Aria the truth.

Yes, being a druggo is kind of a big deal. But so is filling in your other best friend the truth about her boyfriend being a psychopath.

Where’s the sistah solidarity, girls?


Why I hate this episode:

Seriously, those bitches. I expect this kind of crap from Emily, but not you, Hanna. Find your fucking loudmouth and get it running again. This is exacerbated by Hanna telling Emily later that she’s still convinced Ezra is A, despite Spencer’s insanity. Yeah, that would have been helfpul to say before, cunt.

Hanna being relegated to moving furniture is also despicable. For shame, PLL.

Hanna and Emily spot who they think is Spencer posing as Alison at Ambrose Pavilion. No fucking surprise when it turns out not to be her. Get some confirmation, you idiots. Jesus.

I’m so over the Spencer/drug addiction plot line already. It’s no more engaging than her mental breakdown plot line last season, and makes her look just as shitty.

Also, not one of the Liars goes to Veronica or Peter Hastings about Spencer’s motherfucking drug addiction. Not only would that be a good idea because, you know, she’s addicted to drugs. But it would be nice to confirm the file Ezra spoon fed Aria wasn’t fabricated. It wasn’t, fyi, but they don’t know that.

This is especially a mark against Emily and Hanna, who should be about a million times more suspicious of Ezra.

Aria tries to escape Ezra by getting onto a soon-to-be-closing ski lift. Hasn’t she watched Frozen?

Ezra also manages to somehow slip onto the same seat as her before it starts up. So it’s confirmed: Aria is blind, as well as stupid.

Mona dating Mike is still gross.

The plan to bait Ezra out to prove he’s A is to pretend to be meeting Alison at Ambrose Pavilion and dropping off that coffee bean bag full of cash. For some reason, Emily brings the actual bag of cash along for the show. I think just a random coffee bean bag would have sufficed, baby. Bizarre.

Aria drops the manuscript of the book Ezra had been writing about Alison off the ski lift. Ugh.

Oh, and Aria has to enter a password to get access to Ezra’s cabin. The first one she tries? Ezra. What the actual fuck, bitch? Did you honestly have any expectation that it would work? What is wrong with you?


But it’s not all bad:

The best part of the episode is the chase between Aria and Ezra. She breaks into the cabin and finds the manuscript, confirming her mounting suspicions about him being duplicitous. Ezra turns up, so she legs it into the woods. She runs for her life, trying to escape onto a ski lift, but is joined by Ezra. He tells her that he dated Alison back when he was in college (ew), and that he did know who all the Liars were when he came into their lives. He targeted Aria to get some more research for a true crime book he was planning to write about Alison’s disappearance. But he fell in luuurve. Of course.

And in a stunning twist, Aria shrieks in his face and doesn’t buy a single gram of that bucket of shit. Good for you, girl.

At the very least, this should be the final nail in the festering coffin that is their relationship. It better be.

I’ll give Aria some points for (although, not intentionally) derailing the fuck out of Spencer’s A-ccusation party. You say “My boyfriend is a monster,” I say “You’re high, bitch.” It’s a solid defence.

Props to Ezra for getting up on that, too. Smooth. He also plants Wren’s prescription pad in Spencer’s purse to really sell it.

Mona tries to refuse Ezra’s demands for assistance, presumably due to her relationship with Mike. But she also resists saying the “L” word to Mike, too. What’s she up to?

Best line of the episode goes to Hanna, who is quicker to the point than Aria when it comes to interventions: “Are you a Speed freak?” Tact is for the weak.

I’ll give Aria a pat on the back for initially finding Ezra’s story about Spencer being a junkie to be ridiculous. See, Hanna and Emily? That’s (temporary) solidarity.

Toby is ready to put all that stuff with his mum behind him. Good.

The A stinger shows them retrieving the dropped manuscript.

Oh, and Hanna has now worked her way up to an even Fashionistard ratio. It’s too bad she’s not modest about it.

PLL Emily Hanna Free Fall

Duck face is the one true path to enlightenment.

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