Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 – TV Review

PLL Ezra Aria cabin

“Uhh…” -Ezra

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
Things go a bit each way, but she’s not getting the benefit of the doubt this time.
Our count is now 10 whatever, 8 are better.

Do you really expect there to be any joy in an episode titled “Hot For Teacher?”

There’s a little bit, I suppose.

TL;DR Aria is still oblivious to Ezra; Spencer shares her theory with the other Liars, though; Shana gets scared by A, leaving Alison in the lurch; Spencer is a pill popper now.

Bitch wishes she was Laurel Lance.

Plot lines:

Aria is still seeing Ezra on the DL. She worries about her friends judging her and almost calls it quits, but Ezra convinces her to not. Ezra also turns out to have a stupid, high tech A base in his cabin. Because spying on a bunch of teenage girls is okay if it’s totally not sexual, I swear.

Spencer keeps hitting those study aide pills to stay up and do research on Ezra. She thinks she can prove he rented the Ravenswood A base apartment. Hanna catches onto her shit and ends up getting her to share the theory with her and Emily. Spencer is also now a drug addict who buys more pills from some dealer bitch at school.

Hanna spends most of the episode tailing Spencer. She does take the opportunity to flirt with Cute Cop a bit more, though. Travis is yet to come sniffing back around.

Emily still has faith in Shana. At Alison’s request (through Shana), Emily retrieves a wad of cash Alison had hidden in her house for emergencies. Shana is attacked by someone before she can get the money from Emily to give to Alison, and seems to be spooked off Rosewood. Alison, now broke, boards a bus at the end of the episode.

Because bus tickets are free, right?

I am so fucking sick of Ezra/Aria. I will never stop being sick of Ezra/Aria. It’s not worth it, Aria. Come on. I know you’re basically brain damaged, but even you should be able to figure that out.

Maybe if Ezra was hotter I could be bothered.


Why I hate this episode:

The Liars don’t fucking tell Aria about their suspicions of Ezra, either. They decide it’s too risky. Do they really trust each other so little that they assume Aria will disown them if they simply present her with a reasonable argument? All 4 of them are terrible friends.

Hanna’s skepticism about Ezra being A is also disappointing. Bloody Mona was A for two seasons, bitch. It can be anyone. Get over it.

Having been portrayed as superhumanly resourceful to have survived years in seclusion, it’s pretty bizarre that Alison is now weeping over a payphone for her $5000 or she’ll be screwed. I guess faking your own death isn’t so glamorous after all.

Spencer’s drug addiction subplot is shit. Spencer used to be cool. I’m most upset because now she looks all dishevelled and wears boring clothes. Flat shoes? Ghastly.

Aria gets all up in Hanna’s business for having a flirtation with Cute Cop. Teacher fuckers need not comment on such things, Aria.

Emily decides to hide the wad of cash inside a coffee bean bag while she’s at work. Luckily, it doesn’t get stolen. But didn’t we learn anything from Lasagna Money? It was a silly idea.

Ezra does a piss-poor job of keeping his A-dentity a secret from Spencer. He very obviously threatens her when pretending to talk about an essay.

Aria has a brief chat to Jesse about how she’s worried her friends wouldn’t approve of her seeing her ex-boyfriend again (Ezra). Yeah, no shit. Even without the A suspicion, no shit.

Aria almost ditches her cabin weekend with Ezra due to her doubts over them getting back together. Ezra convinces her to stay by demanding she care more about him and value his opinion more than her friends’. Yeah, that’s not abusive or scary at all. Good call by choosing to stay, Aria.

Oh, and A (or whoever else?) doesn’t really do anything to Shana. They knock her out and leave her in her car so she can see a warning not to return on the Rosewood town sign. Ooh, so scary. If Shana wasn’t put off by A being a fucking murderer, then this shouldn’t have been a big deal.


But it’s not all bad:

Spencer is on the trail, baby. It’s nice to see someone in this cast isn’t a fucking idiot. Even if she does apparently need to become addicted to pep pills to get there.

She attempts a break in of Ezra’s Rosewood apartment to find the evidence she needs to prove he rented the one in Ravenswood. Hanna, having scammed her way into Spencer’s house and disovered her research, joins up with her just as she’s making the attempt. Before they enter the apartment, though, Spencer notices a hidden camera, which Ezra happens to be watching live. They back out to calm any possible reaction from Ezra. Touché.

Spencer tries to lie her way through getting some pills from a random student at school. But this chick is onto her, because she’s a legit drug dealer. She makes Spencer pay for them, and is confident she’ll be back. She’s a smooth operator. I’m also counting down to Spencer’s impending overdose, and the subsequent after school special.

While it contradicts things, I like seeing Alison desperate and public transport bound. Serves her right. And who doesn’t love a classic payphone scene?

Cute Cop gives Hanna back all the stuff the police seized from the Marin home during the investigaton. Hanna’s just happy to get her shoes back.

Best line of the episode goes to Hanna, who knows just the right way to feel about a certain character: “I don’t give a flying crap about Shana.” The only people who do are Emily and Alison’s wallet.

Ezra evidently has at least 1 accomplice, as someone is sending him surveillance photos of the other Liars while he’s at the cabin with Aria.

The A stinger shows them in possession of Wren’s prescription pads. Ooh.

Oh, and Hanna mostly lost the fashionistard race this week due to this dress being an over-patterned mess. She wears it with a jacket earlier in the episode and it looks great, but once the shell comes off, its final form is revealed. And it sucks.

PLL Aria Hanna dress

If you can disgust Aria, you’ve done well.

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5 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 – TV Review”

  1. Catherine Dream says :

    Apart from free bus tickets and Spencer becoming a drug addict in a span of a few days, this was a plausible episode.

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