Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 – TV Review

Arrow Nyssa Sarah kiss lesbian

What the hell, CW?

Just kidding, Sarah’s not a lesbian.

I think it’s just one of those “You saved my life and I’m incredibly indebted to you so we banged a bit” things.

But hey, that chick is hot.

TL;DR Sarah’s same sex loving past catches up to her in assassin form; Sarah reveals herself to her family; Felicity finds out about Thea’s paternity and tells Oliver; Moira’s campaign officially launches; Laurel is surly and drunk.

Just the way I like her.

The plot is all about Sarah this episode. It turns out Laurel wasn’t actually that drunk last episode: a League of Assassins operative had her poisoned to draw Sarah out. This operative turns out to be Nyssa al Ghul, Ra’s’ daughter and Sarah’s former lover. Nyssa wants Sarah to return to the League and her bed. Sarah is like “Nah.” Nyssa responds by kidnapping Sarah’s mum (Alex Kingston) and threatening her life. Sarah does the only sensible thing and poisons herself with snake venom because she can’t bear the thought of going back to the life of an assassin. It all works out when Oliver saves her, and Nyssa finally gets this shit through her head and releases Sarah from the League. Laurel isn’t too happy to see Sarah back, though. The flashbacks remind us of Sarah and Oliver’s sluttery, so I can see why. And meanwhile, Moira’s campaign is coming together. Felicity stumbles upon the truth about Thea’s daddy (it’s Malcolm Merlyn, for you latecomers). She defies Moira’s advice to shut up and tells Oliver, who promptly disowns his mum.

A bit of an overreaction?

Actually, a lot of an overreaction. Unless I’m just the coldest person in the world (challenge me), I don’t understand why Oliver’s life would be so shattered by the revelation that Thea is only his half sister. Yes, Moira has kept a big secret from Thea and everyone for a long time, but it’s not like she set an orphanage on fire or anything.

Thea is just the lovechild of a shortlived affair. It’s not Moira’s fault Malcolm turned out to be a fucking psycho, so Oliver can’t blame her for that. Why is he so mad?


Why I hate this episode:

Really, why is he so mad? It’s going to be a startling revelation for Thea when she finds out, but Oliver is going way overboard with it.

He also displays an upsetting lack of empathy for his own mother. I’m sure she’s felt fine and dandy about harbouring such a deeply shameful secret for all these years. Seriously, Oliver. Relax.

Sarah has Quentin rescue Alex from Nyssa and take her away to safety while Sarah deals with Nyssa. Then, after Sarah downs the venom, Quentin and Alex just come flying back in. While the League of Assassins super murderer is still there. And angry. Good work, Quentin.

Moira’s advice to Felicity about not telling Oliver about Thea is pretty shaky. She claims Oliver will always resent Felicity for being the one who exposed him to the truth. Given Oliver’s breathtaking overreaction about it, Moira might have a point. But when you’re trying to convince a moralistic woman not to destroy your family, you should probably go for something less flimsy. Moira could have at least offered Felicity a bribe, like she did with her doctor. How inhospitable.

Nyssa apparently loves Sarah so intensely that she’s willing to incur the wrath of her father, the leader of the League of Assassins, by releasing Sarah (something Ra’s isn’t a fan of). Nyssa is either confident that her blood tie to Ra’s will be enough to stay his hand, or she’s a not so cold-hearted assassin badass after all. So either she’s an entitled princess, or she’s an idiot.

Part of Oliver’s bitch fest at Moira is how he will now be forced to lie to Thea. Or, if it’s such a black and white issue for you, you could tell her?

Oh, and the episode ends with Sarah and Oliver getting hot and heavy in the wake of their respective family upheavals. He and Laurel are meant to be together, you ho. Hell, I’d rather him get between the sheets with Felicity than Miss Homewrecker. Oliver can do better.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Sarah is finally out in the open to her family. It’s been a long time coming. And it’s nice to see Alex Kingston back. Even with her American accent.

Oliver and Sarah prove that they still make a good team.

The flashbacks aren’t on the island for once. They don’t show anything we don’t already know (Laurel and the Lances were happy, Sarah went missing, Laurel was hurt when she found out her sister was a stupid ho), but the change of pace is welcome.

Felicity is usually pretty smart, so I’ll forgive her for choosing what’s right over what’s practical by telling Oliver about Thea. And it stirs shit, so I’m down with that.

Best line of the episode goes to Felicity when she’s meeting with Moira: “Full disclosure: I don’t trust you.” You tell her, girlfriend.

Felicity only finds out about Thea because Moira used the Tempest fund to pay off her doctor, which Felicity had an alert on from ages ago. Continuity matters, people.

Sebastian advises Moira not to run against him for mayor. Moira doesn’t give a fuck. I lol’d.

Slade chastises Sebastian for underestimating Moira. He resolves to take care of the situation himself. Ooh.

Nyssa’s inclusion helps expand the universe of the show, which is good. Hopefully this is leading to Ra’s coming to town.

Oh, and Laurel’s blow up at Sarah at the end of the episode is gold. And not just because she’s drunk during it. She blames everything that’s gone wrong with her life on Sarah, and if you can wade through the self-centredness of that, Laurel actually has a pretty good point. And she throws a glass at her.

Arrow Laurel drunk wine

Should have held out for that goon sack, LL.

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7 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Hate to break it to you, but in the comics, Green Arrow and Black Canary get married:
    And then they have their own duo comic series:

    I ship them so badly, haha.

    And just so you know, BC has had some Lesbian tendencies, so it’s not a one-time thing.

    And although I still think it’s an over-reaction, I think the reason Oliver flipped out wasn’t because he found out about Thea; I think it’s because his mother lied to him again, after they all believed they were through with that shit. Yeah, still an over-reaction, but I can see his point. He’s found out that he really doesn’t know his mother like he thought he did, yet again. And I think that same emotion is coming from how he knows he has his secrets too, and is, in a way, angry at himself.
    Just an idea. 😛

  2. Teylen says :

    For most part Moira didn’t actively lied to him but just were not like “Oh, Thea, Oli,.. actually, as a notice, Thea, your dad is Meryln.”

    Still impressed that Moira gets to be close in the run, given the court room reaction to her cooperation (and affair) with Malcom.

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