The Originals Season 1 Episode 12 – TV Review

The Originals Rebekah voodoo

Rebekah is the Sharon Strzlecki of the TVD/Originals-verse.

No, Rebekah isn’t too fazed by a voodoo knife to the face.

Just as I am not fazed by yet another excellent episode of The Originals.

It’s like pre seasonal decay TVD. It’s nice.

TL;DR One of Celeste’s cronies is a powerful guy, but the gang manages to put him down; flashbacks don’t illuminate much; Camille and Marcel seem to be back on as a couple; Davina is still dead.

Finally. A witch who knows how to not be revived the very next episode. Bonnie could learn so much.

The plot finds itself entirely devoted to the black, hat wearing third of Celeste’s resurrected League Of Doom. Mr Hat is a powerful witch (warlock?) who uses sacrificial magic to channel energy yada yada yada. He saps up Rebekah’s power so he can go after the other Originals and Marcel. Luckily, Hayley and Elijah (with advice from Sophie) break his hold over Rebekah’s power and Mr Hat limps away from his failed attempt at locking down Marcel and Elijah. Unluckily, he does manage to suck up power by sacrificing all the vampires in Marcel’s torture “garden,” which he then lets Celeste take in turn by sacrificing himself. Cute. Meanwhile, Marcel and Camille are back on speaking terms (she even lets him feed from her when he needs it to survive). Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah are back on speaking terms after that “I read your diary to find Celeste’s bones soz” incident. Meanwhile, Rebekah solidifies her alliance with Thierry by talking Klaus into releasing him. But Thierry fucks off the Originals anyway. And flashbacks show more of Mr Hat’s power, as well as revealing that Marcel invited him to town in order to distract Klaus so he could win back Rebekah’s heart.

Marcel: less and less sinister by the second.

Soft cocking aside, this episode is a good example of how to tread the line between filler and narrative progression. Mr Hat is relevant to Celeste and her whole business, and the episode is able to be spent just focusing on him.

Filler doesn’t have to be pointless or repetitive.

Someone should tell Glee that.


Why I hate this episode:

The “twist” that Mr Hat (in flashback) was powerful because he channelled energy from his sons was blatantly obvious to anyone that wasn’t Stevie Wonder. Klaus’ reveal of having killed them is supposed to be impressive because he “figured it out.” Figured what out? That you have the deductive reasoning skills of any creature with unimpaired vision?

Hayley is surprised when Elijah wants to talk to her. Strangely, he says the reason he’s been avoiding her is because it would cause friction with Klaus. Not because she’s a privacy invading bitch. I’d like to believe they were both just trying to avoid the subject, but we all know Hayley is too haughty for that. It’s like they forgot.

Camille yo-yos back to puny human pretty quickly. She’s basically taking a chainsaw to her neck vein as soon as Marcel needs some blood. What happened to my strong, independent psych major who don’t need no vampire oppression?

Flashback Marcel’s plan of distracting Klaus with Mr Hat is dumb as hell. Mr Hat immediately goes on a murderous rampage because he’s obscenely powerful. Who knows what damage he could have caused? Idiot.

Elijah’s obstructive nobility is back in action. He chastises Rebekah for plotting against Klaus, saying they should sacrifice their pride and suspicions for the good of the family. Rebekah rightly points out that Klaus is the only one benefiting from it, and she doesn’t trust him to ever settle down. Elijah puts his fingers in his ears and goes “La la la can’t hear you” in response. So mature.

Thierry’s mini rebellion against Klaus is embarrassing. He can’t even win over Go Diego Go. Equally, Klaus should totally just murder the dissidents. Enjoy the privileges of being an immortal hybrid, dude.

Thierry ditches Rebekah when Mr Hat attacks her. Rude.

Oh, and the gang realises that whoever stole the Harvest power used it to resurrect 4 witches of their choice (as opposed to the 4 Harvest participants). Who is the 4th? Unless Celeste counts? I’m confused.


But it’s not all bad:

I don’t know what Celeste’s endgame is, but I admire her zero amount of fucks given attitude to achieving it. Not only is she willing to let those 4 teenage girls rot, she also lets Mr Hat go on a vampire killing spree, then she lets him offer himself as sacrifice for her to gain even more power. It better not be a letdown, baby.

Mr Hat does manage to get a lot done in his short, second go at life. He puts Rebekah down with relative ease. Channelling her, he becomes impervious to head snaps. It’s pretty awesome. He almost manages to put Marcel and Klaus to bed before Elijah and Hayley break the spell. I’m impressed.

Elijah breaks the spell that lets him channel Rebekah by overloading his spell circle with Hayley’s blood. Because she’s sharing blood with her baby, who is part witch. Any baby blood being spilled is okay in my book.

Klaus’ takedown of Mr Hat in the flashback is pretty cool. He presents the severed heads of his sons in a box. Then, now that Mr Hat is powerless, he kills him by gouging into his head through his eye sockets. Squishy.

In the flashback, after Marcel tells Rebekah he brought Mr Hat to New Orleans, Rebekah says what he should have done to get rid of Klaus was bring in Mikael (remember? Their vampire hunting dad?). They both glance over at Slinky (the red-haired witch, who Celeste revived in the present) as a witch who could help them find him.

There are werewolf mobsters in the flashback. Klaus and Elijah were negotiating a deal with them to profit off black market operations during the impending prohibition. I love it.

Best line of the episode goes to Elijah, who can’t understand Rebekah’s recent fascination with Thierry: “Do you know my sister’s rather fond of you? Strange. She’s not typically drawn to unremarkable men.” Oh. Oh.

Marcel and Camille bitch about Klaus being a sociopath. I do love some girl talk.

Marcel also day drinks to drown his sorrows over Davina’s death. Sadly, Camille isn’t as substance dependent.

Oh, and when Klaus bumps into Sophie on the street, she’s wasted and carrying a bottle of booze around. So like us.

The Originals Sophie drunk

Alcoholism is The Originals’ characters’ favourite pastime.

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  1. Alisha says :

    I am curious to see how the writers will handle the whole Hayley’s baby is a vampire thing. Will the baby age til it’s of appropriate age/attractiveness or will it stay in baby limbo forever? Awww my little monster baby.

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