Arrow Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review

Arrow Laurel Lance gun

Laurel just caught sight of her makeup artist.

You’d think being in constant close proximity to each other might tip Laurel off to Oliver’s identity as the Hood/Arrow.

But no.

Maybe it’s the drugs.

TL;DR Laurel is poppin’ some serious drugs; she and Oliver (as the Hood) work together to uncover the truth about Sebastian; unsuccessfully; Aussie guy shows Sebastian that he’s not to be taken lightly; Roy struggles with his new powers.

And he even cries. What a babe.

The major thrust of the plot this episode finds Laurel hot on Sebastian’s case. Following her meeting with his mother last episode, Sebastian kills mummy dearest, further alarming Laurel and forcing her to call on the Hood to help sniff things out. Oliver is skeptical, but they work together anyway. Some setbacks (ie. Laurel getting busted for being a pill popper. Addiction all over for the Lances, apparently) hamper things, but they soldier on. Sebastian gets ahead of them, though, by having the mole cop pose as Brother Blood, and Laurel kills him. Suspicions squashed. Meanwhile, Aussie guy finds Sebastian’s relative success to not impress-uh him much, uh uh uh uh. Meanwhile, Roy decides to use his powers to become a real vigilante this time. Sin helps him, but Roy discovers that super strength comes with super not-being-able-to-keep-yourself-from-murdering-people side effects. And back on the island, Sarah tries to ditch Oliver and reunite with Ivo. But she shuts that shit down when it becomes evident that he’s a bit of a homicidal maniac.

He just has very poor radio etiquette.

While it’s a second good episode in a row for Laurel, I abhor the revisiting of the vigilante ambitions of Roy.

If Roy did something that wasn’t entirely predictable, Arrow would crash to a hault because nobody would know how to react.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m also so sick of Sin. I thought she was going to be a nothing sidekick character to Sarah while she was in town, and then promptly evaporate. But no. She insists on sticking around. Thea is already enough of a mostly useless female character for Roy to interact with. We don’t need you, too.

Although I appreciate its value to the narrative, I’m disappointed that Laurel’s investigation into Sebastian was a bust. She was finally doing something right. Hell, she was even working in tandem with the Hood, and now it’s over. At least she got to slaughter a dude, hey.

The island stuff is kinda boring this episode. It’s mainly just Sarah having a little argument with Oliver about how Ivo isn’t literally Hitler Hussein. Then a short radio conversation later, and she realises oh, yes he is. Fickle, baby.

Laurel gets all uppity at her dad for not busting out of custody after she’s been arrested for pill popping. Bitch, you’ve been pill popping. Quentin at least has the decency not to shit on the rules just to help his daughter.

Oh, and for me, I wouldn’t have given too many shits about Roy beating the crap out of the serial killer. Sin was working for Sarah, wasn’t she? Sarah used lethal force all the goddamn time. That’s some inconsistent bullshit, Sin.


But it’s not all bad:

Laurel shines this episode. Not least of all because when she’s in custody she gets to take off a few dozen layers of the makeup she usually wears, and actually look like Katie Cassidy for once. Who’s been doing her makeup recently? Jenna Marbles?

Like last episode, she reminds us that when she actually decides to do something, she fucking gets in there and does it. She tries to use her ADA colleague to investigate Sebastian (he refuses because his career is still fragile following that whole “doing drugs on live TV” thing). After that fails, she discards her qualms about the Hood and goes straight for a partnership with him. And they make a good team.

And a sexy team. Even if her continued ignorance as to his identity is absurd.

It’s nice to see her addiction issues weren’t just some silly thing brought up for a single episode and then forgotten. Her scene with a concerned Quentin is pretty sad. Even Oliver says she should get some help.

And she gets to totally kill the fake Brother Blood. Oliver gets into a scrap with him, and Laurel arrives at just the right time to pump him full of sweet lead.

Best line of the episode goes to Felicity, who seems to have become aware of something we’ve known about Sebastian for a long time: “His last name’s ‘Blood.’ That can’t be a good sign.” Now all they have to do is hear Brother Blood’s name, and they can hopefully put things together.

Roy cries after visiting the serial killer dude he beats up in the hospital. Goddamn, I know it’s pathetic to find a crying man hot. But, well.

Sebastian kills his mum for talking to Laurel. Smooth.

When Sebastian excitedly reports his success with the fake Brother Blood to Aussie guy, Aussie guy responds by murdering the shit out of Sebastian’s henchmen and demanding no more failures. I would like him to fail again.

Thea assumes Sin might be gay. As did we all.

Laurel’s drug charges get dropped, but the DA’s office fires her for her addiction anyway. Come on, Oliver. It’s time for her to join the Super Friends.

Oliver finds out about Roy’s actions, so he approaches him as the Hood and offers to teach him how to control the serum’s powers. I hope he gets a tight costume.

Oh, and Sin has to be the bait for the serial killer scheme that she and Roy cook up. Thea gives her a makeover to look more like her. She tried.

Arrow Sin dressed up

And by “that,” I mean “a very pale comparison to Thea.”

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8 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I actually like Sin better then Thea.
    At least she’s good for something ^^;

  2. Lydia says :

    Ehhhhh, I actually find Sin kind of attractive. ^^;

    There are three things I am waiting for to happen to Roy:

    -Become a heroin junkie

    -Loose his arm


    -And become a heroin junkie AGAIN

    He is the source of many lulz in the comics.

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