The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 – TV Review

TVD Klaus Caroline sex

I’ll allow it.

So who will the The Vampire Diaries’ 100th episode focus on?

No, not Klaus and Caroline, you idiot.

There is only one sensible answer.

TL;DR It’s Katherine. The episode covers her encroaching death following last episode‘s heart attack. But this is Katherine Pierce, baby. Don’t reach for the bleach and funnel just yet.

I can relate. I had mine nearby until the closing minutes.

So the plot says it’s finally time for Katherine to die. Stefan puts her up at the Salvatore house while she waits out her final day, while everyone else parties downstairs. Nadia isn’t too keen to see her mum go, though, so she holds Matt ransom so Elena and Stefan will help her with some Traveller magic shit. They do, but the plan is moot because Klaus and Rebekah take a break from New Orleans and rescue Matt. Klaus also fucks Caroline, but that’s not important. Once Nadia is prepped to do the spell which will let Katherine hitch a ride inside her, Katherine decides to take the noble way out and let death become her. Which is an excellent ruse to get Elena to have a tender, guard-down moment with her so Katherine can pop her consciousness into her instead.

Katherine Pierce doesn’t die, bitch.

And you know what? It’s a pretty damn good episode. Being the 100th, there are cameos aplenty. But having everything revolve around Katherine gives me hope that TVD knows she’s the most important character.

Which I will personally interpret as a well-earned “Fuck you” to Elena.


Why I hate this episode:

Elena and her merry friends do take a lot of opportunities to bask in the satisfaction of Katherine’s imminent demise. Disgusting animals.

Conversely, Stefan is a bit too White Knight-y. He’s unbelievably forgiving, which is absurd. At least Damon makes sure to commit to torturing her.

Speaking of Damon, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to offload the responsibility for every bad thing he’s ever done onto Katherine. Because she’s the one who turned him into a vampire. I’m no denier of the chain of causation, but fuck off, dude. Nobody is responsible for your actions except you.

Rebekah’s return to Mystic Falls for this episode is arbitrary and unnecessary. All she does is hang out with Matt for, like, 2 seconds. And she “gives” them Tyler. Which is a “gift” nobody asked for.

Elijah, for some reason I hope is explained in a The Originals episode, is the only Original not to come. He appears as a hallucination that Damon creates for Katherine, but I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to come farewell his old love.

Damon, at Stefan’s urging, decides to not give Elena up for her own good and get back together with her. Will Kathlena (Katherine inside Elena. Keep up) go for it?

Caroline gets excited when she hears about how Bonnie and Jeremy banged. Any reaction to that news that isn’t “He can do better” is inappropriate.

Damon invades Katherine’s memories and mocks her for being the reason Klaus killed her family. Rude.

The only reason Caroline confesses her feelings for Klaus and has sex with him is because he promises he’ll leave and never return if she does. Way to sink a ship.

Is Tyler back now? Ew.

Oh, and how much of a fucking dumbass does Elena have to be to trust anything Katherine says or does ever?


But it’s not all bad:

Thankfully, the moment I realised that Katherine would likely turn the tables on Elena was euphoric. I was actually prepared to come on here and blast the fuck out of TVD for letting Katherine die (albeit secure in the fact that every main character, especially ones that share an actress with the protagonist, gets revived), but this made the episode worthwhile. Absolute perfection. But it’s Katherine, so you expect that.

I should probably list off all those legacy cameos for you:

  • Jenna. Damon makes Katherine hallucinate Jenna stabbing her.
  • Jonathan Gilbert. Same as Jenna.
  • Alaric. Appears to Bonnie and Jeremy near the end just to say hi.
  • Vicki. Same as Alaric.
  • Emily Bennett. Is in Katherine’s memory of arriving at Mystic Falls.

All we’re missing really is Anna and Pearl. Was there anyone you thought might have made the cut but didn’t? Or someone I missed? I’m sleepy.

Nadia leads Elena and Stefan into an eventually rather innocuous trap. To pay the Traveller to help her with Katherine, she hands over Elena and Stefan to a gang of Travellers who drain them of a bucket of blood each. Once they’re done, they let them go and leave. I assume there will be consequences, but it was kind of adorable to watch Stefan and Elena stand around twiddling their thumbs.

Near the beginning of the episode, all our compassionate, darling main characters (sans Stefan) play a drinking game where they list off an atrocity Katherine has committed against them and take a shot. This is supposed to remind them and us about what a devious bastard she is, but it comes off more like a Greatest Hits collection for Katherine. I loved it.

Damon reveals to everyone that Stefan and Katherine had sex. Bonnie and Elena yuck at it, but Caroline is disappointed that nobody really cares about it as gossip. If Caroline’s priorities are gossip and Klaus sex, then I can’t say we’re any different.

Liz prevents Damon from smothering Katherine because she’d have to charge him with murder. Sometimes I forget that she is actually able to do her job.

Best line of the episode goes to Katherine (duuuuuuuuhhhh), who is very clear to Stefan about what’s important to her: “If I start to sag. Anywhere. You take a knife and jam it into my carotid artery. Immediately.” She lived a life of endless glamour. Why would her death be any different?

The Klaus/Caroline sex was pretty hot, btw.

Katherine reveals, during her flashback/memory of arriving in Mystic Falls, that she saw Stefan on the road and she was deeply drawn to him, validating the “doppelgangers are fated” stuff. It’s lore-relevant, and it’s a burn to Damon. Win win.

Katherine comes close enough to dying that Bonnie Miss Anchor sees her spirit ready to cross. But Katherine sucks that shit up and awakes. Just in time to fuck over Elena. God, she’s good.

Oh, and it looks like Katherine will be in charge full time of Elena’s body. She better learn to be an entitled, squishy, lovesick stick in the mud if she hopes to pass.

TVD Kathlena

“But I’ve got to fix this hair. A red streak? Who does she think she is? Fucking Aria?”

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11 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. Alisha says :

    For one glorious moment I thought Tyler was dead and that was y he was suddenly appearing along with the others. BOO! Caroline better keep getting over him. Klaus is so much hotter and as if with the whole klaus leaving forever nonsense. Fool me once……

  2. Lydia says :

    “Greatest Hits collection for Katherine.” I would totes by that CD.

    Also, I like Damon, but I agree with you there; he needs to man up and stop sulking over Elena.

    For me, this episode went back and forth from “Hell yeah!” to “What the fuck, writers?!” I mean, Klaus comes back, and he and Caroline have hot sex in the woods. Yes. But then he promises to never return. No. Matt is still fucking alive and trying to be relevant. No. Kathrine flashbacks. Yes. Damon fucking around in her head. No/yes (I kind of enjoyed it, haha.) Damon and Stephan had a brotherly moment, aww. Alaric makes a brief cameo! (Yes! I’m one of his rare fans, haha. He was like, the only useful human.) FUCKING TYLER COMES BACK GOD DAMNIT. NO.
    And then… I was sure they were going to kill Kathrine off. The whole episode I was like, “Come on, girl! Get yourself out of this!” But she just kept dying… Until the end, where she earned a huge, “Fuck yeah!” from me, because this will hopefully solve two problems: Kathrine is still around, and HOPEFULLY Elena isn’t. I’m hoping, I really am, but I doubt it will last. 😦

  3. Lydia says :

    Also, can’t wait for your newest Arrow review. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Roy’s new developments and Laurel getting arrested.

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