The Originals Season 1 Episode 11 – TV Review

You know how the whole Harvest thing was really icky because it involved child murder and was therefore deeply morally uncomfortable?

Well worry no more, because now it’s okay because a magic new development renders such questions moot.


TL;DR Davina’s power overloads and killing her for the Harvest is the only course of action; Marcel tries to stop it; Davina submits, but the Harvest fails anyway; because Sabine is actually Celeste incognito.

That sneaky bitch. I like that.

The plot this episode revolves around the resolution of the Harvest. Because questions of morality are too difficult to answer, The Originals cops out by making Davina start causing destruction to New Orleans due to having too much power. It’s also killing her. Everyone agrees that if the bitch is gonna die anyway, they might as well give the Harvest a shot and see how things roll. Everyone except Marcel, naturally. He eventually comes around, though. Sophie needs to be an elder to perform the ritual, though. She tries to use Celeste’s bones in a spell to elder-ify herself, but they’re useless for some reason. Our Original siblings offer up their mother’s remains as a plan B, and Sophie gives the Harvest a crack. She slits Davina’s throat, but the Harvest doesn’t work. The gang is pretty demoralised. Well, except Sabine. Who is revealed to be Celeste, and stole the power for herself, and resurrected 3 cronies of her own.

We can add Celeste to the list of Elijah’s psychotic love interests. When will Hayley go crazy?

I’m glad that we’ve got all that Harvest stuff wrapped up, but as you might have guessed from my tone, the nixing of the moral dilemma is some pretty weak bullshit.

TVD would have at least had the courtesy to make the hard decision. Then they would have certainly retconned it later, but it’s the thought that counts.


Why I hate this episode:

The elemental catastrophes that Davina is responsible for aren’t very impressive. The characters build them up as destroying the fuck out of the city, but they don’t really do anything. The earthquakes are a minor inconvenience. The wind, which Rebekah is sure will blow the roof off their residence, does nothing. The rain is, like, just rain. And the fire is just a few tufts of flame that trail out behind Marcel as he’s carrying Davina. They don’t even hurt him. Ooh, so scary.

I still don’t really buy that Marcel would be willing to see New Orleans and everyone in his life get obliterated for the sake of saving some teenage girl he barely knows.

Marcel takes credit for placing the protection spell on Davina last episode. But didn’t Elijah organise that?

Hayley and Elijah still won’t get it on. He’s all snippy at her because she read his journals to find the location of Celeste’s body. Ugh. Just have hot, beautiful people sex already. There hasn’t been enough of that lately.

Camille isn’t in this episode.

The other 3 Harvest girls’ corpses have held up pretty well over the weeks (months?) they’ve been dead. Because nobody on this show can ever be unattractive.

Marcel has a big sook after the Harvet resurrections fail. Marcel was supposed to be the antagonist of this show, right?

Sabine does a locator spell to try and find Marcel and Davina after he takes her, but she can’t pinpoint Davina due to her magical signature being all over the place. Umm, then locate Marcel, maybe? Dumbass.

Hayley is a self-righteous, unapologetic brat to Elijah near the end of the episode. She’s basically all “Whatevah, whatevah, I do what I want. Love me anyway.” Ew.

Oh, and I’m embarrassed that I’d pegged Sabine as a background, nobody character and now she’s Super Witch. Don’t defy me, show. If I wanted to be insulted, I’d go watch Ravenswood.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, she’s amazingly selfish and tricky. I suspect that her motives aren’t entirely evil, but at this stage, it looks like she’s willing to let 4 teenage girls stay dead just to further her own agenda. Show me more, baby.

The 3 cronies she resurrects are the overly surgeried elder from the Harvest debacle; a black guy with a hat; and a slinky redhead. Sounds like a party.

Rebekah gets some good play this episode. While she’s on board for completing the Harvest, she’s one of the most sympathetic (apart from the drama queen Marcel). After Davina gets whisked away, Rebekah uses Thierry to find out where Marcel would have taken her. Even Klaus is impressed by her resourcefulness, and says so when they have their commiseration scotch after the Harvest resurrection failure.

Sophie’s breakdown when the resurrection fails is genuinely upsetting. The poor thing had to accept that slitting a teenage girl’s throat was necessary to do good, and then it doesn’t even work. Brutal.

I like that the Original siblings put their mother’s body to good use. Waste not, want not.

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus, who is getting a little sick of having Tim’s murder brought up, especially by Elijah: “Are there any more inopportune deaths you’d like to wave in my face?” The entire TVD/Originals narrative universe is built on inopportune deaths.

While the storm is raging, Klaus shows Hayley his non-murdery side when he takes her to the church, which is where he’s sheltering a bunch of werewolves from his bloodline clan. I knew he had a heart. And not just one he ripped from someone else’s chest.

Rebekah makes a decent objection about not wanting to hand over their mother’s power to Sophie on impulse. She capitulates, but it’s nice to see somebody think about consequences for once.

Sophie slitting Davina’s throat was delicious.

Oh, and Hayley and Elijah may not be able to get their smooching act together, but Klaus and Marcel seem to have that quota covered.

The Originals Klaus Marcel kiss

“We do what we must.”

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  1. Alisha says :

    Didn’t it feel like Marcel was hoping to get down with davina at some point? How old was he supposed to be when he got turned into a vampire? In a world where Matt from tvd is supposed to be 18, it’s impossible to tell. And now who will Josh latch onto in order to pretend to be a significant character?

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