Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 – TV Review

PLL cabin Liars

Continuity, girls. Come on.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This episode she gets 1 shot, and she doesn’t blow it.
Our count is now 8 a fright, 7 delight.

I’d like to believe I’m not the only one who is still finding Ezra’s evil, lurky face to be incredibly, adorably ineffective.

But I know better than to presume someone else’s opinion on the Internet.

I care like that.

TL;DR The Liars try to crack some deets from that diary of Alison’s, but A foils them; Travis is back in the picture now that Caleb has left a hole for him to fill; Peter continues to be ambiguously shady; Hefty Hanna once macked on Aria’s little brother.

Clearly, neither of them had standards.

Now, here’s the Liar-by-Liar blow-by-blow:

Hanna is pretty much the main character at this point, leading the episode on the A-relevant front, and on the soap front. Now that the diary is out, the Liars decipher a story in it (it’s in code. Natch) which should lead them to a possible hideout for Alison. Their car breaks down on the way, but luckily Travis has remembered he exists and comes to pick them up. They suffer a minor A assault while they’re waiting (and they lose the diary), but it’s no biggie. A lot of the episode is dedicated to Hanna being stoic/snippy about the Caleb break up. And one of the other stories in the diary is about how Hanna and Mike once tongue tango’d. Ew.

Aria is still not sure whose dick she wants to jump on, so she’s stringing both Ezra and Jake along. When the Liars’ car breaks down, they happen to be nearby Ezra’s cabin, so Aria says they should wait for Travis in there. But she omits that it belongs to Ezra. The show’s got “liars” in the title for a reason, remember?

Spencer finds her dad acting more suspicious than last episode, what with secret meetings with Jessica. When she tries to call him out on it, he just reiterates his decree of staying away from her. Spencer also worries about what Peter’s motives with the Radley thing could be, and shares her concerns with Toby. Toby is unmoved.

And Emily does a bit of sooking about Alison. She gets a note to meet at the Kissing Rock, which appears to be from Alison, but nobody shows. At least she puts in a decent effort when deciphering the diary.

Who knew Emily was our hidden codebreaker?

I suppose what dampened this episode for me was the whingeing and moping of Hanna about her break up with Caleb. Ordinarily, because I’m a loveless, heartless, soulless ghoul, I’m not much for relationship angsting. But considering that anything to do with Caleb is a constant reminder of Ravenswood, and of how arbitrary his exit is, then that’s extra shitouse.

I can only believe that Ravenswood is a long con devised to make PLL look less retarded by comparison.


Why I hate this episode:

Oh. Aria. And what’s worse than Aria wanting to get back with Ezra? Spencer saying it’s a good idea. And Spencer doesn’t even know that they’ve already rekindled things. What the fuck, Spencer? I thought you were the sensible one? To be fair though, she’s had experience at dating an A. So her advice is tainted.

Emily is still getting fuck all plot lines. Her 2 major scenes are when Alison (real or apparition!?) appears to her and they bicker; and when she sits around doing nothing at the Kissing Rock. The poor girl has to be made the driver for the road trip simply so we don’t forget that she’s there.

Travis isn’t much of an upgrade from Caleb in the looks department. Where’s Hanna’s Jake? Even buttface Toby does well shirtless. Travis is yet to impress.

Ezra visits the Marin house at one point to look for the diary (the Liars are already gone with it). To facilitate this, he has to rely on Ashley getting a random phone call that would distract her long enough for Ezra to have a good ransack of Hanna’s room, and go on her laptop and do stuff. Then get back downstairs and settled in time not to be noticed. Even if Ezra organised a hoax phone call, he’s pretty lucky that Ashley didn’t peek out of the kitchen once. Or stand on the side of the kitchen island that has a view of where he was supposed to be sitting. Sheesh.

Toby’s insistence on the Radley thing is exhausting.

Aria wears unflattering leopard print pants.

Oh, and Alison’s reaction to finding out about Hefty Hanna diddling Mike is kind of out of character for her. Why would she give a fuck about cradle robbing? I expected her to laugh at it.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Hefty Hanna got some action. She’s already ahead of me.

Aria, refreshingly, doesn’t care that it happened.

Spencer catches the tail end of a conversation between Jessica and Peter. They’re talking about whether or not Jason knows something or other. So can we take that as soft confirmation that he’s alive?

Peter covers their meeting by saying she was asking for legal advice because she’s getting a divorce. Spencer finds Jessica at the cafe later, and delivers best line of the episode: “There are plenty of other lawyers in town. Find one you haven’t slept with, and keep my family out of it.” Even a nearby Shana is amused.

Cece has been spotted still fleeing from authorities in Maryland. Current theory is that someone paid her to assassinate Wilden. Cece is pretty bitchy, but I don’t know if she’s that bitchy.

The diary uses a bunch of pseudonyms to preserve the code. One of Aria’s is “Suzy Clueless.” Tee. Hee.

Ezra listens to a recording of Alison asking somebody to help her disappear. Intrigue.

Radley has confirmed Marion’s death as an accident, not a murder. Another patient was involved, but we don’t know who yet.

Oh, and despite being a so-wet-she’s-drowning blanket, Hanna manages to look pretty immaculate the whole time. And she’s definitely been taking selfie lessons.

PLL Hanna

All that ANTM watching is paying off.

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