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Jennifer Lawrence fat

You may recall I mentioned I have friends, and that these friends have a podcast.

Well I’ve been on said podcast. And as a friend, I will take this opportunity to plug their podcast.


But I’m not a very good friend, so this post is short and almost entirely about me.


Here’s just a few things to clarify. I’m a hateful turd, but I’m a clear hateful turd:

You’re gonna want to use headphones/earphones to listen to this. Like a povo loser, I had to share a microphone. And my microphone etiquette is evidently lacking, because I was barely facing it most of the time.

I also talk way too fast. So that sucks.

I bag the fuck out of Jennifer Lawrence (who I’m usually a fan of) every time she’s mentioned. I did this for 2 reasons: 1) It riles Shae up. And 2) when you advocate censorhip of the word “fat,” I will call you fat. Schoolyard rules.

I wish I’d said watching Ravenswood instead of Cult as an example of facing adversity. I still had Jessica Lucas on my mind from watching Melrose Place (2009) recently.

I declined to participate in the impromptu karaoke. Not because I can’t sing (I was lying about that), but because I can’t sing Ke$ha. Nobody can. Not even Ke$ha. Ke$ha’s computer can, but not Ke$ha herself.

And I forgot what double penetration was. I am ashamed.


But yeah, this is how early 20-somethings kill boredom in Brisbane (when all my shows are still waking up from hiatus, anyway):


PS: I was also on the New Year’s Eve one.

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