The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 – TV Review

The Originals Hayley Casket Girls

Is there vampire-specific terminology for a shotgun wedding where the baby is actually your brother’s? Damn, that’s redneck.

Sadly, shippers, Hayley is not wearing a wedding dress.

She is instead dressed up as a French mail order bride from ye olde New Orleans. The episode is titled “The Casket Girls,” and apparently it was a thing.

A history lesson we never asked for.

TL;DR Davina becomes a strong, independent witch woman; Camille is free from her compulsion at last; Sophie goes on a witchy grave hunt; Rebekah secures allies to fight Klaus, Marcel and Elijah; Klaus, Marcel and Elijah try unsuccessfully to foil Davina.

But hey, at least Holden from PLL (Timothy in this universe) dies. So it’s not a total loss.

The major plot thread has to do with Davina breaking out on her own. Following her flight to Camille’s side last episode, she completes her operation to remove her compulsion. Klaus realises that Davina’s fucked off, so starts an operation that involves luring her to his compound with Tim as a hostage. Davina, having escaped an attack by Sabine, proves she’s no slouch by defeating Klaus, Marcel and Elijah. Rebekah turns up and proposes a new alliance. But Klaus had a backup plan: poison Davina and Tim. Davina survives because Elijah had a backup plan of his own something something protection spell, but poor Tim wasn’t so lucky. Aww. Davina is still on board for Team Rebekah, though. Meanwhile, Sophie forces Hayley to help her track down Celeste‘s grave so she can absorb her power or whatever, which will help her complete the Harvest ritual.

Do we still care about that?

While I applaud The Originals’ decision to kill off Tim so quickly, I’m still unimpressed by the show’s insistence on making Josh an actual character. I know there’s the old complaint about how there are no gays in Mystic Falls, and this might be an attempt to finally have one in the continuity, but Josh is just a boring, nothing character. He’s pointless.

If he didn’t have his gay card, then there wouldn’t be a single remarkable thing about him.

Go away, honey.


Why I hate this episode:

Seriously, Klaus. Just stake/heart rip/sun burn Josh and end this misery.

Camille confronts Klaus near the end of the episode and is pretty brave when she claims she’ll expose him and ruin his plans if he tries to hurt her and her friends blah blah blah. It’s a good thing Klaus wants to get up in that, because that’s a pretty fucking stupid approach for a squishy human to take with the world’s most powerful, evil, immortal being.

The Casket Girl apsect of the episode seems mostly arbitrary. We get a big, fancy flashback with Rebekah saving a group of them at the start. Then that doesn’t go anywhere, and the episode only uses the Casket Girl festival as a backdrop for the action. Sparingly. At least Hayley gets to wear a nice dress for 1 scene.

Elijah wears this bizarre jeans/jacket combo that looks horrible on him. He is not made for dressing down like that. Gross.

Hayley’s motivation this episode is a bit flakey. Sophie makes her help her find Celeste’s grave because if the Harvest isn’t completed, then she won’t be able to keep her magic, which means she can’t repeal the curse on Hayley’s family. Hayley seems to forget that the completion of the Harvest involves Davina getting horribly slaughtered. Unless there’s a loophole that I’ve forgotten?

Sabine twat blocks Sophie. Rude.

Camille’s rage at her Uncle for hiding the truth from her is too self-righteous to condone. He really was trying to protect her. Bitch ain’t got no perspective.

Josh refrains from telling Davina that if she kills Klaus, then he will die, too. Since when has Josh been selfless?

The poison Klaus uses on Davina and Tim isn’t able to be cured with vampire blood. It must be special “Because Plot” brand poison.

Oh, and Rebekah reanimates Thierry to help her sneakily fight Marcel/Klaus/Elijah. Oh, that’s cute.


But it’s not all bad:

I’m happy that Rebekah is actually being proactive and doing something that doesn’t involve getting into Marcel’s pants. Feminism!

Davina is a sista this episode, too. She ends up going back to Marcel/Klaus/Elijah, but I think she’s made her point. She can also single-handedly put down 2 original vampires. Fear her.

And it’s nice to see Sophie getting off her arse and taking charge of her mission. Even if that mission is the pursuit of child murder.

Camille’s all out of compulsion now. Hopefully once her tantrums wear off, she’ll get her act together, too.

Tim’s death is important as a token to show that valuable characters can still die. I know he was only in, like, 1 other episode. But he wasn’t just some Walking Dead-esque random victim. If only Davina hadn’t survived because of witchy bullshit.

Sabine and a gang of witches attack Davina and Camille while they’re on the run from Klaus. Davina levitates them all and simultaneously snaps all their necks. It’s pretty fucking cool. Sabine survives due to a protection spell she used on herself, but it was fun.

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus:
Marcel (to Davina): “Talk to me. I can make it right.”
Davina: “How? By threatening my friend?”
Klaus: “Actually, that was my idea.”
Credit where credit is due.

Davina’s attack on Klaus is to force him to half turn into a werewolf. And she makes Elijah choke on blood. I was getting sick of the Bonnie-boring brain aneurysm attack.

Elijah and Hayley deduce a collection of ominous paintings Davina had been doing when she felt dark power or whatever actually fit together to make a portrait of Celeste. Sophie digs her up just as the episode ends. I’m hooked.

Marcel and Elijah are disgusted at Klaus’ poisoning of Tim and Davina. I lol’d.

I’d just like to take a moment to reiterate how inhumanly gorgeous Phoebe Tonkin is. Those eyebrows. Lily Collins better watch herself.

Oh, and Davina might have oversold her confidence during her attack on the boys.

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7 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I actually can’t wait until Camille dies. She’s like the Matt of TVD, and I hate Matt. They keep trying to do something with him to bring him up from his ‘token human’ status, but everything only makes me lol and hate him more.

    I also lol’d at Marcel and Elijah’s reactions to Klaus. He deserves props, not disappointing glares.

  2. Alisha says :

    Once again I come to u in confusion. Josh spent a lot of this episode whining about not being able to do things during daytime to a witch who is not only capable of making him a daylight ring but is also his best fucking friend. Why? Is it because the writers think we’re brain dead?

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