American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 – TV Review

AHS Coven Patti death

Who does she think she is? A 90s slasher movie victim?

It’d be hard to follow up a whole hairdresser shop’s worth of deaths, but American Horror Story puts in a modest effort by keeping them coming.

And with, what, 3 episodes to go, I can only hope for further escalation.

I want bodies on the floor.

TL;DR Fiona and Angela team up to take down Delphi; Fiona tries to cheat death; Madison tries to take out Misty; Nan kills Patti (see above); Stevie Nicks shows up for a bit.

Misty, predictably, loves it.

The major plot thread follows Angela and Fiona as they join forces to get retribution on Delphi for the massacre (and, presumably, forthcoming attacks on the school). They use a spell to cripple Delphi’s finances. Delphi is yet to retaliate. Fiona also learns that Angela’s immortality is due to a Faustian pact she made with Papa Legba, a voodoo monster dude. As you’d expect, Fiona tries to sell her own soul to him for a similar deal, but oops, turns out she doesn’t have one. No surprises there. Meanwhile, Madison gets jealous that Misty is getting tipped as the next Supreme (and enjoying the company of Stevie Nicks, who is a powerful white witch). So she hits her with a brick and locks her in a coffin, which is being entombed. Meanwhile, Nan and Zoe find out that Luke is dead. Nan uses her mind control power to force Patti to chug some bleach. And Cordelia, having earned even more ire from her mother over her marrying a witch hunter, breaks down.

Myrtle’s theremin playing is no comfort. Because it sounds like the score from a horror movie.

So we’ll count those deaths up: Luke (confirmation this episode, at least), Queenie is presumed dead, I’ll throw Misty in there for now (I’m certain it won’t be, but I like to fudge numbers to better my argument. Who knew?), and Fiona and Angela kill Nan as a soul offering to Papa Legba.

4 ain’t bad for a single episode. Keep ’em coming.


Why I hate this episode:

Cordelia’s wangst is the only real sore spot in the episode. Is she really so suprised by Fiona’s attitude towards her at this point? Her breakdown scene just felt like an excuse to give Myrtle some token lines.

Stevie Nicks doesn’t get to do anything cool. All she does is just sit around, sing, and impress Misty. Hopefully some whacked out witchery is on the way. But considering she is supposed to be a powerful white witch, I’m not counting on it.

There’s no confirmation whether Madison’s “proving” of her ability to resurrect the dead was legitimate or not. I need these details, people.

If it was so insanely easy for Angela and Fiona to wreck Delphi with a single spell, why hadn’t anyone done it before?

Madison brags that her heart murmur is gone now that she’s been revived from death, and is therefore in good enough health to be eligible for Supreme. Umm, except the fact that you’re a zombie?

Kyle is absent.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Kathy’s disembodied head still being at the apartment above the hairdresser shop. Having seen that the police are investigating the massacre, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to asuume that they would have inspected the building. And found her. Explain that one, ladies.

Papa Legba only accepts innocent souls as his yearly payment from Angela. Apparently having just murdered someone still doesn’t make you not “innocent,” and he accepts Nan’s soul.

Also, Angela and Fiona’s murder of Nan is pretty random and arbitrary. Ableist scum.

Oh, and I know she’s desperate, but I don’t believe Fiona would so easily hop into bed with a soul trade. She’s too savvy for that. And I don’t think she knew the cheque would bounce, because she seems sincerely upset when she’s rejected.


But it’s not all bad:

The moment where Papa Legba has to reject the deal because he realises she has no soul is delightful, though. I suspect it’s because she’s already sold it to someone else, but wouldn’t it be grand if it turned out she was just too much of a cunt to have one?

I enjoyed the simplicity of Madison’s brick-to-the-head plan with Misty. She goads her into going to the graveyard in the first place, but nothing beats a good, old fashioned clobbering, does it? Madison gets what she wants, bitches.

Stevie Nicks appearing as herself is way too fantastic. Misty’s reaction (fainting) is gold. They even compare shawl twirls.

Angela and Fiona make an effective team. I don’t condone Nan’s murder, but you gotta give the ladies points for being so pragmatic about it.

Nan makes sure to choose an impressive episode to go out on, though. When Madison doubts her mind control powers, Nan orders her to put out a cigarette and then insert it into her vagina. Unfortunately, Zoe stops it before things get ouchy. And of course, she uses them again to force Patti to kill herself. She got mad because she and Zoe were trying to find out where Luke’s body was so they could have Misty resurrect him, but Patti already had him cremated. Burn.

Angela’s immortality price, in addition to her soul, is to offer Papa Legba an innocent soul every year. Babies are his meal of choice, apparently. Angela steals one from a hospital early in the episode. When confronted by 2 armed security guards, she uses her witchy woo to make them shoot each other in the head. I was proud.

Best line of the episode belongs to Madison, who isn’t shy about her feelings towards Misty: “You’re right. I do think you’re stupid.” She’s not far off.

Fiona summons Papa Legba by offering him a few lines of cocaine. He appreciates it.

Having been denied by P-Leggy, Fiona resolves to preserve her power and health by simply killing all the witches who might be the next Supreme. Again, I applaud that pragmatism.

Oh, and Madison even steals the shawl Stevie gave Misty. Because what’s injury without insult?

AHS Coven Madison shawl

It’s all about the shawl.

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4 responses to “American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. Amadan says :

    i think nobody put down delphi with a single spell before because nobody knew it was the witch huntig playground… or because after all it’s still a ryan murphy show. one of the 2

    i hope fiona doesn’t have a soul because she is a cunt as you said but i’m afraid in the multiple finales that this show always have we’ll find out something different.

    fiona’s line about nan soul made me lol: she is innocent mostly

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