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NYE Katherine Pierce

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and I feel obligated to do some sort of year end post.

I’m saving my Best Of stuff for I Just Hate Everything’s anniversary in May, so I’ll just leave a few tidbits here.

I wouldn’t take up too much of your valuable drinking time. I’m doing a couple of packs of Mishka knock-off Cruisers tonight.

Yeah, I’m cool.


What I won’t miss about 2013:

Katherine getting force fed the cure for vampirism. And, by extension, I obviously won’t miss Elena. I know she’s not going anywhere, but let me dream.

Emma from Once Upon a Time still thinking she’s Henry’s mother.

Beauty and the Geek Australia being more successful than The Mole.

The Glee Project’s cancellation.

Glee not being dead yet.

Chloe Moretz’s persistent career.

America’s Next Top Model’s poor judging system (though Jourdan totally deserved to win).



Oh, and Channel 10’s insistence on airing utter garbage.


But it wasn’t all bad, so I’ll miss:

The stupidly high number of views my The Bachelor Australia posts got. What is wrong with all of us?

Revenge‘s insane return to form with the beginning of season 3.

Hemlock fuckin’ Grove.

Natalie Zea strutting her shit in Under the Dome and The Following.

Vera Farmiga strutting her shit in everything she does.

Nicole Kidman reminding us she isn’t just a storage vessel for litres of Botox.

Hanna Marin’s dress sense.

Big Brother not turning to a complete pile of shit yet. Surprising, Channel 9.

The Originals and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland embarrassing Ravenswood into irrelevance.

Oh, and American Horror Story didn’t too badly, hey?


The point is, you should probably ignore my drunken tweets tonight. At least I’m not watching Melrose Place (2009) again. I’d find it humiliating, but that would require me to have any dignity left at all.

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2 responses to “Ciao, 2013 – Blog”

  1. Amadan says :

    happy new year, may the shows be aweful enough to make us love to hate them!

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