The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 – TV Review

TVD Katherine wrinkles

Just give up, K. You’ll never find anything other than perfection on that face.

On a side note, of the 10 episodes (including this one) so far this season, my lead image has featured Katherine 7 times, and Elena 3 times.

It’s a good time to be Nina Dobrev.

It’s always a good time to be Nina Dobrev.

TL;DR Wes holds Elena hostage, but is thwarted; Enzo’s revenge against Damon is disappointing; Grayson was a monster but Elena doesn’t care because “he was my dadddddyyyyyyy”; Katherine’s romance with Stefan has no spark, so she decides spirit possession might be the way to cheat death.

Then she has a stroke/heart attack and the episode ends and nothing is okay in the world.

The important plot stuff of the episode deals with Wes holding Elena captive and doing experiments on her. Damon breaks free from the Augustine cell and recruits Stefan, and together they hit back by holding Aaron hostage. Wes refuses to trade, but does send Enzo to go try to kill Damon. He doesn’t. Pissed off at his uncle (is he? I forget), Aaron leads Stefan to Elena’s location, which is the basement of Grayson Gilbert’s old clinic. During that time, Elena has been having childhood flashbacks that indicate her dad was doing experiments, and Wes confirms as much by reading from Grayson’s torture journal. Stefan rescues Elena before Wes can turn her into a Jesse-esque cannibal vampire. Meanwhile, Katherine hopes she can live out her fading life in Stefan’s arms. She rebuffs a proposal from Nadia to use some Traveller spirit possession to find a new body to live on. Once Stefan makes it clear he don’t want no more o’ dat, Katherine comes around to the idea.

Then she has a stroke/heart attack and the episode ends and nothing is okay in the world.

So Katherine’s possible death isn’t the big deal for me this episode.

Her whole subplot is.

I know she’s like, dying and stuff, but watching Katherine devolve into essentially Elena and basing her entire life plan on whether or not Stefan likes her? Outrageous.

At least Bonnie is still out of the picture.


Why I hate this episode:

What was Katherine’s plan, anyway? Expect Stefan to still hang around as she continues to literally fall apart? Someone as superficial as her should not be expecting that of anyone.

Also, Katherine could be fucking dead. I’d like to believe that TVD wouldn’t be fucktarded enough to kill her off, but this is a show that also includes Bonnie, so rational, fan-pleasing decisions are not inherently in its nature.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall it being stated early on that Whitmore College is a couple of hours’ drive from Mystic Falls. This episode makes it seem like the 2 are a quick jump cut apart. Consider me irked.

Enzo’s revenge is shit. He pretty much just whinges at Damon for a bit. He tries to make Damon look bad to Stefan (it’s not news to him, buddy). And he tops it off by both being aware of how little time he has to get back to Wes, who is in Mystic Falls (Enzo goes to the college), and totally failing at killing Damon. He has to get back so he can get the antidote to a poison Wes shot him up with. Maybe if you’d gotten to the point and hadn’t spent an eternity grandstanding?

Then Damon saves his life and Enzo’s ungrateful. 50 years of torture will probably do that to you, but still. What an ingrate.

Speaking of a being a contrary fuckhead (and shockingly, I’m not referring to myself), Elena initially finds it hard to accept that daddy dearest was a horrible, torturous demon to vampires for the sake of Augustine. Wes totally confirms that yes, yes he was. Elena figures out that Grayson’s research did yield some life-saving results for humans (including healing Elena’s dead roommate, when she was a child), and finds this cause enought to just be like “Oh well, ends justify the means.” Umm, doing horrible torture in the name of science is what you’ve known Augustine’s plan is ever since you found out about them, and you weren’t too keen on it before. But if it’s your dad behind the scalpel? Nah, that’s cool, bro. Fuck you, Elena.

Matt asks Katherine why she doesn’t just get turned into a vampire again. She tells him that whenever she tries to ingest vampire blood, she immediately vomits it back up. Why don’t you just get an IV or something, bitch?

Wes is willing to risk Aaron’s life to indulge his research. Rude.

Katherine knows it’s time to give up on Stefan because he’ll never look at her the same way he looks at Elena. Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

When Wes releases Enzo to go get his revenge on Damon, why doesn’t Enzo just immediately kills Wes, get the antidote, then go out to kill Damon?

The episode title is “Fifty Shades of Grayson.” Eurgh.

Oh, and Aaron arrives at Wes’ Mystic Falls lab and fucks him off. But he randomly grabs the syringe of cannibal vampire serum on his way out. It makes no sense.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, Aaron might be able to do something other than cry about his dead family. He’s basically the new Matt, so anything to give him some edge would be welcome.

To his credit, he does totally flip Wes once Wes makes it clear he won’t look out for his safety. He tips off Stefan about the Mystic Falls lab.

Wes puts in a good effort on the cruel bitch front. He releases Enzo mostly for shits and giggles, lets Aaron be in mortal danger, and tries to turn Elena into a cannibal. So close, baby.

Damon ends up being the most resourceful character this episode. To escape from the Augustine cell, he punches a chunk of rock out of the wall, then gets a stray bullet that Aaron dropped last episode, pops it in the lock, and smashes it until it blasts it out. That’s pretty cool.

He also distracts Enzo long enough for Stefan to go save Elena. And when Enzo succumbs to the poison and dessicates, Damon shoots him up with an antidote from Wes’ college lab.

Oh yeah, and Damon breaks up with Elena. It’s supremely satisfying. Having been confronted with some of the terrible things he’s done, he asks why Elena stays with him. Elena, much like she did with Grayson, tries to find ways to justify them, but Damon is sick of her excuses and leaves her. For her own good.

Damon gets best line with this simple exclamation: “Stop defending me!” He speaks sense.

I got exactly what I asked for last episode, with one of the first scenes this episode being Katherine and Stefan in bed, post-bang. Bonus points for her running out because she notices some fallen-out hair and is embarrassed.

More bonus points for her bragging about her dirty deeds to Damon, who happens to be returning home at that moment.

Katherine employs Matt as a personal trainer to help her keep her body tight. When your teeth and hair are falling out, I don’t think any amount of cardio will work. But I applaud her proactivity.

I’m hoping that Katherine uses that spirit possession thing to go into Elena’s body. It would solve all of her problems. Do it.

Enzo is the Augustine vampire that killed roommate. So that’s no longer a mystery. Wes had her killed because she was digging too close to the truth.

Enzo calls Damon a monster and refuses to forgive him. Ungrateful he may be, but he’s not wrong.

Still no Bonnie. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, and Wes goes for the chest when choosing an injection site on Elena. I was surprised.

TVD Elena injection Wes

I’d pegged him for more of a dick and balls man.

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15 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. Amadan says :

    i was ready to bet on dick and balls too, but we know better already.
    although there is still the enzo-damon bromance to count on. enzo just say it out loud at damon: “you were the most important person in my life, the only soul i could connect to” it is enough for me.

    i love katherine when she his the fabulous bitch she deserve to be, i hate her when she falls into elena shadow just to love boring stefan.
    also if they kill katherine while bonnie was resurrected i’ll stop watching the show (i’ll keep reading your posts though).

    i’m happy for the no bonnie policy, but isn’t it a little strange that she was more on the show while dead than now she is living? or maybe that is the tvd humor for “bonnie is haunting you!”

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      At least if Katherine dies, then she can shred Bonnie as she passes through her.

      And if TVD was a little more True Blood, maybe we could count on some Damon/Enzo lovin’. It’s a shame Mystic Falls is the least homosexual town in the world.

  2. Alisha says :

    I am confused. Why did Katherine come back to life after all her blood had been drained and then fall apart and start dying 2 episodes later? I think I need to give up trying to understand the plot this season and just enjoy katherine’s sexy shenanigans. If she does take over elena’s body (yes please) I hope her voice is still all raspy.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yeah, the show never got around to explaining that. “Oh, Katherine had all her blood sucked out of her by Silas, but she comes back to life moments later? Nobody will notice that.”

      Everyone noticed, TVD.

  3. Lydia says :

    Question on my mind: I thought K couldn’t become a vampire again because she had the cure in her body. But didn’t she loose that? Why doesn’t she try again?

    I thought the same thing about Kathrine taking over Elena’s body too, because she said she still wanted to look the way she does. And it wold solve everything! BUT, it could also go badly. Like, when that traveller guy was stuck in Matt, he had to share a body with him. So I’m just thinking that if she did that, we’d have to have another bi-polar Elena story-line or some shit.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Damon breaking it off with Elena. On one hand, maybe he’ll be like, “I’m a monster, I might as well live it up!” And go back to the way he was in season one or something. THAT would be awesome; he was best in Season one, and the reason I still call him my favourite, (even after Elena pussy-whipped him. I just try to reminence about the good ol’ days.) But on the other hand, I hope he doesn’t get all emo like Stefan over it, and cry over how Elena is “too good for him.” Baby, you can do so much better.

    He and Kathrine are like, the only people left who aren’t /completely/ incompetent. Well, sometimes Caroline, but not lately.

    I just have to say that I’ve enjoyed The Originals way more than TVD this season so far.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I wouldn’t say TVD has been bad this season, but The Originals is fresh, where TVD is kind of more of the same. So I’d go with The Originals over TVD right now.

      They haven’t really expounded on what it means for Katherine to have had the cure sucked out of her by Silas. I know Katherine has said the reason she can’t become a vampire again is because she just vomits up the vampire blood when she ingests it. Bitch needs to hit up a syringe. Unless her veins have gained the ability to vomit, too.

      • Lydia says :

        You misread me–I wasn’t saying it was bad either, I was saying the Originals was better (so far.) Like, I personally really didn’t enjoy that Silas story-line. Too many doppelgangers running around.
        But I sort of liked the Augustine thing. The idea of humans overpowering vampires makes me both lol and raise an eyebrow at the slightly higher stakes they’re up against.
        (But then we have Klaus, who just wastes them, eh? XD)

  4. Steph says :

    I’m trying to figure out how Enzo was just cruising about in broad daylight, i thought day lighter rings were a Salvatore special??

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