Arrow Season 2 Episode 9 – TV Review

Arrow Tommy Merlyn back ghost

In an episode with “Ghosts” in the title, don’t get too comfortable.

So yes, this episode is titled “Three Ghosts,” and 2 of them are totally dead for real real.

Do you think Tommy might be the one that isn’t?

TL;DR Nah, bro, Tommy’s dead. Asian chick is the other dead one, and she dies in the flashback; Aussie guy is the one who’s alive. Oliver and crew take down Sebastian’s serum production scheme; Thea and Roy again prove how useless they are; Barry goes home; having Aussie guy alive isn’t actually a good thing.

Never trust an assumed-dead-from-a-flashback man with an eye patch.

The plot picks up directly from last episode. Barry manages to save Oliver’s life, and that means he’s back on the trail of Super Goon and the serum. After the police and Diggle face some setbacks while dealing with him, Oliver eventually gets a chance to lay the beat down, and he does, destroying the serum in the process. During this, Oliver is visited by “Three Ghosts” (it is Christmas, after all): Asian chick, who encourages him to stop being the Hood and live life; Aussie guy, who beats him up; and Tommy, who gives him a pep talk so he can finish off Super Goon. Meanwhile, Roy, Thea and Sin are still investigating Sin’s friend’s death. They go to Laurel for help, and Roy ends up using her intel to infiltrate some company. He gets caught breaking in and is injected with the serum by Sebastian. Oliver revives him, but we’ll have to wait and see how the serum has affected him. Meanwhile, Barry sees Felicity is pining for Oliver, and after the job is completed, he returns home to Central City, where a particle accelerator goes haywire and zaps him (hello, spin-off). And in island flashback, Ivo executes Asian chick, and a revitalised Aussie guy isn’t pleased.

I’d say he might Hulk out, but that’s Marvel.

I think I’ll just take this opportunity to say how relieved I am about how Barry Allen is being handled. A helpful commenter pointed out that he was only being shoe-horned in to make way for a spin-off, and it looks like anything related to him and his superpowers will be contained in his own show.

Thank goodness.


Why I hate this episode:

Laurel may be back, but she doesn’t do fucking anything. She does the most token bit of legwork for Thea, Sin and Roy. Later, she appears to be becoming romantically linked with Sebastian, which, given their prior interactions, seems odd.

Who cares about Sin’s little dead junkie friend?

Oliver, echoing my own whingeing, is pretty upset at Felicity for spilling his secret to Barry. But being a fuckhead is okay for me, because he didn’t save my life. Show a little bit of gratitude, Oliver.

I don’t think any direction the Felicity/Oliver situation takes will make me happy. On one hand, I wish they could just be non-romantic partners in crime(fighting). But on the other hand, they’re both pretty and fun and I want to see them kiss. Such struggles I endure.

Despite the mortality rate we saw the serum have on Sebastian’s goons, main characters are apparently immune to it. Both Aussie guy and Roy “die” from it, only to, like, not. Your plot armour is showing, boys.

Barry makes fun of how ineffective Oliver’s eye shadow is as a mask. So he leaves Oliver a parting gift of a fabric eye mask. Which hides exactly the same amount of Oliver’s face (read: not enough to obscure his identity. Have these people not seen Green Lantern?). I guess it’d be more convenient?

Oh, and when reviving Roy, Oliver only does chest compressions. No mouth-to-mouth. Fucking rip off, man.


But it’s not all bad:

For a brief, wonderful moment, Roy was dead. I know it’s a crime to waste abs, but Roy’s gonna have to be more than a plot coupon for Thea to pick up whenever she remembers her existence is meaningless if he wants me to see him live.

The star of the episode is the revelations from the flashbacks. First, we’ve got Ivo forcing Oliver to choose between saving Sarah and Asian chick. When Oliver hesitates, Ivo just executes Asian chick. Harsh.

Then we’ve got Aussie guy turning out to be alive, catching up with the gang, and fighting off Ivo’s men. Including ripping one of their hearts out thanks to his new strength (a CW staple). Ivo runs away. When Aussie guy sees Asian chick’s dead body, Sarah covers for Oliver by saying Ivo just shot her with no explanation. Good wingmanning, bro.

Aussie guy evidently finds out the truth at some point, as we see him in the present timeline as Sebastian’s boss. He’s got an eye patch and a recipe for revenge against Oliver: destroy everything and everyone he loves, and then kill him himself. I haven’t been this excited about an disfigured, Australian villain since the Drawn Together movie.

Barry uses rat poison to thin Oliver’s blood and save him from the injection he suffered last episode. I lol’d.

Barry goes home to Central City just in time for its new particle accelerator to fuck up and zap him with radiation. I’ll give the spin-off a shot, I guess.

There’s still sexual tension between Oliver and Laurel.

Sebastian has announced his mayoral candidacy. Aussie guy also says they can still produce the serum from a sample of his own blood.

Oliver comes across Thea and Sin as they try to nurse the arrow still stuck in Roy’s leg from last episode. Oliver pulls it through. It’s hot.

Oh, and speaking of Roy being in pain:

Arrow Roy serum Mirakuru Sebastian Blood

“Why not both?” -Thea’s teeth

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  1. Lydia says :

    I keep waiting for Roy to become more relevant, because in the comics he becomes Ollie’s sidekick, (for a while.) But then he get’s addicted to heroin and Oliver gives him the boot. They make-up eventually, though.
    Recently he’s been gallivanting around with one of Batman’s ex-robins, Jason Todd.

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