The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals Camille Klaus almost kiss


It’s a darn breakout of the dreaded almost-kiss this episode.

Can’t you sexy, broody, young things just get on with it?

TL;DR Klaus has some struggles as the new vampire leader in New Orleans; Elijah and Rebekah learn about some werewolves’ lineage; Camille grows ever more fragile; Davina is trying to escape Marcel/Klaus; Marcel is a little bitch.

A sexy little bitch.

So Klaus is now queen of the damned, following Marcel’s hilariously failed attempt at squashing the coup. His first order of business is to organise a werewolf hunt in the bayou. His second is to destroy the relationship Marcel had built with the human faction of New Orleans’ underworld dealings. The humans retaliate by killing a few vampires, so Marcel and Klaus hit back by killing all the human council except Priest. Meanwhile, Hayley, as she’s confined to Klaus’ compound, gets Elijah and Rebekah to put a stop to the werewolf hunt. They also discover some of the werewolves are descendants of Klaus’ original wolf daddy. Meanwhile, Camille continues to unravel. She’s starting to piece things together, so Priest has Klaus compel her (finally) to leave New Orleans. This departure is interrupted by Davina, who has woken up to the fact that Marcel is using her and is trying to escape him. The episode ends as Davina uses her Deus Ex Magica to undo Camille’s compulsion.

It appears to hurt more than it did with Josh.

There’s a lot of forward momentum this episode, and it’s hard to complain about that.

I think my biggest concern about this episode would be the increasingly superfluous role of Rebekah. She’s essentially just backup for Elijah. Her own subplot with Marcel is overly melodramatic and wanky, too.

Rebekah needs to be a strong, independent vampire, who don’t need no hot black guy.


Why I hate this episode:

She is also way too offended that Marcel would choose the much smarter option of keeping the peace with his empire over being together with her. He’s got mouths to feed (and prevent from slaughter), honey. Your unimpressive love affair comes second.

And she actually advised him earlier in the episode to stay on good terms with Klaus so as not to raise his ire. So she wants Marcel to do the right thing, but only up until it affects her vagina’s social life?

What are the fucking odds that Elijah would just happen upon a werewolf who is carrying a ring their mother used to wear over 1000 years ago? Come on, The Originals. Do you think that little of us?

Also, Eve (Hayley’s distant relative or whatever) says that werewolves from all parts are flocking to New Orleans to witness the baby. If the intel is good enough to get that out, then surely they know that the city is swarming with murderous vampires. Idiots.

Camille breaks compulsion yet again for no reason. Early in the episode, she shows Klaus the photo from the old newspaper of him and Marcel. Klaus compels her specifically to forget about it, and forget about them being vampires etc. But later on, when Camille is telling Priest of her suspicions, she remembers the photo, and remembers showing it to him before. Her knowledge of the photo could be explained by the recordings she made of her and Klaus’ conversation, but she definitely shouldn’t have remembered showing it to Priest. Inconsistent.

What did the human faction really fucking expect?

Josh is still getting peeks into his own subplot. No, baby.

Klaus makes a good point to Hayley about how she doesn’t appreciate his protection as much as she should. While her concern over what happens to her after the baby is born is valid, I wouldn’t mind an immortal hybrid vampire/werewolf being my bodyguard. Would you?

Klaus and Camille almost kiss, but don’t.

Elijah and Hayley almost kiss, but don’t.

Oh, and Klaus offers Elijah and Rebekah a standing invitation to join him at the new compound if they wish. I suppose Klaus’ wrath doesn’t have the longevity that it used to.


But it’s not all bad:

Klaus and Camille almost kiss.

Elijah and Hayley almost kiss.

Camille, at last, is going to be onto Klaus. In addition to her own detective work, Davina’s giving her the ol’ mind fuck, so all the compulsion should be removed. I wonder if she’ll still be into either Klaus or Marcel? With any luck, both.

Klaus does exactly what anybody should have done when dealing with the human faction. They’re like “We’ll turn a blind eye as long as you bribe us,” and Klaus is like “I’m a fucking Original, cunt. I do what I want.” The humans put in a token effort to intimidate Klaus by smashing some windows and burning a couple of vampires up, but Klaus and Marcel again prove that hey, vampires are stronger than humans, by killing the crap out of them. It just makes sense.

Hayley is also sourcing help from Davina. She wants her to dispel the curse that Marcel had put on her family (the inverse moon curse). If Davina’s gonna be used, might as well use the hell out of her, right?

Davina herself makes the important realisation that Marcel is only using her, and resolves to escape his clutches. Go rogue, baby. You and Camille can run this town tonight.

Klaus’ plan to offer a werewolf hunt to the vampires is delectably selfish. He wants to squash the rumours that he only wants Hayley’s baby to manufacture hybrids, and if he can exterminate some werewolves along the way, all the better. Fabulicious.

Rebekah, despite her token relevance to the plot, comes up with the episode’s best line. She and Elijah are investigating a werewolf encampment: “You know how hovels depress me.” Fucking povo werewolf losers.

Klaus rejects Elijah and Rebekah’s suggestion he look into these supposed relatives of his. He secretly goes to Priest later, though, and organises some kind of protection through him. Maybe it’s time to solve those daddy issues once and for all?

Rebekah has some kind of dirt on Marcel, and if she told Klaus, it would ruin his and Klaus’ relationship permanently. Go on, then.

Oh, and Rebekah teases Elijah about liking Hayley. Come on, Elijah. Everyone knows it.

The Originals Hayley Elijah kiss

Just fucking do it, then. God!

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7 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review”

  1. Alisha says :

    Camille’s subplot is so confusing! Why is it so tragic if she finds out klaus and marcel are vampires?? What is she gonna do? You are so right. The women in this show r
    starting to feel like props. Thank god davina and camille are teaming up. Hopefully they do more than just look pretty when the show starts up again in January.

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