The Originals Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals Elijah sick bite

Someone’s been doing their lamaze exercises.

Unfortunately, unlike a baby, you can’t just tie a werewolf bite up in a bag and throw it in a river.

But you can use it as a vehicle to do some exposition about a previously unmentioned but apparently super important love interest.

An interracial love interest.


TL;DR Elijah has hallucinations about an old love interest; Rebekah and Marcel take on Klaus; Klaus shits on them; Hayley learns the barest of tidbits about her family; Camille has more bizarre compulsion awareness.

For the wangst.

The most important plot point this episode revolves around Marcel and Rebekah’s supposedly sneaky plan to wreck Klaus. Before things start going off, Rebekah snaps Tyler’s neck and stashes him away because although she wants to deal with Klaus, ain’t nobody gon’ hurt her unborn nephew/niece. Marcel rallies a sizable legion of his troops, and he and Rebekah bait Klaus into an ambush with a dagger. Marcel sics his entire army on Klaus, but they’re no match for him (duh). Desperate to save her lovah, Rebekah insists Marcel pledge allegiance to Klaus and forfeit his kingdom, which he does. Well, that was easy. It earns Klaus no brownie points with his siblings, or the vampires, though. Meanwhile, Hayley is nursing a wolf-bitten Elijah out in the werewolf shack. Elijah has hallucinations of a witch he loved a long time ago named Celeste. Klaus’ recklessness at the time something something’d her into getting killed. Aww. Meanwhile, Hayley is approached by a distant relative, who tells her of a special curse her family suffers or something. And Klaus instructs Priest to tell Camille to leave New Orleans before her digging into the Sean thing gets her killed.

Because Klaus cares about her too much to compel her to do it.

Despite the fact he’s already compelling the shit out of her (but, evidently, not very effectively).

I’d say the one thing that baffled me about this episode was Marcel and Rebekah’s plan. While I love that it failed so spectacularly, I can’t understand how those two ever thought it would work. Rebekah especially, having seen what her brother can do now that he’s a hybrid, should have known that a ragtag group of vampires wouldn’t be able to do shit against him.

They should have gotten Camille to dagger him or something.

Consider your alternatives, people.


Why I hate this episode:

Like, really? It’s Klaus, guys. Come on. You know this.

Elijah’s little love interest is another example of TVD/The Originals’ “bring up something super important out of nowhere” game. It certainly isn’t exclusive to these shows, but having seen it in the most recent episode of both shows makes it super annoyingly obvious.

Celeste is black. So guess what she is? She’s a witch. Duh.

Klaus’ link to her death is also tenuous. Elijah explains that because he was so wrapped up with his little honey, Klaus went unchecked with his rampant killings. In order to throw the news off Mikael’s trail, Klaus blames the killings on witches doing blood sacrifices. Which has the consequence of Celeste getting drowned and killed. I’d be tempted to say that Elijah’s accepting of the blame for it cancels it out, but the amount of martyrdom in that is too asinine to be much of an alternative.

As Davina is shaping up to be the Bonnie of The Originals, Marcel has to give an excuse as to why they can’t use her to subdue Klaus (she’s too erratic lately blah blah). It’s considerate, at least.

Marcel is sooooo fuckin’ weak for taking up Klaus’ offer of defection mid-fight. What a little pussy bitch. Couldn’t even lose with dignity.

He then has the self-righteousness to chew Klaus out about how loyalty can’t be bought or owned, and you gotta work for it, bitch. Umm, didn’t you incentivise your nightwalkers last episode to beat the crap out of each other for a daylight ring?

Oh, and honestly, if Klaus is that concerned about Camille, he should just compel her to fuck off outta town.


But it’s not all bad:

However, I’m gonna go on the record and theorise that Camille might have a plot-based excuse as to why compulsion doesn’t work normally on her. Which might give some context to Klaus not wanting to compel her to leave. I just can’t believe that the writers would so blatantly subvert the rules of compulsion. There’s got to be more to it.

Also, while at Klaus’ place to help him write his memoirs, she leaves herself a note in code to read later when the compulsion has taken hold again. She deciphers it, and it leads her to finding a photo of Marcel and Klaus in a 1919 newspaper. Clever girl. She is, understandably, alarmed.

The sexual tension between Hayley and Elijah keeps on growing.

Even Klaus picks up on it, and he makes sure to include it in his genuinely sad breakdown at the end of the episode. He blasts Rebekah for plotting against him, and Elijah for moving in on his territory, fearing that his child will call Elijah “daddy.” The whole breakdown is born out of pure selfishness, but it’s earnest and heartbreaking all the same.

I don’t know if I was listening properly, but the wolf family member who visits Hayley says that Marcel killed most of their family, and used witches to curse the others with an inverse moon curse. Which means that they spend most of the time as wolves, and revert to humans during full moons. If someone could help clarify that one for me, I’d be totes appreciative.

Best line of the episode goes to Hayley, whose sympathies for Elijah’s hallucinations are mixed: “So you’re having weird retro sex dreams. Get over it.” Sound advice.

By contrast, Camille puts a lot of effort into psycho analysing Klaus. She claims he is too scared to trust anyone yada yada yada. They need to kiss.

Marcel’s failure is divine.

Rebekah gets no joy out of seeing Klaus get beaten up. She’s not so bad. Maybe.

Both Elijah and Rebekah seem to take Klaus’ breakdown insults to heart. I really want this family to work, you know?

Oh, and Klaus cries. Aww, poor monster.

The Originals Klaus tears

Isn’t that we all want, really?

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