Curse of Chucky – CBF Review

Curse of Chucky wanna play

That knife totally isn’t compensating for something.

I remember the Chucky movies were pretty scary growing up.

Until they devolved into comedy-only shadows of their former selves.

Sadly, this attempt at a gritty return to form misinterpreted “gritty” as “boring, standard slasher movie.”

The plot follows Chucky as he terrorises a family, lead by Nica, a wheelchair-bound woman. As it turns out, she was the daughter of one of Charles Lee Ray’s original victims, and the one who sic’d the cops on him, which led to his death. So he’s come home to finish the deed (he also stabbed Nica’s mum when she was pregnant, which is why Nica can’t walk). He dispatches most of the family without much effort or flair, and the evidence unfortunately points to Nica as the culprit. She gets sent away, but takes victory in the fact that Chucky was unable to kill her. A protracted ending shows Tiffany (inside Jennifer Tilly, as per the last movie) mailing Chucky to Nica’s niece, who survived, and he tries to swap souls with her. It obviously doesn’t work, because a post credits scene shows Chucky turning up at Andy Barclay’s place. But Andy is ready for his shit.

I hate this movie because none of the kills have any tension or action to them; there are a few Chucky walking scenes and he’s CGI and it looks awful; and I hated that everyone died because they didn’t believe Chucky was alive. We’re in, what, the 6th movie now? I’m sick of it.

But it’s not all bad because the atmosphere and setting are very classic, 80s horror (ridiculously creepy house, lots of lightning flashes, musical stings everywhere); Chucky is still a massive bastard, like he should be; and it does manage to ride the fine line between sequel and reboot. Kind of like Scream 4.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 stars.

It’s for continuity fans.

Curse of Chucky Tiffany Jennifer Tilly

Not for this guy, though.

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6 responses to “Curse of Chucky – CBF Review”

  1. Thato kekana says :

    how was charles lee related to nica’s family and why churky is hunting this family?Charles lee was a boyfriend of nica?or he was only a family friend?

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