Arrow Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review

Arrow Felicity Count drugs Vertigo

Felicity ain’t stupid.

The Count is back.

But not for long.

I bet he didn’t count (ah ha) on that.

TL;DR The Count’s reign of terror is brief; Moira gets acquitted because the prosecution’s case is shit; flashback Oliver rejoins his multi-national allies; Malcolm Merlyn is alive.

There’s an immortality clause in John Barrowman’s contract.

Moira’s case is the big deal in this episode’s plot. Thea unwittingly starts messing up the case (on the stand, this time) when she’s asked about why it took her so long to go and see mummy in prison. Moira is forced to take the stand, which leads to the prosecution (now lead by Laurel. We’ll get to that in a minute) using its “trump card,” which is: Moira once had a brief affair with Malcolm, which, according to the prosecution, means she would have been unable to legitimately fear him (which is her defence). Yeah, because domestic abuse and stalkers and violent people don’t exist, apparently. Luckily, the jury sees through that fuckup and acquits her. Meanwhile, the Count, having popped out of prison during the Glades earthquake, gets back on the scene by infecting flu shot recipients (including Diggle) with some new formula of Vertigo. He kidnaps the lead prosecutor, which is why Laurel has to stand in for him, to prove how addictive the drug is. Felicity figures out the source of the infections, but the Count captures her. Oliver is forced to kill him when he threatens to hurt Felicity, which means he’s broken his no-kill resolution. Angst ensues. And in island flashback, Asian chick and Aussie guy save Oliver from Ivo and the gang. Oliver whisks Sarah along, too.

Oh, and Malcolm is alive and is Thea’s father.

Hopefully she has better luck than Malcolm’s other child.

While the Moira stuff is on-point and arc relevant, the Count seems to be randomly brought back purely so Oliver has someone to kill. The dude was pretty flamboyantly divine, so it’s a shame that he was essentially angst fodder for Oliver.

Oh, and that prosecution is seriously shit.


Why I hate this episode:

Both the tactics the prosectuion uses only work because the plot says so. Thea taking 5 months to visit Moira in jail is apparently a smoking fucking gun for how bloody evil and guilty Moira is. Or, you know, Thea might just have been a bit sad about her mother’s hand in levelling half the city.

Then there’s the trump card, which is trumped (ah ha!) up by the lead prosecutor, the DA, and Laurel as the most significant thing evar (and also the secret Moira was willing to risk everything to keep). Then it comes out in court, and it’s just that she fucked Malcolm a couple of times, like, 20 years ago. Laurel tries to say that this proves that she couldn’t be in fear for her life from him. Because, again, they fucked a couple of times 20 years ago. Yeah, because nobody changes in 20 years. And even though a man conspired to murder thousands of people, and murdered your husband, you can’t fear him because you once hopped on his dick. What the fuck?

Laurel even risks her own job and case by privately visiting Moira to express her concern over using the trump card. Silly silly.

After the cross examination, Oliver asks Laurel if she’s okay. She’s too upset by having to have done something so awful that she resists his comfort. Boo. Kiss, already.

Ivo and his men track down Oliver’s plane HQ on the island, and the men spray it with bullets to make sure that Aussie guy and Asian chick are dead. All our heroes do is just, like, lie down on the ground so they don’t get hit.

Oh, and to really ram home how insane Arrow is in thinking the prosecution did a good job, Malcolm reveals to Moira that he had to intervene to force the jury to acquit her. Jesus Christ.


But it’s not all bad:

At least she got off.

Although the Count had to be the sacrificial lamb, Oliver’s little arc with him is impactful. He genuinely doesn’t want to kill the Count, but with 2 shots of Vertigo held to Felicity’s neck, he doesn’t have a choice. This is enhanced by Oliver’s face being beautiful while in “mounful/pensive” mode. And Felicity is really upset that she got herself into the position that forced him to betray his pledge. Ugh, delicious drama.

And they get so close to kissing. So close.

The Count’s plan is adorable. He secretly drugs recipients of flu shots so he can get people addicted without their consent. He proves the value of his new product by having the prosecutor, one of the victims, tied up on television. He’s going through withdrawal, and the Count offers him a hit of relief. He shamefully accepts. I love it.

During the mini flashback to the Count’s earthquake-assisted escape from prison, he hands some keys off to another prisoner to escape, too. That’s The Dollmaker. It’s all connected, people.

Best line of the episode goes to Felicity, who is commenting on Diggle’s appearance (before they know that he’s been poisoned): “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look disgusting.” He’s got that heroin chic.

Oliver spares no expense when he does decide to kill. He shoots the Count up with a couple of arrows, knocking him out the window of Oliver’s office level at Queen Consolidated, to plummet to his juicy death. If you’re gonna do it, I respect that you’re doing it right.

The Count was being financially supported by someone. That someone is shown to be Sebastian Blood, who himself is performing some experiments on his goons. Only one of them survives, but he is apparently stronger.

Sarah says Japanese submarine serum thing that Ivo is after could save humanity. Oliver wants to find it so they can heal Aussie guy. Aww, sho shweet.

Oh, and here’s hoping Malcolm doesn’t get back into his old hood-wannabe suit and look ridiculous. He’s much more menacing in a suit and tie.

Arrow Malcolm Merlyn Jack Harkness

“Now where’s my makeout scene with Colton Haynes?”

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  1. A says :

    Just watched this episode and googled for Ep7 WTF?
    And Bingo!
    I can relate to almost every joke of yours.

    And by the way Malcolm does look ridiculous in that black hood and much more menacing in a suit.

    You Sir are my hero of the day.

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