Ravenswood – Discontinued

Ravenswood Caleb dead

Caleb means nothing without Hanna and his computer.

Yeah, I’m out.

I gave it 5 episodes, but I just can’t.

I know it sounds insane coming from someone who spends their time running a pathetic review blog that nobody reads, but I actually don’t have enough time in my day to bother watching or talking about Ravenswood.

It’s that bad.

In all fairness, the end of episode 5 showed some promise. Olivia’s boyfriend was in league with Baby Red Coat, and they’re working for some ominous, higher power.

But I spent the first 30 minutes of the episode trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep my eyes open. It’s just so startlingly empty.

Maybe Ravenswood could be the next The Vampire Diaries. But with 2 of those already, I ain’t got time to wait and see.

Oh, and Hanna was in this episode (it didn’t help), so here’s your obligatory fashion shot.

Ravenswood Hanna Marin

Good weird.

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12 responses to “Ravenswood – Discontinued”

  1. Aiming for Simplicity says :

    I read it…Watched my first taste of Ravenswood today, that little girl has the creepiest grin…ewwwww

  2. Amadan says :

    just step in to say i sometimes just read your reviews and enjoy it more that the shows themselves. i’m not bothered if you are out of ravenswood cause i wasn’t planning to whatch it (just in fact read your reviews about it), but i’ll still read whatever your malevolent mind can give birth to.
    i love you that much!

  3. manon says :

    This show looked awful to me. I watched one episode and I did not like it. I liked PLL on facebook, because I love that show. Then ABC did not only gave me way too many PLL updates, they also included this freaking show ´Ravenswood´ that I do not like.
    I like what it brought them, all hate comments of PLL fans who hate that they took their Caleb. Couldn´t agree more, Caleb belongs with Hanna!

  4. alexis says :

    I love pretty little liars. I hate Caleb now.
    I hate Miranda.
    I wanna start a revolution and kill ravensqoods ratings.
    Miranda needs to just die already so Caleb can stop being delusional.

    Ugh I’m outraged !!!

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