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The Bachelor Australia Ali eliminated

“And they’re totally definitely not already in there.

I’m insecure.”

I could have titled this post “At Least It Wasn’t Danielle,” but everyone hated her anyway.

You want controversy, don’t you?

But seriously, at least it wasn’t Ali. She was way too terrifying. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t try to blow up the mansion.

Or kidnap Tim.

Or murder Rochelle and wear her skin.


But whatever, Ali’s gone. What we should be interested in is the final 2. So here they are:

Out of the 2, I think Rochelle has the best chance to win. She has the same level of serious commitment as Ali, but without the “you should probably sleep with one eye open” obsession. She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s confident, and she’s shared a lot of herself with Tim. Even the pageant stuff that she hid from him she was able to spin into something to make her seem attractively vulnerable and multifaceted.
The only thing that’s working against her is the transformation from chill chick to hardcore devotee over the course of the season. On the one hand, it could show just how much he feelings for Tim have grown. On the other hand, it shows she’s inconsistent. At least Ali was a psycho stalker from the outset. Rochelle’s emerging intensity is either a ploy to seem eager, or a signal that she’s actually falling in love with a guy she’s known for a few weeks on a dating show. In either case, that don’t impress me much.

Anna was my favourite from the start, and hey, she’s still here. Unlike Miss Keen Bean Rochelle, Anna has remained realistically interested, but aloof. While this will likely hurt her chances to win a dating show that relies on manufactured growth of emotions, if Tim had any sense, he would see that she isn’t as artificial as the other girls. Or at least, trying not to show it.
I admire Anna’s unwillingness to say she’s in love with Tim, because she isn’t. She’s known him for a few weeks on a dating show. The fact that she’s never had a serious relationship before is a worry, and her makeup team seem to be accidentally borrowing supplies from the drag queen box of late, but if I could have it my way, it’d be Anna at the end.


No matter what happens, we can take comfort in the fact that Ali finally got put out of her misery, and that Danielle got flicked back to where she belongs.

And hey, it’s not real anyway, so don’t stress.

The Bachelor Australia Ali Tim

“I got them in a package deal with the scorpions.”

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6 responses to “The Bachelor Australia: At Least It Wasn’t Ali – Blog”

  1. Aiming for Simplicity says :

    Love the bottom poster, as a devoted watcher of the train wreck that is “The Bachelor” your witty repartee is fantastically refreshing.

  2. matthew says :

    i wanna see an anti-version of The Batchelor, where the guy is repulsive and the women do anything and everything they can to get eliminated

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