Arrow Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review

Arrow Isabel bed

A little bit, yeah.

I should point out first of all that Laurel is not in this episode.

You can all go home now.

TL;DR The Super Friends go to Russia to rescue Lyla from Deadshot; Isabel tags along and gets busy (sexually) with Oliver; Roy and Thea almost break up arbitrarily; flashback Oliver finds out Aussie Guy and Asian chick are not dead.

As expected.

I’m gonna be honest here and admit that I don’t remember anything at all about Lyla and ARGUS. I didn’t remember her so much that I mistook her for a random new character in epsode 4. Oops. The episode focuses mainly on Diggle being assigned by ARGUS to go rescue Lyla from a Moscow gulag, which she is stuck in because she was on Deadshot’s trail. Oliver and Felicity join him, and Isabel, thinking it’s a business trip, barges on board, too. Diggle finds Deadshot himself inside the gulag, too, and he has to team up with him to fetch Lyla and escape. Meanwhile, Isabel and Oliver bond. With their genitals. Felicity is jealous. Back in Starling City, Roy gets in trouble with the cops, which prompts Moira’s lawyer to tell Thea to dump his ass so Moira’s “I’m a good mother. My children only date wholesome chaps, see?” image can be preserved. Moira shuts that shit down, though. And in flashback, Oliver has some quality time with Sarah and Ivo. They’re gonna use him and his friends, who survived the bombing, to find some WWII Japanese lost super weapon thing.


My only major complaint with the episode is purely my own fault, and that is not remembering Lyla/ARGUS. As a continuity stickler, I am ashamed.

Otherwise, I’m glad to see Deadshot make a return. And the jaunt to Moscow isn’t a total wank, thanks to a surprisingly friendly and multi-dimensional Isabel.


Why I hate this episode:

Oliver is building up quite the harem, which is interfering with his obvious OTP with Laurel. He’s got Sarah, and now Isabel. And Felicity is apparently super jealous of Oliver’s sex with Isabel. As fucking fantastic as an Oliver/Felicity hookup would be, I always admired the fairly platonic relationship they had. Can’t women and men just be friends?

Shouldn’t Isabel be more suspicious of the zero amount of business stuff Oliver does while in Moscow? She makes a bland comment about how he missed a scheduled tour of the subsidiary company, but seems otherwise unconcerned that he isn’t doing any work. Maybe she was too distracted by the sexy.

Roy gets in trouble with the cops because he starts bashing some gang thug, even after the Hood told him to fuck off because the situation was being handled. Be smarter, baby.

Moira probably should have let Thea and Roy be apart. I mean, what’s some random relationship of your daughter’s versus possible conviction?

Diggle should have murdered Deadshot after they got out. Equally, Deadshot should have murdered Diggle. It’s just common sense.

Sarah is a bitch to Oliver in the flashback. She tricks him into radioing his friends (she appears to be helping him escape the boat), which was a ploy by Ivo to confirm his suspicions that they were alive. How did you ever pass over Laurel for her?

Oh, and again, this is my fault, but I also forgot about how Diggle’s brother died (sniped, apparently by accident, by Deadshot). I gotta keep up better.


But it’s not all bad:

Deadshot does reveal that Diggle’s brother actually was the intended target. Because Deadshot don’t miss, bitch. The contract was paid for by an organisation called H.I.V.E. It’s not as cute as ARGUS, but I do love some occasional acronym porn.

My favourite thing about the episode is the relationship between Isabel and Oliver. She starts off the episode by scolding him for his frequent absence from Queen Consolidated meetings (due to, you know, being a superhero). Her insertion into the Moscow jaunt is textbook fabulous.

She has a warm side, too. When she’s having a drink with Oliver in Moscow, she tells him about how she was an orphan in Russia until she was 9. She takes her job so seriously because it’s hard out here for a bitch, and she can tell that beneath the buffoonery he tries to portray, Oliver is really perceptive and intelligent.

Then they fuck.

The 2 best lines of the episode go to Isabel both pre and post coitus. When she and Oliver are getting steamy and about to bang, she shakes up gender roles like the Glass Ceiling smasher she is:
Oliver: “I don’t have a lot of time.”
Isabel: “I’ll be quick.”
Take that charge, bro.

Afterwards, she is cool as can be when Oliver has to bolt so he can go complete his mission with Diggle: “Do I strike you as someone who needs to cuddle?” Hey now, I wouldn’t be so quick to turn down cuddling with Oliver.

The Japanese lost super weapon is some serum that makes you all strong and fast and shit. You know, the usual.

Oliver’s contact in Moscow is a fellow prisoner from the boat. In the flashback, Oliver promises not to forget about him. Presumably he kept his word and went back to rescue him. God, Oliver is perfect.

Sarah does throw Oliver a bone when she prevents his execution.

Isabel assumes Felicity must be fucking Oliver to have gotten the position as his secretary. I lol’d.

And Asian chick smears some mud shit on Aussie guy’s burn wounds to help them heal. When she notices his temperature is dropping, she gives him some good ol’ body heat. It’s refreshingly unsexy.

Arrow Slade Asian alive

He’s a Gold Star Gay.

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