The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 – TV Review

TVD Katherine Elena Amara

Like it’s even a question.

Well, the doppelganger three-ring circus comes to a swift close. Thankfully.

Nina Dobrev needed to be cut some slack, hey.

TL;DR Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah all die, but Bonnie gets to take Amara’s place as the Other Side anchor. Nobody gets what they want. Except Qetsiyah.

Because she’s reached the level of bitchiness where even her own eternal suffering is a “victory” if she can spite someone else. I love it.

The entire episode revolves around the spell shenanigans among Silas/Amara/Qetsiyah. Silas survived his attack from Amara, and is now on his way to Mystic Falls to kill her, which, as she’s the anchor to the Other Side, will abolish the Other Side, so they can live in real afterlife together. Damon, Elena and Stefan need to get Bonnie back alive before this can happen, so they recruit Qetsiyah to help perform the necessary spell (she has no interest in killing Amara, because she needs the Other Side to continue existing so Silas can’t get what he wants). The spell, however, involves swapping Bonnie with Amara as the anchor, because the anchor gets to see both the living world and the Other Side (which I guess is easier to do than a legit revival?). Roping in all 3 Elena doppelgangers to channel power for the spell, Qetsiyah pulls it off before Silas can kill Amara. Unfortunately for him, Stefan kills him around that time, and Amara kills herself thinking that the spell hasn’t been completed yet. So Amara, now a boring human, gets to go to real afterlife, while Silas is off to the Other Side. Qetsiyah kills herself, too, so she can go be with the man she loves, despite how much he doesn’t love her. Subplots include Katherine having domestic issues with Nadia; Katherine getting gipped for a cure to her aging by Qetsiyah; Stefan suffering trauma from the return of his memories; and Jeremy and Bonnie’s looooove.


Well, fuck everything, Bonnie’s back. And more cake-and-eat-it than ever. She gets to be alive, but without having to be a plot reset by still having a foot on the Other Side.

My only consolation is that being the anchor comes with a naughty little caveat, which probably explains why Amara was so batshit: the anchor personally feels every supernatural death pass through them. And it hurts.

Fuck yeah.


Why I hate this episode:

It’s only episode 7, and the Silas/Amara/Qetsiyah stuff is already wrapped up? Bullshit.

Elena is being a bit of a cock-tease (again) with Stefan. Saying she misses him and shit, all lovey dovey. Say no to cock-teasing, everyone.

Did nobody pick up on what a bad deal being the anchor must be? They see Amara screaming at invisible people, and they laugh about how she must be getting harassed by the supernatural beings who have died in the house. “Awesome, let’s put that onto Bonnie. Cool!” I mean, I’m fine with Bonnie being tortured, but I would have thought the characters wouldn’t be.

Amara also says she can’t tell the difference between a living person and an Other Sider. That sounds like fun, hey?

Stefan has rediscovered his love for wangst. Now he’s all cut up about how traumatic drowning over and over was for months on end was. Wah wah wah wah.

Katherine’s condition is rapid age catch-up (like in Vamps). Noooo! Give me death before you give me an old, un-hot Katherine.

Katherine says she’ll only help Qetsiyah cast her spell if she promises to give her a remedy. But after she casts the spell, Qetsiyah kills herself, refusing to help Katherine because she has learned messing with mortality is a no-no. When the fuck did you find your goddamn morals, bitch? Fuck.

I don’t like Nadia’s little “let’s have mummy/daughter time” thing. Katherine turns her offer of travelling in Europe down at the end. I’d like to believe it’s because she’s a hardass bitch, but I suspect it’s because Katherine doesn’t want her mortality to hurt Nadia even more (Doctor Evil says she has a few months to live). And I do not support a softening of Katherine.

Katherine can’t drink vampire blood for healing anymore. She’s too fragile.

Oh, and now that Bonnie is back, Caroline kicks Katherine out of the dorm so Bonnie can move in. You know what? Good. Katherine shouldn’t have to live with you bitches anyway.


But it’s not all bad:

With Silas and Amara’s deaths, we’re back to the old number of doppelgangers. Thank god. I expect a few more Stefans to pop out of the woodwork now, though.

I’m kinda sad to see Silas go. He was like a cool, prancy Stefan. At the start of the episode, he meets a couple at a bus stop. He uses his magic to liquefy the internal organs of the guy, which causes the girl to leave her man and flee for her life. The point? Silas was proving how fickle love is. Dat callousness.

I also love how his and Amara’s deaths totally fuck them over. Enjoy spending eternity with Qetsiyah, baby.

Similarly, Qetsiyah is one ice cold cunt. She indeed manages to split Amara and Silas up. And she’s hardcore enough to slit her own wrists to join Silas on the Other Side. Yeah, she’s a pussy because she’s still in love with him, but I admire her commitment to the bit.

Stefan wants to kill Silas himself (which he does, btw) because he thinks it’ll help him get over his trauma. He even says killing Silas is more important than saving Bonnie. Honey, everything is more important than saving Bonnie. I’m with you.

Katherine comes up with the episode’s best line. Like that’s new anymore. She makes an announcement upon her arrival at the Salvatore house for the 3x doppelganger spell: “The cute one’s here.” I would have gone with “perfect,” but I’ll defer to Katherine’s judgement.

She is also an echo of my very own thoughts: “Let’s be clear: I don’t care about Bonnie Bennett.” Sistahs.

I am super appreciative of the nasty catch of Bonnie’s resurrection. Qetsiyah is all too happy to spring it on her after she’s killed herself, too. Fabulous to the end.

Oh, and TVD does allows us to see all 3 doppelgangers on screen together.

TVD Katherine Elena Amara spell

Three-way tie!

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6 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Amadan says :

    i loved when katherine whatching elena with disgust says: “show off!”
    i guess an happy stephan was too much to wish for and a dead bonnie even worse…
    so everybody missed bonnie but us who have seen her every fucking episode despite she was dead! my god.

    now all my effort are for katherine to defy time and death herself, everybody gets to live but the best character of the show? she cannot die, otherwise what are we watching this show for?

    so now that everything is right, what will it happen? we get to see twilight again? elena will cure stephan with the power of indecision and love?

    i can’t wait to see what’s next. oh and i don’t care even a little bit about stephan being a drama queen already!

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