The Originals Season 1 Episode 7 – TV Review

The Originals Klaus Tyler

But wait, there’s more.

I’d like to thank The Originals for clearing up that issue I had with Marcel being Hayley’s kidnapper.

No, it was actually Tyler who kidnapped her.

Because that makes me so much happier.

TL;DR If it had motivated Klaus to kill him, it would have. Tyler kidnaps Hayley and tries to make a hybrid army; Klaus puts a stop to it; Rebekah, Hayley and Elijah no longer trust Klaus; Rebekah and Marcel plot to get rid of Klaus so they can be together; Klaus’ Mole and Davina bond.

I’m also name upgrading him to Josh. Because calling him the “mole” appears to conflate him with The Mole, and his inferiority should not be allowed to tarnish that show’s good name.

So Tyler is visiting town, and he takes over the plot with his kidnapping of Hayley. He takes her to some werewolf refuge in the bayou and extracts her blood, which is now combined with her Klaus baby, to create his own hybrids. He plans to decimate the New Orleans vampires so the werewolves can be free of persecution or some holier than thou bullshit. I don’t know. It’s fucking Tyler, okay? Things go awry when his test subject turns out to be sired to Hayley, so the plan is a failure. Extra insult occurs when Klaus shows up to put him in his place. Tyler’s humiliation is exquisite. Upon hearing what the baby can do, Hayley and Elijah assume Klaus knew that all along, too, and no longer trust him. Meanwhile, Rebekah returns to town looking for Hayley, too. She goes to Marcel, and after he assures her he didn’t kidnap her, they resume their lovey dovey thing. Marcel wants to bury Klaus so he and Rebekah can live happily ever after. Meanwhile, Marcel figures out Josh is under Klaus’ compulsion. He takes him to Davina so she can mind fuck it out of him. They bond over being loners.

And Josh is gay. I honestly didn’t pick it. But I wouldn’t say I’m shocked, either.

I have to say, I really have no time for Tyler. I was so glad when he fucked off from TVD, but I didn’t realise he’d be coming to The Originals to shit things up. He’s just a big, obnoxious ball of petty angst, and I don’t care.

I liked the ruthlessness of his plan, though. If someone’s putting a baby in danger, I’m there.


Why I hate this episode:

EDIT: A lovely commenter has cleared this one up. Thanks for the research, Kae! I’m keeping this here for posterity, though. One thing I did find strange about his hybrid plan was the whole “they need to drink Elena’s blood to survive longer than 5 seconds as a hybrid” thing. Don’t they? I’m pretty sure I was paying attention this episode, but I don’t think that was addressed. If I missed it, please cunt punt me down in the comments and set me straight. Otherwise, plot hole.

Klaus’ refusal to kill Tyler also sucks.

And Tyler goes to Marcel at the end of the episode and tells him everything. Ugh, is there anyone’s life that you actually make better, Tyler? For fuck’s sake, move on.

Josh’s subplot I do not give a shit about. Unless he hooks up with Marcel or something, then just shut up and die. You were supposed to be just a plot device. I don’t care about your dimensions.

I also prefer Davina when she’s in exposive bitch mode than whiney teen girl mode.

Elijah is so ready to assume Klaus knew that the baby would make hybrid creation possible again, and that’s why he wanted to stick around New Orleans. Umm, wasn’t Elijah the one who convinced Klaus to stay in New Orleans? For the pious, morally superior one, Elijah can be quick to shirk responsibility.

I’m name upgrading the witch who did the crystal trick on Hayley’s belly to Sabine. Not because I want to, but because she keeps showing up and it’s just easier this way. Not that she has any personality or influence, though.

Oh, and Marcel’s plan is embarrassingly simplistic. “Let’s just bury him.” If it was that easy, don’t you think someone else would have done it?


But it’s not all bad:

There is something to be said for the simplest course of action, though. And theoretically, if you dumped enough dirt on him, there’s nothing he could do. But the plan would also assume nobody would ever think of digging him up. And we all know Rebekah’s familial guilt is way too strong for that.

Although he doesn’t die, Tyler does get super dooper bitch slapped by Klaus. Klaus overpowers him during their fight and wraps his first around his heart. Tyler dares Klaus to do it, and Klaus realises Tyler wants to die. So Klaus doesn’t kill him, reminding him that he can only live because Klaus permits it (much the same as his relationship with Caroline only existed because Klaus permitted it). Such emasculation. Such beauty.

Klaus gets best line of the episode for that, too: “Go. Live the rest of your days knowing that you. Are. Nothing to me.” It’s good to see Klaus views Tyler the same way as everyone else does.

Klaus also calls Tyler “a heartbroken little crybaby” when talking to Elijah and Hayley later on. I lol’d.

Despite the seeming inconsistency of the Elena blood thing, it’s pretty cool that Hayley/the baby are able to manufacture new hybrids. And that they’re sired to her. Maybe an army of hybrids could be a good thing in the right hands?

Apparently not where the witches are concerned. Tyler says a witch he consulted with had a vision of the baby’s hybrid army destroying the world or something. As long at that includes destroying Tyler, I guess I’m on board.

Elijah and Hayley’s sexual tension grows stronger than ever. Klaus has taken notice of this, too, and teases Elijah about how he’s already fucked her. Klaus is nothing if not a gentleman.

Tyler is not the werewolf that’s been watching over Hayley. Hmm.

Rebekah tells Marcel that he can never kill Klaus, because then he would die, too. Due to the whole bloodline thing. At least something’s staying consistent.

Someone leaves Hayley a bible with a list of family members who have owned it written in the back. It’s her family. Clues!

Rebekah lies to Klaus and says Marcel isn’t scheming against him. That’s a dangerous game, girl.

Oh, and Klaus bites Elijah out of spite for mistrusting him. It’s probably the closest we’re gonna get, shippers.

The Originals Klaus Elijah bite

I assume all girls like free, live, wincest yaoi shows?

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  1. Kae says :

    Elena blood for creating hybrids only applied to klaus as it was that original witch curse back up plan . If klaus ever broke that curse then elena needs to die and if she died then klaus would not be able to create hybrids . The curse thing doesn’t apply to klaus child .

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