The Tomorrow People – Discontinued

The Tomorrow People Cara syringe

Syringes are a tradition in Discontinued.

I said I was going to dump The Tomorrow People if I still wasn’t impressed by 5 episodes in.

I regret that now, because episode 5 showed promise.

But I can’t be bothered paying this show any more attention. I struggled through Cult, and I struggled through a Beauty & the Beast.

The CW has better things to offer me.

Episode 5 of The Tomorrow People looked like it was finally taking things in the right direction. We got to know more about Ultra (Jed is nowhere near the top of the totem pole), Stephen revealed his powers to Astrid, and Cara went psycho and used the depowering serum on an insolent Rebel. That single rage fit almost made up for 4 previous episodes’ worth of dullness.

But I say “almost,” because as exciting as Cara’s rage was, I don’t expect The Tomorrow People to shape up and out of its glacially paced, teen melodrama.

It’s essentially a poor man’s Arrow, and I’ve already got actual Arrow, and it’s good, so I don’t need this.

I’ll remember the good times.

The Tomorrow People John shirtless

When in doubt, pecs and pout.

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6 responses to “The Tomorrow People – Discontinued”

  1. Amadan says :

    if you want i can still watch another episode for you and in case is worth your time leave a comment somewhere, otherwise i’m done too

  2. Lydia says :

    It’s a shame you discontinued this. This show has gotten pretty good. It’s still not without it’s bullshittery, though. Cara went through an Elena Gilbert phase, leading Stephen on and making him think they were meant for each other. They have sex, and this all happens while she is still dating John. (Why is it always all “shame on you” when a guy cheats on a girl, but it’s all, “aww, but her heart is torn!” when a girl cheats on a guy? ARGH.)
    John beats the shit out of Stephen, and it’s really satisfying, but they make up and make out. No, I’m serious. Check out this shit:

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I preferred John and Cara as a couple. Stephen was a whore. Even though he wanted Cara he was constantly checking out other woman.
    I never watched this show live i watched it on netflix.

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