Arrow Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Review

Arrow Laurel Oliver kiss

Just kidding.

If you’re a fan of Sarah’s pouty sullenness, then you’re in luck.

Everyone else, just enjoy the fight sequences.

TL;DR It’s Sarah’s backstory episode, where we see her saved from the Queen’s Gambit wreck and her journey into assassinhood begin; Sarah has to deal with League of Assassins actions in present day Starling City; Oliver gets close (but not that close) to Laurel; Moira considers, then turns down a plea offer for life in prison; Sarah promptly fucks off after revealing herself to Quentin.

Dames are so flighty.

So it’s all Sarah, all the time. In Starling City, she and Oliver are attacked by a member of the League of Assassins. After figuring out they’re only after her, they realise they’ll have to protect Quentin and Laurel. Sarah has to out herself to her father, and she and Oliver manage to ward off the Assassins. For now. Sarah leaves Starling City to protect her family, and forbids anyone to tell Laurel or her mum that she’s alive. Meanwhile, Moira is offered a plea for life in prison, which she wants to accept to protect whatever her big secret is. Thea and Oliver get her to come around, though, and bitch is going to trial. Meanwhile, Oliver has UST with Laurel, but refuses to act on it. Laurel acts on poppin’ some pills to compensate. And the flashbacks are for Sarah, this time. She is taken on board the same boat Flashback Oliver is (but at an earlier time), where she meets an Anthony Ivo, and starts becoming a badass.

Hey, it’s an upgrade from homewrecker.

I kinda wish that Sarah’s actress was better. She’s got the butt kicking down pat, but the whole “acting” thing eludes her.

That said, it was nice to have a break from Oliver hogging all the flashbacks. And any plot involving an organisation that calls themselves the League of Assassins is gold from the get go.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m not sure how the logic for Sarah’s leaving Starling City works. She wants to keep her family safe. But the LoA knows that endangering her family is a good way to draw her out, so why should they care whether she’s in Starling City or not? All they have to do is still attack them and just make sure that Sarah hears about it, and she’ll come running back.

On the other hand, if she’s leaving purely because she’s too ashamed to stay around Quentin knowing that he knows what she’s done, then I can’t help you with that melodrama, honey.

I find it hard to believe that Moira’s secret could be much worse than “I funded genocide.” I think we can handle it.

When Sarah’s floating on debris in the flashback, she sees an awful, CGI canary. I haven’t seen a CGI bird that unnecessarily bad for a long time.

Quentin is too proud to heed Felicity’s warning about impending attacks from the LoA, which is what forces Sarah to reveal herself. And now he has to keep her secret. See? Being strong and resolute will never get you anywhere.

Laurel goes in for a kiss with Oliver (pictured above), but he pushes her away. Inconceivable.

She also has a whinge where she wallows in the fact that everyone she loves eventually abandons her. Wah wah wah, go hit some vodka or something. Shoosh.

Oh, and the dudes on the boat don’t even give Sarah the chance to try the “remove your own bullet” test. Sexist.


But it’s not all bad:

She does get saved from expulsion by Anthony Ivo. He says the people in the cells are part of his work to save the human race. Arrow could use some mad scientist blood.

At the end of the episode, Oliver agrees to finally open up to Diggle about what happened to him while he was away. He appears to be starting off with his little torture session at Sarah’s hands. Please continue.

There are a couple of pretty impressive fight scenes between Oliver/Sarah and the LoA. The one in Sarah’s clocktower lair is the most impressive. It has jumping through windows, booby traps, neck snapping, and even Quentin gets a good shot off against a cocky assassin.

It ends with Sarah cruelly snapping the neck of her subdued opponent, which justifiably horrifies Quentin.

Moira makes the right decision. Thank god.

Laurel admits to Quentin that she thinks she might not be okay. I would have liked to have seen a more severe spiral down the bottleneck, but I respect her self-awareness.

Best line of the episode goes to Oliver, who is frustrated at Moira’s insistence on staying in prison, and wants some news on who attacked him and Sarah: “Have you found somebody for me to hit yet?” He’s a man of simple needs.

Oh, and Sarah’s survival from the Queen’s Gambit wreck was clearly an homage to Titanic.

Arrow Sarah adrift Queen's Gambit debris

There was room, Rose!

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