The Originals Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Apols for the late post, but it was the Big Brother Australia finale tonight, and that’s pretty much the most important thing in my life.

And Tahan didn’t even win, so if I seem extra bitter, you know why.

TL;DR Sophie and Hayley are unbound from each other; Klaus and Elijah kill the last remaining witch elder; Rebekah and Marcel fuck.

Finally. That UST was about to pop a vein. On Marcel’s dick.

The most important plot point is the unbinding of Sophie and Hayley. In a desperate attempt to rout Klaus, the witch elder uses an evil item on Sophie which causes miscarriages, so the effect will transfer to Hayley. Sophie helps Rebekah and Elijah ease the symptoms while Davina is tasked with undoing the spell. She does it in time, and Elijah takes revenge by killing Agnes, the elder. Meanwhile, Klaus had been threatening Priest and his human council to track down Agnes. Priest agrees because Klaus reveals it was Agnes who hexed Sean, his nephew. Elsewhere, Marcel goes to Thierry for advice and figures out that Klaus has been dogging him. Rebekah, planning to leave town, says farewell to Marcel with a good boning. Camille vows to find a way to break free of Klaus’ compulsion. And the episode ends with Hayley’s disappearance, presumably at Marcel’s hands.

Marcel just can’t get enough women, can he? And with good reason.

After a surprisingly good run of plot-forwarding episodes, we were due to encounter our first real filler episode, and here it is. The miscarriage dilemma is first heard of, implemented, and foiled, all in the one episode. Obvious time wasting.

The only 2 subplots to avoid the miscarriage conundrum are Marcel and Camille’s, and neither achieve much.


Why I hate this episode:

Marcel’s is particularly disappointing, because he really should have known Klaus was a shady jerk by now.

Davina is literally just a plot coupon this episode. Under the guise of helping her train her magic, Elijah has her do the untying spell. And that’s Davina’s only contribution to the episode.

The dark syringe Agnes uses is supposed to cause a miscarriage from high blood pressure. While it does specify its purpose is supposed to be only for pregnant women, Sophie, who is the one who was actually injected, shows no symptoms of high blood pressure herself. I thought that was inconsistent.

Klaus reads a supposedly deep and meaningful poem early in the episode to frame his relationship with Elijah. The poem is A Poison Tree. What is this? Poetry for high school students? Not very profound, The Originals.

Klaus’ mole vampire is still getting his own scenes. Just no, guys.

Camille continues to display an unfair amount of awareness of her compulsion, even when Klaus isn’t around. Compulsion victims are typically zombie-like and totally unaware of their condition. Camille goes to see her uncle and says she thinks something is wrong with her for not feeling strongly enough about the Sean thing. She shouldn’t know that.

Freeing Thierry so soon? Weak, Marcel.

Marcel also effectively dumps Camille. Rude.

Oh, and it looks like Marcel has taken Hayley from the mansion. How did he get inside?


But it’s not all bad:

It’s nice to see most of our main characters joining forces to take down an old woman. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Sophie and Priest all get on board for taking down Agnes. I think only Klaus and Elijah really wanted to murder her, but that’s beside the point.

Elijah plays a good game of Literal Genie when he vows to Sophie that he will stop Klaus from killing Agnes. Elijah simply kills her himself.

And you know that sexual tension between him and Hayley could not be higher. Could this be the new epic love of the TVD universe?

Speaking of relationships, Rebekah and Marcel finally get their shit together. And by “shit” I mean “genitals.”

This results in Marcel losing interest in Camille, so it looks like Klaus is in with a chance. Even though Camille has resolved to somehow break free of her compulsion and punish Klaus for abusing her.

I was impressed that Sophie managed to put her homicide aside to help out Hayley. Maybe there’s hope for her yet. Also, what is going on with her and Marcel? They haven’t hooked up in a while.

Rebekah realises that Elijah will never stop trying to work alongside Klaus and makes the first pragmatic decision of her life, which is to fuck off outta New Orleans and do something that isn’t pointless and heartbreaking. It looks like she’s gonna turn that car around and come back to help find Hayley, but I’ll give her points for trying.

Best line of the episode goes to Hayley, who finds a way of complimenting Rebekah: “Oh, I still think you’re a bitch. I’ve just grown to like that about you.” If I had friends, I’m sure that’s what they’d say to me.

Second best line goes to Klaus: “I don’t care about witch politics.” Ikr.

Hayley threatens to kill Sophie if she ever tries to use her again. I don’t know why Rebekah or Elijah or Hayley didn’t just kill her anyway after the spell was broken. What do they even need Sophie for?

The poison tree stuff is outlining Klaus’ intentions to fuck over Elijah eventually. You gotta admire his commitment to the bit.

Oh, and Marcel and Rebekah’s sex is sexy. Because they’re both beautiful.

The Originals Rebekah Marcel hook up kiss

If you thought “motorboating,” then you’d be right.

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