Arrow Season 2 Episode 4 – TV Review

Arrow Black Canary Sarah

Much more menacing than last week.

Continuing on our path of “no kill,” Arrow takes things a step further this episode by resurrecting someone from the dead.

Twice, apparently.

TL;DR Black Canary is Sarah Lance; she and Oliver team up to defeat some criminal leader called The Mayor; Sebastian Blood is back and a little bit less smug (but is also a supervillain on the DL. Natch); flashback Oliver gets tortured.

But it’s for his own good.

The big plot point this episode, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, is that Sarah is alive. She and Oliver have some minor melodrama, which is to be expected, but end up joining forces to take down The Mayor. The Mayor is a criminal who’s been flooding Starling City’s gangs with high grade firearms, but a gun is no match for a bow and arrow, silly. Meanwhile, Oliver organises a Guns For Cash program to impress Sebastian Blood, who is suprisingly grateful. That probably has something to do with Oliver saving his life from The Mayor, but in any case, it’s a nice change of pace for Mr Blood. Unfortunately, the end of the episode reveals that he’s experimenting on a captured Mayor. And he has a creepy mask. Meanwhile, Quentin worries that Laurel is slipping into the trademark Lance alcoholism. And in flashback, Oliver is tested for strength by his boat captors. After surviving a gunshot, he is led to a torture chamber, where Sarah turns out to be his torturer.

She gets around.

Objectively, it’s another solid episode for Arrow. There’s enough action. We see a guy get killed. Sebastian gets a reason for being such a cunt.

But I’ve never given much of a damn about Sarah. And the actress who portrays her is not fantastic, so I’m not cheering for her emergence as a central character.

She and Oliver do kick butt well together, though.


Why I hate this episode:

Sarah is also not letting Laurel and Quentin know that she’s alive. Rude.

Oliver refuses to tell Diggle and Felicity the details of how he knew Sarah didn’t die on the boat. He only tells them that he saw her a year later. Rude.

Sarah’s superhero aim is to prevent women from ever being hurt by men. Radfems plz no.

Despite his coming around later, Sebastian does take the opportunity to be a little bitch earlier on. Oliver proposes the Cash For Guns exchange, and Sebastian immediately says he’s only doing it to earn himself a better reputation in the Glades. Dude, doing something good for the community that also benefits you isn’t a bad thing. Oliver has to promise he’ll do it anonymously to get even a sliver of approval.

In present day, Sarah asks Oliver what happened to Slade (Aussie guy). Oliver doesn’t answer the question. I want to know, too, you know.

Sin is boring and superfluous.

Oh, and Oliver saves Sebastian’s life. Ew.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Sebastian has the decency to justify his boorishness by turning out to be a villain. I wonder what the injection he gives The Mayor will do?

It’s also a pretty big deal that Sarah is alive. As much as I don’t care about her. I respect her battle prowess, though.

And I’m pretty keen to find out what the deal is with her being the ship’s torturer. And what her connection to Ra’s al Ghul is. And what happened to make Oliver think she was dead. And why, if they told Laurel and Quentin about it, they’d never want to speak to Oliver again. I’m guessing he thought he’d killed her?

The Mayor is a bit thin on the character development (was a Glades survivor. Got an “only the strong survive” mindset afterwards), but he’s a competent baddie. He murders one of his own henchmen just for shits and gigs, and he almost kills Sebastian. That’s gotta be worth something.

Roy gets some boyfriend points when he turns in his own guns, and when he and Thea get Sin to the hospital after she’s shot by The Mayor at the Cash For Guns site. If Sin thinks she’s going to compete with Thea in a love triangle, though, bitch has another thing coming.

To test Oliver’s strength, the ship captors shoot him in the side and force him to treat his own wound. I lol’d.

Isabel is finally back in the picture, but only to obstruct Oliver’s use of Queen Consolidated funds. Maybe she’ll thaw out.

Diggle has some flirtation with an old army colleague. It’s about time he got a new love interest.

Laurel and Oliver’s UST is as strong as ever.

Best line of the episode goes to Laurel, who is pissed off that Quentin went to Oliver for help with her drinking problem: “He spent the last 6 years cursing your name, and now you’re what? Gossip buddies?” I imagine them gossiping while watching Gossip Girl.

Oh, and Laurel totally is on the piss, as much as she denies it.

Arrow Laurel drinking wine

Laurel is a woman after my own heart. And liver.

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