The Originals Season 1 Episode 5 – TV Review

The Originals Marcel shirtless in bed

And Camille. And Sophie.

And me, of course.

And Marcel just keeps getting more and more saintly. His attractiveness is seriously distracting.

TL;DR Davina’s horrific backstory is revealed; Elijah is out of the box (and Davina teams up with him); Sophie turns out to be totally evil, but for a good reason.

If Bonnie has taught us anything, it’s that witches are fuckheads. So no surprises here, Soph.

The backstory is where it’s at this episode. Marcel, Sophie and Davina all regale one of our main characters with the tale of The Harvest, a New Orleans witch ritual that Davina was supposed to be a part of. It helps them keep that ancestral magic shit on tap. Unsurprisingly, a ritual called “The Harvest” is not a lot of fun for the participants, and the 4 chosen girls were betrayed and 3 of them had their throats slit. Davina managed to get away because Marcel, learning its shadiness from his intimate time with Sophie, intervened. Sophie was protesting, too, for what it’s worth. However, according to the witches (including Jane-Anne, Sophie’s sister and the mother of one of the girls who died), the second half of the ritual, The Reaping, will revive the witches. Davina doesn’t buy it, but I guess Sophie does, because her mission now is to murder Davina to keep the ball rolling. Meanwhile in the present, Hayley, Rebekah and Sophie investigate the witches who were killed by a werewolf last episode; Klaus gets drunk with Marcel; Rebekah flirts with Marcel; and Elijah strikes his deal with Davina.

For a 16 year old superwitch, she’s pretty level-headed.

I hate to say it, but it’s another satisfactory episode from The Originals. The revelations from the flashbacks this episode greatly shape the current events and make the overall plot lines clearer.

My only concern boils down to how exactly the Originals themselves really have anything at stake here. Which is a pretty big concern when the show is called “The Originals.”

I know Klaus has got his babeh, but I’m kinda over the “let’s run this city, brother” thing. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah seem to have become entrenched in a feud that only tenunously involves them.


Why I hate this episode:

The only thing standing in their way of just ditching New Orleans is the like-for-like spell Sophie used on herself and Hayley, which means Hayley dies if Sophie dies. Ugh, can someone just call Bonnie? Oh, wait.

Marcel’s journey into not-a-villain territory is concerning. I admired his moralistic and judgemental streak originally, but now it seems the show is going out of its way to make him look like a really good guy. Ditto Davina, Queen of Tragedy. I need some villains to despise, people. Sophie isn’t enough.

Sophie’s switch to Team Kill Davina is disappointing. I liked her sensible, rebellious streak when she was opposing The Harvest. Once it gets underway and her niece gets her throat cut, she flips to the other side, hoping that if the ritual is completed, then all the girls will be resurrected. That’s a drastic change of opinion on the trustworthiness of witches, honey. Skepticism losing to idealism? Not on my watch.

Sophie also omits to Hayley and Rebekah that she’s now on The Harvest squad. Rude.

Camille isn’t in this episode. That’s not okay.

The Priest from last episode is apparently the leader of the human faction of New Orleans’ supernatural gang wars. Oh, that’s cute. He considers himself a formidable enemy, too. Tee hee.

The witches put a hex on Sean, Camille’s brother, simply to fuck his mind up a bit to keep Priest busy and to stop him interfering with The Harvest. So Sean committed murder/suicide due to some arbitrary distraction effort. Rude.

Oh, and Elijah spends part of the episode helping Davina fix Tim’s fiddle. Oh baby, I don’t care.


But it’s not all bad:

But Elijah is back. Thank fuck.

He offers Davina access to his mother’s grimoires so she can learn to control her magic. What a gentleman.

Davina seems more interested in allowing The Harvest to fail (not getting her throat slashed might have something to do with that). She wants the ancestral magic to fuck off so she can live a normal life. Admirable.

The Harvest turns out to be genuinely terrifying. I’d figured that some sacrifice was going to take place, but I didn’t expect the head witch to dupe the girls, then grab the first one and cut her goddamn neck off. Poor things.

Sophie’s reaction is entirely appropriate.

Marcel gets hero points for swooping in and saving the day. Priest opposed The Harvest, too, so gave Marcel the intel on the ritual.

In the present, Priest reveals himself to be Camille’s uncle, and warns Marcel to stay the fuck away from her. It’s go time, Klaus.

The vision that witch saw when she put the crystal over Hayley’s pregnant belly apparently foretold the demise of all witches at the hands of the baby. With the way these jerks are behaving, I can’t wait.

Sophie was a drunk bitch in the flashbacks. It’s the most I’ve ever liked her.

Best line of the episode goes to Rebekah after she and Hayley have made it back to the mansion from their bayou detective adventure: “I don’t care if we have to get you a leash, that was your last trip to the bayou.” Get it? Because she’s a werewolf?

Honourable mention to Marcel, who, while fighting with Klaus, describes Klaus’ running from New Orleans all those years ago as “like a little bitch.” Sassy.

It turns out the witch/vampire tension isn’t about territory. It’s about family. I’m a proponent of shallowness, but family being the reason seems like a better fit for this show.

There’s sexual tension between Hayley and Elijah. As long as it doesn’t devolve into a photocopy of TVD’s girl-and-2-brothers endless love triangle, I’ll keep an open mind.

Oh, and near the end of the episode, Rebekah absent-mindedly offers Hayley a glass of scotch. Once she realises her mistake, she just drinks both glasses herself.

The Originals Hayley Rebekah drinking

Turning down free alcohol? How does that even work?

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