Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 – TV Review

Arrow Black Canary clock tower Roy

Hey, never underestimate the dangers of a clock tower.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Blondie up there seems to be defying orders from Ra’s al Ghul. Which pretty cool. Now, please return to your original post:

I thought I’d be a little bit diligent and look up the name of our blonde badass. It’s Black Canary.

I suspected that, but I was enjoying the mystery.

Oh well, she’s a kickass beast, so I’m okay.

TL;DR She hasn’t got the “no kill” memo, though, which is fun; Oliver and Quentin team up to apprehend a serial killer called The Dollmaker, saving Laurel in the process; Moira’s case turns into a death penalty trial; Roy looks pretty; flashback Oliver is imprisoned on a boat.

Better than being on the lonely island, no?

The Quentin/Oliver plotine is our main source of action this episode. The Dollmaker is an old adversary of Quentin’s (after Sarah died, he poured his energy into the case to focus his misery), and he’s taking no chances in catching him again. He calls upon The Hood (Black Canary saved him from Laurel’s ambush, fyi) to help. Some complications ensue, and The Dollmaker kidnaps Quentin and Laurel and intends to make Laurel his next victim. Oliver arrives just in time, but Black Canary shows up, too, and has no qualms about executing him. Meanwhile, Roy makes some enquiries at The Hood’s behest into our blonde vigilante. He manages to get some face time, but she spends it by hitting him in the face. Good try, though. Meanwhile, the prosecutor on Moira’s trial wants the death penalty imposed if she’s found guilty. Thea is upset by this. And back on the island, Oliver and Aussie guy see the offshore boat fire on their base where Asian chick is. The boys are injured in the blasts, and Oliver awakes in a cell on the ship.

You know, The CW may have its turkeys, but when it gets things right, it gets things very right.

I can’t believe Arrow, the show I had written off as budget TV garbage before I started watching it, has become one of my favourite shows to watch.

It’s dumb, it’s fun, everyone is stunningly beautiful (yes, even you, Quentin). And the action isn’t a pile of shit, either.

I’m almost sad that it’s not giving me much to complain about. Complaining is how I replenish my electrolytes.

Why I hate this episode:

The flashback stuff is coming off as cumbersome in comparison to the excellent action in Starling City. And honestly, I don’t really care about whatever mercenary conspiracies or dead WWII soldiers are in Oliver’s past. I wanna see him wrestle shirtless with Diggle and go on stakeouts with Felicity. That’s what I want.

Moira’s being a drama queen with her trial. Her lawyer (IRL Kelly from Cult, btw) wants to know any secrets Moira might have that could help, but Moira is too worried about souring her currently rosy relationship with her children. Bitch, that’s not gonna mean shit if you get executed. Spill dem beans.

Oh, and Oliver and Aussie guy run through a field while explosive shells rain down on them. Think it through, lads.

But it’s not all bad:

The Dollmaker is one sick puppy. And Arrow is unafraid to show us him committing his crimes. We get to see him use his plastic liquid stuff to totally kill a chick. Chilling.

The Quentin/Hood team-up made me very happy. Now that Laurel’s being a cunt muffin, Oliver needs a Lance on his side. And they work pretty goddamn well as a team. Maybe Oliver should consider adding him to the Super Friends? They could use a cop on the inside.

I wanted Laurel to stop using Tommy as an excuse, and much like Arrow delivered with the killing/moral stuff, it delivers again. Laurel acknowledges she feels guilty about being the reason Tommy was in the Glades when the earthquake happened. So maybe she can get the fuck over it and get the jump on Oliver. It’s like Arrow is tailoring itself specifically to my wants. This is beautiful.

Quentin gets the best line of the episdoe when he’s trying to get Laurel to stop being a dick towards The Hood: “A guy with a bow and arrow can’t save a guy who’s had a building fall on top of him.” Sage advice.

Best line goes to Oliver while in Hood form. He and Quentin are interrogating The Dollmaker’s old attorney, arrow-in-the-shoulder style:
Oliver: “He won’t talk to anyone.”
Quentin: “What makes you so sure?”
Oliver: “Because he has another shoulder.”
It gets results, dammit.

I’ll give an honourable mention to Sin, Black Canary’s accomplice, for this retort to Roy: “Step off, Abercrombie.” Just like in real life.

Quentin has rebranded The Hood as The Arrow. It begins.

Oh, and I’m coming around to the idea of Thea running a nightclub (just a teensy bit). Seeing her harass one of her suppliers brought out the Willa Holland I know.

Arrow Thea Willa Holland

It is impossible to resist.

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