The Originals Season 1 Episode 4 – TV Review

The Originals Tim Holden PLL

“No! Don’t make me go back to Aria!”

The one thing The Originals was missing was a love interest for Davina.


Thankfully, they have the good sense to send him packing in the same episode.

Don’t scare me like that.

TL;DR Klaus turns Camille into his personal mind control puppet; he is able to force Davina’s hand; Hayley gets double-crossed by the witches; Rebekah finds Davina’s lair; Elijah wakes up.

About time. Was getting a bit tired of only having 2 Originals around.

This episode’s plot focuses mostly on the scheme Klaus plays against Davina. He compels Camille into doing his bidding, which leads to him getting the deets on Davina and a boy she likes. Klaus almost kills the boy, Tim (Holden from PLL), but saves his life so Davina will pay him back. He also comforts Camille after finding out her twin brother committed a horrifying mass murder/suicide. He uses compulsion to ease her mind. Meanwhile, Rebekah tracks down Davina’s lair to a church (the same church where the murder/suicide happened). Elijah is able to tell her about his impending revival (which completes at the end of the episode). She also flirts with Marcel, but he doesn’t go for it because he likes Camille too much. Meanwhile, Hayley is betrayed by one of the witches and is almost killed. Luckily, her baby’s vampire blood benefits mummy, too.

Pluse one for the Pro Lifers.

When I realised Davina was a teenager, I was hoping they wouldn’t immediately stuff a teen melodramatic romance subplot down her throat.


For the most part, though, this episode is keeping up the pedigree I’m coming to expect from The Originals. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer the same downfall as TVD: having a good first cluster of episodes, grinding to a boring crawl for most of the season, then picking things up for a decent finale.


Why I hate this episode:

While I did clamour for more Camille, and I certainly got it, I’m disappointed that her role is reduced down to “slave4Klaus.” They’re disrespectin’ mah Leah Pipes.

Not one to commit, though, The Originals is also allowing her to continue to be a sassy, adversarial woman against Klaus, which is atypical of compulsion victims. But TVD doesn’t have a good track record with compulsion consistency on main characters, so why should I expect its spinoff to be better?

And despite her begging him not to compel her to forget about her investigation into her brother’s massacre, Klaus does do that. Rude.

Klaus’ mole vampire has his own micro-subplot about wanting to get a daylight ring. Ugh, you’re still around?

Rebekah calls Camille a “plain Jane.” Bitch, step off.

I don’t quite understand what was going on with the vision Elijah impresses upon Rebekah. Is that a thing the Originals can do? I know vampires can put dreams and stuff in people’s minds (like Damon did for Rose when she was dying), but I thought they had to be asleep or in and out of consciousness or something.

Oh, and Davina goes full Carrie mode when Klaus threatens Tim, but she still doesn’t manage to get Tim away from him. That don’t impress me much.


But it’s not all bad:

I’m mad at Klaus for compelling Camille’s investigation into her brother’s death out of her mind, but he does promise to continue the investigation himself, so not all is lost.

They theorise that her brother might have been under compulsion when he committed the murders/suicide. Given the infestation of vampires, that’s not so far-fetched.

And if it wasn’t compulsion, Camille is worried that whatever mental break happened to her brother might happen to her, too. That’d be fun.

And Klaus seems genuinely emotionally invested in her. It’s on, Marcel.

Rebekah tries to find Davina’s lair using Google satellite view. Bitch be resourceful as hell.

The priest of the church turns out to be on vervain and rats out Rebekah’s visit to Marcel. But apparently he and Marcel aren’t friends, either. Having more mysteries is a good thing.

Hayley does a pretty good job of getting the fuck out when she realises the clinic visit is a trap. She flips the injection back on the doctor, then runs out a window into the bayou. After her and Rebekah dispatch some goons, they are both hit by crossbow bolts. Rebekah wakes up fine, but surrounded by shredded bodies. Hayley turns up later with memory loss and all her wounds healed. I guess having a Klaus baby might be worth having to endure sex with Klaus (I’m an Elijah person, myself).

Elijah is up. He plans to propose a truce between the vampires, which will pave the way for a brighter future blah blah blah. That cumbersome nobility is charming, though.

The werewolf I wasn’t sure was actually a werewolf last episode is mentioned again by Hayley. But again, nobody really reacts to it. Weird. But we do need some werewolves to balance out the witches and vampires.

Best line goes to Davina, who appreciates Klaus’ criticism of the way Marcel keeps her basically prisoner:
Marcel: “Davina, what happened? What are you doing here (at the church)?”
Davina: “I live here, remember?”
Teen sassy.

Klaus throws Tim off a balcony to injure him. I lol’d.

Klaus convinces Davina that Tim better fuck off and not see her anymore so he doesn’t become a pawn in the power struggle (again). She agrees. Hopefully that’s the end of that chapter.

Oh, and Davina reminds me of a young Bridgette Wilson. 90s nostalgia, baby.

The Originals Davina Bridgette Wilson

At least star in a flashtacular horror movie first, please.

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  1. Alisha says :

    I was immediately annoyed when rebekkah was making hayley feel bad for not wanting to go to some random shady “clinic.” she’s pregnant with a vampire! Perfect health is kinda their thing. What exactly r they looking for?

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