The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen Robbie Amell abs

The cornerstone of The CW’s post-Gossip Girl empire.

Gosh, I’m finding The Tomorrow People to be a bit of a dull slog.

I think I’m gonna have to give this a maximum of 5 episodes to hook me, otherwise I’m out.

TL;DR Stephen faces opposition from both Ultra and the Rebels when trying to secure an out-of-control Tomorrow Person; he also has home drama when his TP life and his real life have clashes; there’s a little bit more backstory on Stephen’s dad.

He was a bit of a deadbeat, essentially.

The major plot concerns this emo kid who is an awakening Tomorrow Person. Obviously, he uses his powers to rob a bank, and is deathly untrusting of anyone claiming to be helping him. Stephen tries to help him while acting as an Ultra agent, but gets a rude shock when Ultra tries to straight-up murder Emo. With shotguns. Stephen turns to the Rebels for help, but Cara and John think it’s too risky. Our goodies come around, though, and Emo joins the Rebel base. Ultra isn’t too happy with that outcome, and try to get info on the Rebels from Stephen during some psychic “debrief.” Thankfully, Stephen uses his bottomless well of daddy issues to cloud his mind. His dad is revealed to have been an erratic douchebag in flashbacks. And there’s a bit of dramz when Stephen shirks some responsibilities to his brother and Astrid due to his Ultra work.

And he’s off his meds, which his mum isn’t fond of.

Much like Cult and B&tB, I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally “wrong” with The Tomorrow People. It’s just a bit of an underbaked idea, the plot is thin and narrow, and I can see all the relationships coming a mile away.

Personally, I just don’t want to invest the time into something as middle-of-the-road as this. 5 episodes is all I’m giving it.


Why I hate this episode:

Why did Stephen ever expect Ultra not to be a trigger-happy genocide machine?

Stephen’s insistence on defying Ultra’s orders causes his partner to get executed. He seemed like a pretty okay guy. Nice one, Stephen.

Stephen is laughably cavalier about his decision to stop taking his meds. Granted, he knows that he legitimately doesn’t need them, but you’d think he’d be a bit more tactful with the way he approaches it with his mum.

Emo guy is just a dick in general. He uses his powers to manipulate a guard’s body to perform the robbery. Clever. But rude.

Cara just hands over John’s watch to Stephen (it has some power blocking chip in it) without John’s knowledge. Bitch, that’s stealing.

Stephen’s daddy issues are so powerful that the trained debriefer can’t get past them to the pertinent knowledge inside Stephen’s brain. Oh god.

Oh, and in a revelation that surprises nobody, Jed’s plan is for Stephen to lead Ultra to the Rebels so that he can murder them all. Duh.


But it’s not all bad:

We do get to see Stephen shirtless a bit. He’s no Oliver Queen, but it’ll do for now.

As dickish as Emo’s robbery methods are, you can’t deny their effectiveness. And let’s face it, we’d all do it if we could.

John got the watch as a gift from Stephen’s dad. I want to know more about their past.

John also used to work for Ultra.

The Ultra kill squad is the most unsubtle thing ever. Admirable.

John starts giving Stephen more of a chance, even going so far as to condone Stephen’s continued double agent work in Ultra. Maybe he’s not a prideful, unreasonable turd after all.

Oh, and I’m going to retract my bitchy attack on Cara’s attractiveness from last episode. I don’t know what was going on, but clearly I was wrong as fuck. She is gorgeous.

The Tomorrow People Cara beautiful

She’s not bad with a sucker punch, either.

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