Arrow Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

Arrow season 2 Laurel

“It’s called ‘be the least helpful love interest ever.'”

Goddammit, Laurel.

I know I said I wanted more Katie Cassidy in my life. But I wanted her to not be an obstructive bitch with a petty vendetta against someone she knows full well isn’t a jerk.

Like, did you even care about Tommy that much?

TL;DR Oliver makes his return as The Hood, but Laurel is tying to take him down; he also has to deal with some do-gooder activist from The Glades who is almost as malcontented as I am; Roy gets put in his place by Thea and The Hood; flashback Oliver deals with the trauma of turning into a killer.

Like I said, they’re addressing it, and that’s what I wanted.

Oliver has a lot on his plate this episode. In the civilian world, he encounters an activist named Sebastian Blood (ominous as fuck) who is preaching his anti-rich spiel in The Glades. Oliver proposes they hold a charity event to raise funds for the hospital, but Sebastian is a huge dickbag when Oliver doesn’t show up, and slags him off to the press. The reason Oliver doesn’t show up is because he had to go out and deal with yet another FEMA shipment of drugs for the hospital getting hijacked by Kelly Hu’s gang (she’s back. Bitches). Oliver takes her down, but because of Sebastian’s douchebaggery, still comes up defeated. Meanwhile, Roy’s continuing vigilante ways become too much for Thea, and she breaks up with and fires him. Oliver, as The Hood, comes up with a compromise: he offers Roy the opportunity to be The Hood’s eyes and ears in The Glades, which will presumably leave the actual action up to the professional. This seems to satisfy all parties, and Thea takes him back. There’s some melodrama when Felicity gets mad at Oliver for not taking enough interest in her and Diggle’s personal lives. Laurel takes a hardline stance against The Hood. And in the island flashback, Oliver becomes traumatised by his frenzied head-mushing of that guy last week. Asian chick helps him out via the therapeutic art of fucking in a river. Aussie guy isn’t impressed.

He’s probably just jealous. It should have been him offering Oliver cosolation sex.

My major problem with this episode is Laurel. I was irked by her transformation from bleeding heart to prosecutor, but now she’s gone too far. She blames The Hood for not doing enough to save Tommy, and whinges about how The Hood was more interested in “pointless” fighting with Malcolm Merlyn.

In other words: “Fuck The Glades and everyone else, I only cared about my boyfriend.”

Don’t do this to my Katie, Arrow.


Why I hate this episode:

As an extension of Laurel’s obsession, the police, as pointed out by Oliver, are much more concerned with capturing The Hood than they are with the FEMA hijackings and gang operations. Priorities, people.

Kelly introduces a new henchman, who is a black guy with imitation Wolverine claws. Wikipedia tells me that this is supposed to be DC Comics villain Bronze Tiger. But all I see is TV grade, off-brand Wolverine. Snooze.

Sebastian is seriously one ungrateful sourpuss. He sics an angry mob to attack Oliver early in the episode, only offering a token apology later. Then when Oliver offers to donate money to the hospital, he haughtily refuses it because apparently that isn’t enough to fix the problem. He wants Oliver to set an example for Starling City’s upper crust to change their attitude towards The Glades. When Oliver can’t make it to the charity event, Sebastian slags off Oliver and all the privileged Starling City residents. Yeah, that’s a great way to make and keep allies.

Also, extra irony: Sebastian refuses the money because it wouldn’t fix the real problem. Umm, the real problem is that the medicine is getting stolen, and that’s why the hospital is going to be closed down. Oliver is out fixing that problem as The Hood. I know Sebastian doesn’t know that, but it just adds an extra layer of arrogance to Sebastian’s smarminess.

On the other hand, surely Oliver could have at least tried calling Sebastian and giving some explanation as to why he couldn’t make the event. Simply not showing was no way to appease the already prickly Sebastian.

Oh, and the episode ends as Laurel ambushes The Hood with a SWAT team. Rude.


But it’s not all bad:

Laurel isn’t a total lost cause this episode, though. She’s still remarkably nice towards Oliver when he’s out of the hood. At the charity event, Sebastian tries to hit on her. She immediately bitches at him for being such a dick toward Oliver earlier.

Later, when Sebastian is grandstanding at the charity event about how Oliver didn’t show up, Laurel is not impressed with it. If only she knew The Hood was Oliver. Maybe she’d cut him some slack.

Props to Thea for taking some action with the Roy situation. She’s firm but fair, which is a far cry from Willa Holland’s usual “bratty bitch” character. I like this side of her. Though I have no problem with her being a bratty bitch, either.

Despite how ineffective he is as a vigilante, Roy’s attempt to save a FEMA shipment does end up providing an excellent car crash effect. No CGI bullshit here. They fuckin’ flip and crash a car. Keep that effects budget up, Arrow. It’s worth sacrificing Cult and Beauty & the Beast.

I like how Aussie guy and Asian chick seem to genuinely have Oliver’s best interests at heart. And in Asian chick’s case, at crotch.

Felicity slams Oliver for being too selfish to ask about Diggle’s personal life (his love interest/sister-in-law thing has broken off). I was tempted to find this annoying, but I’m on board for any relationship buidling between our Super Friends. Felicity is really good at being a semi-annoying nagger, too.

As a secret identity, Oliver appoints Felicity as his personal assistant/secretary. She is not pleased, but has to suck it up because it’s the most practical course of action. She makes a big point about how she will never bring him coffee, but later, when Oliver is feeling down, she brings him coffee. And isn’t even a martyr about it. She’s a cool chick.

Diggle gets best line during the scene where Felicity is complaining about her secretarial position: “Well, it could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver.” Oliver and Diggle manage to joke about that crack later, so it’s okay.

Aussie guy follows the clues to a cave with the skeletons of WWII era Japanese soldiers. This is what those guys were looking for. Intrigue.

Kelly Hu laughs at Oliver’s newly found sense of non-murderousness. She claims the public will never see him as anything other than a criminal. If Laurel is any representative, I guess Kelly’s right.

Kelly hasn’t lost any of her combat prowess. She’s just the victim of bad timing. And a rope-binding arrow.

Oh, and as per usual, she still looks fucking unreal.

Arrow Kelly Hu blonde

See? That’s the colour I want.

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