The Originals Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Another episode, and not only has The Originals kept itself above the waters of mediocrity, it might even be kinda fantastic.

We might have a successful spinoff on our hands.

TL;DR Klaus plays a risky game that pays off, but not without alienating Rebekah; Marcel is becoming established as romantic and moral; Camille gets some much needed screentime; Hayley does nothing of value.

That’s what happens when you’re grounded.

The major goal of this episode’s plot is Klaus and Rebekah angling to get Elijah back from witch-ass Davina. They want Sophie to cast a locator spell to find Elijah, but Davina will sense this and alert Marcel. To circumvent this, Klaus formulates a scheme to get Thierry, Marcel’s right hand man, in trouble. Theirry’s girlfriend, the witch (scandalous) who snitched Hayley out last episode, will naturally use magic to save her man. Sophie can then perform the locator spell, as Snitchy’s magic will mask the comparatively weak locator spell from Davina’s senses. But twist, it turns out Klaus actually did it so he could kill Snitchy, thus “saving” Marcel’s life, which in turn leads Marcel to offer Elijah back as thanks. But Davina says no. Dammit. Meanwhile, Camille has sexual tension with both Marcel and Klaus. Rebekah has sexual tension with Marcel. And Hayley sits at home.

She does look good just lounging around, though.

The Originals’ lack of stumbling, even with the copy/paste premiere, is giving me some serious hope for a promising future.

And I think that’s what scares me the most.


Why I hate this episode:

After almost gulping down a werewolf fetus laxative last episode, Hayley disappointingly gets stuck at the mansion. More Tonko, please.

But she does read Elijah’s journal, which is a bit rude, love.

Klaus totally fucks Rebekah over and keeps her in the dark with the scheme (which could have resulted in Sophie, and by extension, Hayley and the baby’s deaths). She chucks a stock shitfit at him late in the episode, but you know that she’s just going to stick around and do it all again. She needs more autonomy.

I don’t know if I’m on crack, but Hayley encounters what appears to be a wolf-form werewolf while strolling around the mansion grounds, and this is apparently unimportant. Was it just a normal wolf? Help me out, here.

Marcel’s number 1 rule is to not kill fellow vampires. While I like the moralistic direction The Originals is going with Marcel (putting him in juxtaposition to Klaus’ shadiness. Who’s the real bad guy?), I find this rule hard to swallow. Who gives a shit? Just make more vampires.

Oh, and Klaus compels away his little flirt/D&M with Camille to benefit Marcel. Aww, come on. You know she belongs with you.


But it’s not all bad:

Camille looks absolutely gorgeous in her angel dress for the charity party. She even looks great when she’s drinking a beer in a bar later, still in the dress. She is my new inspiration.

I like that she isn’t some little ditty dolly bird, either. She sees Marcel taking his temper out on Thierry at the party (she can’t hear it’s about vampires, obv) and ditches that shit. She ain’t no silent arm candy. She does get the token “bad relationship past” excuse when she’s chatting with Klaus later, but I still admire her independence. It’s no rival to Klaus’ compulsion, but she gets points for effort.

Marcel and Rebekah hate-flirt with each other. This includes at the charity party, which Camille sees. Camille slips in a second best line of the episode with this summation of the scene: “I’m beginning to think your sister’s a bit of a bitch.” Nailed it.

Best line goes to Rebekah, who isn’t subtle about wanting to leave Klaus and Camille alone: “You two should chat. I need booze.” Don’t we all?

And I’ll give Rebekah an honourable mention for this nonchalant correction:
Klaus: “He (Marcel) thinks you killed 10 nightwalkers.”
Rebekah: “Well that’s a lie. I only killed 8.”
See? Girls are good at maths.

We get to see some more of Davina’s powers. When Snitchy is attacking Marcel, Davina sends him power to fight her off. Interestingly, Snitchy is still somehow stronger.

Davina is also apparently not afraid to bark orders at Marcel. When he comes to get Elijah’s body to return to Klaus, she vetoes the idea. It’s a surprise to Marcel, but I don’t think he’s going to fight her on it.

Hayley is visited by one of the witches, who does the ol’ “swinging crystal over the belly to determine the baby’s gender” trick. This results in the witch seizing up and speaking in tongues. The end of the episode shows Hayley trying to use an online translation tool to figure out what the phrase means.

Marcel’s punishment for Thierry is 100 years in darkness, which means he gets bricked up in a cave and left to dessicate. Fucking brutal. It’s great.

Oh, and the mansion set is just straddling the line between cool/moody, and gaudy daytime soap opera. It’s holding steady for now.

The Originals Rebekah piano

I think the piano might be a melodramatic touch too far.

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  1. Alisha says :

    The random wolf was baffling. She seemed to recognize it. I hope it actually contributes to the plot in future episodes. It would be nice if she has a gaurdian wolf looking out for her gorgeous face

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