The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 1 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen Robbie Amell

I’m not kidding. Everything is blue.

I didn’t have such a good time with the last couple of new CW shows I’ve tried.

But hey, it’s got an Amell in it. So the eye candy quota is there, at least.

TL;DR Typical teen sci-fi wangst. It’s pretty much X-Men meets Jumper, which is quietly terrifying.

Okay okay, I know it’s a pilot. I’ll take it easy(ish).

Yeah, so like I said, it’s very X-Men. A group of attractive, young people are born with some psychic power bullshit. While a government organisation seeks to exterminate/enslave them, a resistance group forms to protect them and hone their skills. Stephen (Robbie Amell. Not, you know, Stephen Amell) comes into contact with them, and soon learns of not only his own powers, but the legacy left by his prodigious father (Stuart from Cult), who was looking for a “promised land” or some shit for the Tomorrow People to live in. Things are complicated when the leader of Ultra (the evil government agency) turns out to be Stephen’s uncle. At the end of the episode, Stephen decides to ally with his uncle becuase he wants to learn the truth about his dad.

Oh, daddy issues. I’ve seen a lot of you lately.

Despite being hilariously derivative, The Tomorrow People seems to have more potential than Cult. And if it doesn’t quickly disintegrate into a glorified soap opera, it’ll be better than Beauty & The Beast, too.

That being said, it’s not much of an accomplishment to be better than those guys.


Why I hate this episode:

The plot is seriously a direct copy of X-Men: The Last Stand. Shady organisation works towards making a cure for mutation and uses mutants as its operatives. Whoa, originality. Where did you go?

And the teleporting thing is an unfortunate reminder of Jumper, which might just be one of the most pathetic movies ever made.

I hate to say it, but Cara, the lead girl, isn’t really up to CW standards of being a good-looking lead. She’s got nothing on Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, Jessica Lucas, or even Kristin Kreuk. And there are no other major females yet to fill that gap.

Jedikiah (the uncle) is just a stupid name. No further commentary or explanation needed. It’s just crap.

Stephen’s setup is also pretty clich├ęd. He’s a moody teenager whose dad left when he was younger. He’s a ridiculously handsome loner. And his mum is an overworked nurse who’s just trying to do right by her kids. Buh-land.

The British computer is almost cartoony. Total immersion breaker.

The Tomorrow People use hadoukens/kamehamehas in fights. It’s totally cartoony.

I find myself constantly comparing Robbie Amell to Stephen Amell, and Stephen is superior.

Robbie Amell is a 25 year-old playing a high school student.

Oh, and what the fuck is going on with this “promised land” shit? Are all the Tomorrow People gonna go live on a tropical island somewhere? What?


But it’s not all bad:

Yeah, it’s not original. But what is? And I liked the X-Men movies, so I’m in. I just want to make it clear that I fucking hate Jumper, though.

Despite being a bargain knock off of his older cousin, Robbie Amell is still pretty attractive. And I didn’t realise that he played Noel Kahn’s brother on PLL, and he was in Revenge. Hopefully he won’t be so forgettable this time.

Now that The CW has both Amells on the payroll, I can hope for some cross-show cameos.

The Tomorrow Peoples’ powers are cool. They have the 3 Ts: teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis. Stephen turns out to be a bit more special, and he has the power to freeze time. As long as the effects budget doesn’t get slashed, I think this could work out.

Before being found by his fellow Tomorrow People, Stephen has some humorous encounters with his own powers. He has to strap himself in to bed because he’s been teleporting in his sleep. This proves ineffective (it’s teleportation), and he ends up in bed with his married neighbours.

He also gets into a fight with a bully (the bully habitually steals Stephen’s medication, so Stephen replaces it with laxative pills one day before school). Stephen almost Vader chokes him to death. It was some hot shit.

John is played by a guy who used to be on Neighbours. And is attractive. And has some mysterious backstory about how Jed captured him in the past and now he is traumatised by it.

I like Astrid (Stephen’s only school friend). She seems cool.

Cara mentions that they themselves didn’t choose the name “Tomorrow People.” Phew. Because that sounds bloody stupid.

Oh, and the effects look really good. You can tell they’re pretty budget, but they’re simple enough to work.

The Tomorrow People bullet time frozen

“We’re definitely not ripping off The Matrix.”

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