Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 – TV Review

Arrow Oliver Stephen Amell really pretty

Shutup, baby. He knows it.

Hot People And Awesome Lighting is back for season 2, everyone!

Oh, it’s called Arrow? What?

TL;DR Everyone is hot and the lighting is good. Oliver is reluctant to return to vigilantism; the city faces a rash of vigilante wannabes who are not scrupulous; Laurel remains at arm’s length; Queen Consolidated gets some new partners; Thea and Moira have mummy-daughter time.

And there’s a new, hot, well-lit, blonde, not-anorexic, female superhero on the scene. Love ya, CW.

The plot picks up after the earthquake mess that destroyed the Glades last season. Oliver is upset about his failure (to the city and to Tommy), so doesn’t want to be The Hood anymore. His hand is forced when a wannabe team of vigilantes start terrorising people. With a renewed resolve to keep the murdering to a minimum, Oliver takes up the hoodie once more. Meanwhile, Thea is still massively pissed off with Moira’s genocide-funding ways. But after some talks with Roy and almost being killed by the wannabes, she comes around. Meanwhile, Roy is still moonlighting as a wannabe vigilante himself, and he encounters miss Blonde Badass. And in the island flashbacks, Oliver, Aussie dude and Chinese chick find themselves caught up by some new force.

Remember how I had a huge bitch about how Arrow had Tommy bring up the fact that Oliver was murdering dudes left and right last season, but didn’t address the issue? Well, this episode put me in my place. Hard.

In fact, it looks like that’s going to be a core element of the new season.

Gosh, after The Originals yesterday and this today, I’m starting to think that The CW might be reading these.

Proof: whingeing on a blog can change the world. I am God.


Why I hate this episode:

Still, while I did bitch out Arrow for not covering the murder thing meaningfully, I also liked that it was the thing that really differentiated Arrow from the Batman style of never killing anyone. So now he’s a pacifist, and he’s decided to eschew being a vigilante for being a fully-fledged hero, what exactly makes him not Batman?

There’s an early scene where Diggle and Felicity come to the island to find Oliver (he’s hiding out there because he’s ashamed to be in Starling City). Felicity steps on a land mine, and Diggle is standing right beside her. So Oliver just Tarzan swings in and pulls her off. The explosion causes absolutely no harm to anybody. What?

Laurel doesn’t get much play this episode. She helps fight off a vigilante attack, but apart from that, she just gets some obligatory scenes with Oliver. I will never not need more Katie Cassidy in my life.

And she and Oliver, while totally hot for each other, refuse to hook up out of loyalty to Tommy. Yeah, that’ll last.

Thea is running Verdant, the nightclub. What? Double WTF when she is also doing waitressing. She must be doing an awful job if the manager has to be a fucking shot girl.

At one point, Diggle says the vigilante wannabes, while having similar motivations to Oliver’s mission, don’t have Oliver’s “restraint.” Umm, no. This is confounded when a few minutes down the line, the episode becomes about how Oliver was the exact opposite of restrained (ie. a henchman meat grinder) last season.

Laurel sold out and now works for the DA. I know her little charity project got earthquaked, but that’s some lack of integrity, there.

Oh, and Roy is the worst vigilante ever. He can’t even take down 3 gang bangers without having to get saved. Stop.


But it’s not all bad:

Roy is very pretty, though. Everyone is pretty. Had you got that yet? It’s quite nice.

In addition to Blonde Badass, there’s another new, pretty, female character. Her name’s Isabel and she’s a no-nosense business bitch who was trying to take over Queen Consolidated. Oliver calls in a helpful Walter to stop her at a 50% share, which means they’re partners. Let the sexual tension ensue.

One of their meetings is interrupted by the wannabes. Although Oliver holds back so as to not be outed as The Hood, he does take Felicity and smash through a window, swinging on a cable and smashing back into the building a couple of floors down. Beautiful. Bonus points for Isabel not giving a fuck about almost being killed.

Felicity gets best line of the episode when showing Oliver around the refurbished Arrow Cave. She’s upgraded most things, except for our favourite workout apparatus: “I kept that. I liked watching you do that.” Who doesn’t?

She also gets second best line when Oliver divulges his newly-found aversion to murder: “Since when do you care?” We were all thinking it.

Moira looks good dressed down.

Thea looks good dressed up for her waitress job.

Oliver says he no longer wants to be known as “The Hood.” He wants to be a hero, and Diggle asks him what he wants to be called. He stares at a green arrow tip. Cool.

The island flashback plot is yet to devolve into Lost territory. Never do.

Oh, and even though it’s only for a moment (and she gets bested), Laurel sure hasn’t lost her butt-kicking spark. Katie Cassidy is perfection.

Arrow season 2 premiere Katie Cassidy Laurel Lance

Melrose Place got unfairly cancelled. She’s had enough trauma in her life.

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