The Originals Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Originals Hayley abortion wolfsbane

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TL;DR Klaus’ true relationship to Marcel is revealed; Rebekah arrives in town and reluctantly joins forces with Klaus; Hayley tries to abort the crap out of her magic baby; Marcel has some super mega awesome powerful witch teenager.

And, as per my request, we got more Camille.

We actually get a a surprising amount of progression for only the second episode in. I suppose they’re trying to pull away from the TVD stuff. Anyway, the plot is split between Klaus and Rebekah. Rebekah rides into town and immediately falls afoul of Marcel by murdering a bunch of his goons who attack her. She’s here for Elijah and Elijah only. This leads to a confrontation with Marcel, wherein he shows off his super witch Davina, who has the power to wipe the minds of original vampires. And Marcel really likes Camille. Meanwhile, Klaus continues his double mission of ingratiating himself to Marcel and trying to bring his organisation down from within. We also get some flashbacks to 1820, where we see Klaus rescuing a young Marcel from slavery. Something something Marcel falls in love with Rebekah, so Klaus offers him vampirism if he keeps his paws off his sister.

And the reason Klaus is so bent against Marcel is because when the Originals were run out of town 100 years prior to the present, they assumed Marcel had died in the chaos. Knowing that he didn’t, and he instead took over everything they’d built together in New Orleans and made no effort to contact Klaus, well that pisses Klaus off.


You know, I’m pretty happy with this episode. It takes some important steps in addressing my major criticism of the plot, which is “why doesn’t Klaus just kill everyone?” Well, he sees Marcel as his son, so I can see why he’d be hesitant in just obliterating him.

Plus, revenge can be sweet, too.

Thanks, CW. That’s literally exactly what I wanted.


Why I hate this episode:

Still, looking at the way Klaus treats his actual family, it’s frustrating that he’s so against murdering Marcel and his gang.

Rebekah’s willingness to stay around Klaus is tenuous at this point, too. She knows he daggered Elijah just for shits and gigs, and he’s done the same thing to her plenty of times before. She’s kinda crazy to be anywhere near Klaus. I know she wants to get Elijah back, but she needs to be smarter than this.

The witches of New Orleans are also given a bullshit excuse for sticking around town: their magic is ancestral, and if they left the city, they’d have no powers. Given that Davina seems to be some ultra powerful, different breed of witch, I’m hopeful that this will evolve into a proper plot point.

Likewise, thanks to Sophie’s hex, Hayley faces the same problem (except with her, she’ll die). Yeah, it’s an effective way of keeping the characters confined. That doesn’t mean it’s not cheap.

Marcel seems awfully concerned about the loss of 6 faceless vampire goons (the ones Rebekah killed). It’s not like he can’t just make some more. Because that’s what he does later in the episode.

Of course Rebekah has a romantic history with Marcel. Because a female character with an imperative that isn’t romantically based is just too crazy. I’m no radfem, but come on.

Oh, and Marcel tasks Davina with figuring out how to kill an original vampire. Don’t we already know how to do that (and whatever happened to the rest of the invinci-stake?)?


But it’s not all bad:

Rebekah’s in town. God, it feels good. And despite her longing for Marcel or whatever, she’s pretty badass all on her own. She kills those 6 goons of Marcel’s, and puts some more to bed later when she saves Hayley from an attack.

Her relationship with Hayley is cute. They start off pretty bitchy towards each other (naturally), but later realise that gurlz gotta stick togetha, sista! I’m okay with it. They’re not pussies.

Speaking of cool girls, Camille gets a lot more play this episode. Marcel seems to have a pretty serious hard-on for her (he angrily warns Rebekah off ever threatening to harm her again). And Klaus compels her to be a valuable part of his plan to gain info on Marcel’s operations. More Camille always.

Klaus turns out to be a pretty crafty bugger. There’s a minor subplot about a pair of tourists who “accidentally” start turning into vampires after a trip to Marcel’s club (the vampires feed from them almost to death, then patch them up with some vamp blood, compel their memories out, then send them on their way. These 2 died somehow, so have started the transition). It eventually plays out to have one of them become a new henchman for Marcel, but Klaus instigated the whole situation so he could compel the new guy to be his mole (Marcel has all his existing crew drink vervain to prevent anything like that). Damn, boy. You clever.

Hayley buys a wolfsbane mixture with the intention of giving herself an abortion. That’s rough, but smart, She doesn’t go through with it because her own shitty family history has inspired her to give this baby a home. Aww.

Hayley also smuggles a pair of daggers to Rebekah. Bitch be helpful as fuck.

Best line goes to Rebekah, when she first arrives at Chez Originales: “Klaus! Get out here and tell me what you’ve done with our brother, you narcissistic, backstabbing wanker!” British insults, baby.

She also comes in second with this fair suggestion to Sophie. Sophie has just explained that the witches in the city can’t use magic for fear of Marcel’s retribution: “I’ll tell you what’s not bloody relevant: a coven of witches who can’t do magic. Here’s an idea: move away.” A noble sentiment, though recent horror movie trends have proven it ineffective.

Marcel looks good with his shirt off. Like, fucking obviously.

Oh, and any time Rebekah is jealous is a good time.

The Originals Rebekah Camille

Girls girls, stop fighting. Why don’t you kiss, instead?

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  1. Nofirst says :

    What really bugs me is that they are trying to show witches more powerfull than vampires! Why dont they destroy the house where witch live??? Just destroy the entire building, and witch will die… Drain Marcell out of vervain, compel to tell the location… I understand that the story will end within one episode then. But writers should put much more efforts into the plot…

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