Beauty & the Beast – Discontinued

Beauty & the Beast Cat

Why count sheep, when you can count Cat’s lack of independence?

I haven’t got time to waste on following this show.

And given just how empty my life is, that says a lot.

I mean, it’s the season premiere, and it’s already leaning on the “Vincent does something reckless, Cat puts her entire life and everyone else she knows in the bin and goes rushing to his aid” thing.

It’s pretty pathetic.

Oh, and they’ve removed Vincent’s scar and his “beast” form isn’t all green and pukey anymore. Because they just couldn’t bear him not being 100% pretty all the time.

Beauty & the Beast always felt like Arrow‘s impoverished cousin. Let’s hope Oliver and co don’t come down to this level.

Oh, and for extra crap factor, they’ve given Vincent amnesia.

I’m out.

Beauty & the Beast Vincent season 2 premiere

“The mediocrity is too overpowering…”

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4 responses to “Beauty & the Beast – Discontinued”

  1. Catherine Dream says :

    I have up half a season ago I think. Impressed you could stand it till now, there’s determination.

  2. IHateJuliePlec says :

    Really enjoyed season 1 and part of season 2. Loved the characters but I wasn’t upset at no season 3.

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