Disposable: BBAU Intruder Impressions 2 – Blog

Big Brother Madaline Boog

Well, hot chick, at least.

It’s all in the title, really.

Though I am keen to see if either of these Intruders can shit up the place with as much obvious acting and artifice as Justynn.

Boog, 23
Trying to outdo Tully and Justynn for the stupidest name, Boog’s squeaky voice and love of food made me initially fear that she’d be a Mikkayla clone. But then in her intro vid she said she doesn’t like being bossed around and that she thinks Tahan’s bitchiness is cool. And she’s a personal trainer, which is pretty much the Antichrist in Mikkayla’s eyes. So she might be okay. But much like dullard Nathan, I doubt she’ll have any impact on the house. And that pink skirt she wore in was truly horrifying.
Prediction: she will betray her statements and pander to the Mikkayla/Jade/Splenda Sisters clique.

Madaline, 24
She says she’s a lawyer, but she also dropped in that she does fitness modelling on the side. I don’t trust a lawyer who apparently has enough spare time to be a model. She reminds me of Anna from The Bachelor, but is otherwise unremarkable.
Prediction: she’ll stay because she’s prettier than Boog, but in true Intruder style, won’t last any longer than that.


While I’m here:

Mikkayla is my new Tully, but I hate her more because I was an early fan of hers. While she decries Tahan’s “mean girl” attitude, she is ironically much more of a textbook mean girl herself: she’s leading a girl posse in a snarky, petty campaign against a loner. Dat no self-awareness.

Tahan is still my everything. I kinda don’t want her to make friends with the Intruders, simply so she can stay the mighty island she is.

Nathan is shit. He’s boring and ugly and he’s friends with the Splenda Sisters (get it? Because Splenda is fake?).

Speaking of fake, I love how Mikkayla and Lucy, both teachers, are mistaken about the meaning of “genuine.” While Tahan and Tim correctly interpreted it as being honest or true, Mikkayla was convinced it meant being a good person and having friends. And her fat cuntery muddled the ranking challenge, and Jade couldn’t guess it. Smooth.

I really wanted this to be true.

And seriously, fuck Mikkayla.

Big Brother Mikkayla fat

Something like this. But with more mayo.

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8 responses to “Disposable: BBAU Intruder Impressions 2 – Blog”

  1. Hey says :

    Can’t believe you think Tim is ‘genuine’. He fucking puts on a show every diary entry cause he knows that will most likely go on air, and just plays the audience. Tully herself said it in one of her interviews, where she says the housemates are constantly putting up a front when they know the cameras are definitely on them.

  2. Indie says :

    Oh I hate Boog. If I was in the house I’d struggle not to strangle her. Tahan isn’t honest..she was so fake to the sugar sisters with her apology and all and lied about how she made fun of mikkayla eating. Coz you seem to think Tahan is genuine thought I should clear that up. But fakeness and all that doesn’t bother me as much as Boog. That horrible voice, annoying personality, desperate for attention, thinks she’s funny..ah that girl. She’s not cool or funny. She’s just plain frustrating!

    Team Ben! (Sad he’s gone) but I quite liked bossy Mikkayla and needy Jade

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