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Big Brother Nathan Justynn

Having ugly, old, dude intruders is pretty different, I guess. At least they’re not Ava.

Birds of a feather? Get it.

And both of them (particularly Nathan) look like they’d be very at home in a leather bar.

Now I’ve sufficiently explained my unnecessarily hard-to-get joke, let’s begin (and you can catch up on my other Housemate run-downs here and here).

Justynn, 33
Well we just lost Tully, so we needed a replacement stupid name. He says he’s a lumberjack, but that might not be entirely true. Regardless of Channel 9’s dodgy recruiting approach, Justynn comes off as the archetypal “Imma stir shit up” intruder. He’s claiming he’s there to challenge Tim, but he’s already being hilariously beta-male. When he first came in last night he resorted to playing with the dog, which as someone who is similarly bad at social interaction, I know is due to nerves. Next.
Prediction: they’ll keep Nathan over him.

Nathan, 35
Another old gay. He describes himself as “the gay Mr T,” which I guess means he likes Snickers? His body would agree. He seems nice, though. But he’s in a relationship, so unless he’s gonna pull a Tully, it looks like Ben will still be forever alone.
Prediction: although the HMs will keep him over Justynn, Nathan will go immediately afterwards.

A couple of other things:

Thank fuck Tully is gone. But I’m a bit disappointed by how tepid the media is being towards her regarding her being a ridiculous slut (way to softball, Kyle and Jackie O. Pathetic).

I’m totally fucking done with Mikkayla and her little war she thinks she’s waging against Tahan. Mikkayla’s just a jealous, fat cunt. Either get on the treadmill or shut your food-stuffed mouth. When she said she had been doing the Jade Diet all day (eating half portions), so she deserved to have a triple serve at dinner, I lol’d.

Sonia has been dressing much better of late. Thankfully.

Ben is getting so much preferential treatment. They brought Bert and Patti Newton in just for his birthday, FFS. Also, the key to getting on Big Brother is to apparently have a birthday scheduled during the series’ run.

Oh, and Tahan is a goddess. But you knew that already.

Tahan Big Brother knife mirror

She has already achieved perfection.

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