Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 13 – TV Review

Under the Dome Barbie gallows hanging execution

Mike Vogel needs to move to the city or something.

Apparently suffering through Spring Breakers‘ pink haired brat wasn’t enough pink for me this week.

And Spring Breakers had lines, too.

Lines of cocaine. Is the joke.

TL;DR The pink stars fall in lines, but up. After the dome has been blacked out. And while Barbie is about to be hanged. To be continued…

Cliffhanger finales are cool, right?

Suprisingly little actually happens this episode. Angie and Julia bust Barbie out of jail and meet up with Norrie, Joe, Carolyn and Junior, who have smuggled the mini-dome away from Linda. The butterfly has hatched and caused the mini-dome to become blacked out, which happens on the big dome, too. The Four touch the mini-dome, which shatters it. The egg starts to spaz out, but Julia’s touch calms it, and the butterfly settles on her, suggesting she’s the monarch. Junior betrays the group in favour of his dad and captures Barbie again. While he brings him back to Big Jim (and his execution is arranged), the gang is shown an apparition of Alice, and an entity gives cryptic hints about stuff (it’s probably aliens). Realising that the egg is too precious to trade to Big Jim for Barbie’s life, Julia makes the painful decision to abandon her man and toss the egg into the lake. This results in the pink stars emerging and flying towards the dome, turning it from black into a blinding white. The season ends with Junior’s hand on the gallows lever while Big Jim barks at him to pull it.

Junior just can’t make up his (psychotic) mind, can he?

Well, that’s 13 episodes down and not one of them was objectionable. A perfect run for the season. It’s nice for a change.

Naturally, I am disappointed that it got renewed and they’re going to stretch this out like the last bit of peanut butter scraped over too much toast. But judging just on what we’ve gotten, I’m impressed.

Still, though. Fucking Junior, right?

Why I hate this episode:

I can’t tell whether he’s actually suspicious of Big Jim or not. Or whether he does realise he’s pure evil and just doesn’t care? This episode, he initially chooses to help the Scooby Gang with keeping the mini-dome away from Big Jim. But he doesn’t believe them about Barbie, despite Joe and Julia confirming that he did no wrong. Then he chucks a psych and takes Barbie back to Big Jim. Then he seems to be sincerely questioning Big Jim about the killings. Then Big Jim’s like “yah lol, totes killed those bitches. But it was necessary, bro,” and Junior eats that shit right up. Just fuck off and die, already.

The ending is a bit silly. Julia decides to keep the egg away from Big Jim, because it’s too important. So she dumps it in the lake, instead. Smooth move, Ferguson. Maybe try using it to escape the dome first, k?

Linda has gone all the way over to the Dumb Side at Big Jim’s beck and call. She’s pretty much just an obstruction now. Her silent compliance with Barbie’s public execution is fucking unbelievable. Bitch.

Also, none of the townspeople object to this? This town is terrible.

Apparition Alice is frustratingly cryptic. She says the dome is protection against some nebulous, oncoming danger. And although protecting the egg is of utmost importance, she won’t tell them how. Rude.

She says the darkness will abate by protecting the egg. So dropping something into a lake counts as protection these days?

Oh, and I wanted Angie to be the monarch. Harrumph.

Reasons to watch:

The best aspect of the episode is the increased focus on the sci-fi stuff. Which means that, for now at least, we’re staying away from a bullshit spirituality excuse for the dome. Keep it up.

The monarch butterfly hatches, but when it can’t escape the mini-dome, the blackness starts closing in on both domes. The gang takes the mini-dome to the cement factory and touch it like they did before, only the handprints are red this time. It shatters. The egg starts glowing white and causing an earthquake, which dissipates when Julia picks it up. And later (see pic below), the pink stars shoot up in lines. The closing shot of the season is the dome, having been totally blacked out earlier, now brilliantly white. Fabulous.

As extreme and absurd as he is, you gotta hand it to Big Jim: he knows what he wants. Purpose buidling a gallows in a matter of hours just to spite Barbie is the kind of homicidal mania I can support. As long as it gets foiled next season.

And I’ll give Junior some slack for hesitating in continuing with the execution once the pink stars start popping off.

When Big Jim hears about the pink stars phrase, he shows Linda a second painting of his wife’s that shows an egg with pink stars around it. Linda suspects that Big Jim and his family could be extremely important to the dome situation.

Apparition Alice says that “we” are still having trouble communicating with humans. Defs aliens.

Best line of the episode goes to Angie. The gang is trying to figure out what to do with the egg and Norrie asks it for help. It doesn’t work immediately, so: “Great. Can we try blowing it up now?” I would have liked to see that.

Joe and Norrie trick Linda into touching the mini-dome so it will shock her and they can flee. Those little rascals.

Julia’s determination to rescue Barbie from jail early in the episode, despite the risk to her life, is sweet.

Angie bashes a dude’s head in with a fire extinguisher during the rescue. Nice.

Oh, and pink is cute.

Under the Dome pink stars finale

Move over, Cult.

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