Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 12 – TV Review

Under the Dome Big Jim shoots Dodi

We can agree that nobody in this family should be allowed near guns, yeah?

How do you follow up Big Jim murdering some bitches last episode (and the episode before)?

Make him keep murdering. Duh.

He does, btw.

TL;DR Shit is about to hit the fan everywhere. Barbie is caught by Big Jim but refuses to be railroaded, Angie stashes Julia away to keep her alive, Junior faces a crisis of conscience (he has one?), and the mini-dome is about to do something.

Something orange.

The major plot this episode follows Big Jim as he goes about finally turning the town into his personal posse. He launches a search for Barbie. The radio Engineer informs him of the military broadcast about Barbie and the egg, but overhears a discussion about how Big Jim killed the Reverend. Big Jim kills her and states he doesn’t want the dome to come down. Ambitious. He later captures Barbie and forces him to agree to publicly confess to all these murders he didn’t do. Barbie fucks him over at the last minute, though. Before that, Barbie and Angie manage to smuggle Julia out of the hospital. Angie hides her in a safe place. Meanwhile, Norrie, Joe and Carolyn move the mini-dome to Asian Friend’s house so Big Jim can’t find it. The episode ends as the egg goes orange and crazy and the chrysalis is about to hatch. And Junior begins to question Big Jim.

Just kill him, dude. You’re a psychopath. It’s not a big deal.

Big Jim has finally crossed the line into ruthless, homicidal, dictator-dom that I’ve been wishing for. And it’s so sweet.

My only real complaint about this episode would be one tiny plot hole: the nurse. Big Jim’s story hinges in no small part on everyone believing Barbie tried to kill Julia. But the nurse saw him bring her in, and she knows that she didn’t operate to save her life, but someone did. So why doesn’t she tell everyone that Barbie must have saved her life?

Why I hate this episode:

Yeah, you could say that she thinks Joe did it. But then why doesn’t Joe go spreading the word? Pick it up, guys.

I mean, at the very least, the nurse could say that Barbie brought Julia into the clinic, and that by the time he was gone, Julia had been patched up and was alive. Which conflicts with Big Jim’s claim that he wants her dead.

Linda continues being too fucking gullible. I know she has atrocious timing and few people she can trust, but it pains me to see her just milling around being wrong all the time. She’s being kept down by simple plot contrivance. I want better for her.

Junior is far too willing to be distracted by Angie when she and Barbie are performing their rescue of of Julia.

Conversely, the ruse is discovered so arbitrarily. Junior figures it out when he tastes cigarette breath on Angie while they kiss. Angie pinching a cigarette from Barbie was so stupid and pointless. Is Under the Dome funded by anti-smoking PSAs?

Carolyn tries to play the lawyer card to prevent Big Jim from searching the barn. Bitch, do you think he cares? Surprise, he doesn’t.

Norrie accumulates some more melodrama points. When she and Joe are locked up, she tries to convince him into action with the ol’ “the triumph of evil is dependent on good people doing nothing” spiel. Tone it down, honey.

Although Junior has proven utterly incapable of guarding a woman in a coma, Big Jim tasks him with tracking down Angie.

Oh, and Junior tries to fight Barbie again. And loses. Again. Idiot.

Reasons to watch:

Junior gets smacked up by Barbie. Again. I’ll always love it.

The stuff with Big Jim and the Engineer is the highlight of the episode. She brings him back to the radio station so he can hear the military broadcasts about them searching for Barbie and the “object,” which she remembers is the egg. Big Jim decides to listen to some more chatter, which includes the military people discussing options for contacting someone on the inside to help. Big Jim is dismissed because they saw him kill the Reverend. The Engineer overhears that, which spurs Big Jim into murderous action.

Her attempt at brushing it off and offering to help him locate the egg is upsetting. When he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to bring the dome down (and thus, won’t need her help to find the egg), she finds her resolve. And her redemption as a character.

And the best line, too: “You’re a sick bastard. And one day, everyone’s gonna know it. And they’re gonna smile when you die.” I will smile.

The DJ’s heartbreak about her death was genuinely emotional.

Linda gets some fabulous bitch points when Barbie tries to convince her of his innocence. She immediately throws his killing of Julia’s husband in his face. Nice.

And now that she’s seen the mini-dome, she might finally join the right side.

Barbie’s burn to Big Jim by defying the agreement and publicly proclaiming his innocence earns him a well deserved “mmmmmmmmm, gurl.”

Norrie tries to knife Big Jim.

Junior questions why Big Jim is so worried about getting Julia back. Big Jim brushes it off, but Junior is conflicted.

Cold-bloodedly killing the Engineer has pushed Big Jim past the Moral Event Horizon. And it all gets better from here, baby.

Barbie does the smartest thing he can and recruits Angie to help him. She’s back in my good books. They make an effective scheme team, too.

Oh, and Angie noticeably grimaces when having to fake affection for Junior. So my fears of her legitimately going back to him are quelled. For now.

Under the Dome Angie

“Your touch is almost as bad as trying to watch a Miley Cyrus video.”

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