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Wonderland cast

So. Fucking. Difficult.

Wait, never mind. I figured it out.

If The Descendants was First World Problems: The Movie (though it has some competition), then Wonderland is First World Problems: The TV Series.

That’s what happens when your main characters are all beautiful, affluent, late 20-something/early 30s, beachside-living whiners, whose greatest struggle in life is avoiding being fined by the parking ranger.

When they legitimately park illegally.

Let’s recap: they are rich, young, pretty people who live on the fucking beach, and they honestly whinge about being parking fined for parking illegally. They know they’re parking illegally, but think they are morally allowed to complain about it, just because.

I’m not even kidding. As of this post, the 3rd episode has aired. And its plot centred on the main characters having conflict with a parking ranger.


There’s more, too.

Dani reveals to her newly-wed husband that she has massive credit card debt. Way to do your homework, Steve. Dani then goes on to bitch about how she’s just “not good with money,” which she thinks should not only excuse her stupidity, but be a justification for allowing her to continue doing it. The show even makes a point of Steve having to almost apologise for asking her to stick to a budget. What?

Miranda is an unemployed photographer who can somehow afford living on the (let me say it again) fucking beach. Yeah, right.

Colette cheated on her handsome boyfriend with an ugly, overweight barista. But she’s reeeeeaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyy sorry about it, you guise.

The only character I even remotely like is Tom. But only because he is constantly shit on by the plot. Which he deserves. He tries going on a date with the ditzy bitch who constantly steals his parking spot (which is what “forces” him to knowingly park illegally, thus the parking fines), and is then shocked when it turns out she’s a ditzy bitch. I’m glad he gets saddled with the bill.

I’m not writing Wonderland off just yet. The pilot was decent, and I guess this kind of fluffy, soulless “drama” is the best Australian television can aspire to in the post-Rafters age.

At least it isn’t as banal as Tricky Business.

Oh, and I’m not comparing it to Offspring. Because Offspring actually had a lead character who wasn’t a complete dipshit. For the 1st season or so, anyway.

Wonderland Tom smirk


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  1. Amadan says :

    they are all straight! mh…

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