Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 11 – TV Review

Under the Dome Junior gun

You guys need to do a better job of hiding the keys to the gun cabinet.

Yep, Junior’s got a gun again. Didn’t take him long.

Oh, it has nothing to do with the plot at all.

But I’d die if I didn’t constantly spew my insignificant gripes on things that have no value.

I think I just described this site.

TL;DR The dome chucks a hissy fit (via tornado), Julia gets shot (but survives), Max gets shot (but dies), Big Jim declares Barbie Public Enemy No. 1, and the Handy Four think they might have found a way out.

If it involves killing someone, I’m in.

And it does. Woo.

The plot starts off with a bang this episode. The bang of Max shooting Julia in the chest. Barbie enlists Joe, who had come to see Julia to inform her about the mini-dome, to drive him to the clinic. Barbie saves Julia’s life, then joins Big Jim on his quest to subdue Max. Things get sticky when Big Jim deviates from the plan and executes her, just in time for Linda to arrive and see it so Big Jim can pin it on Barbie. Meanwhile, a storm rages in Chester’s Mill. Angie attributes it to Junior’s attempt to abandon the Flawsome Foursome (out of spite. Because Angie still don’t want dat dick, yo). It dissipates when he agrees to return. Joe thinks it went away because Barbie saved Julia and suspects Barbie might be the monarch. Either way, they all touch the big dome together and see an apparition of a mortally wounded Big Jim, as well as bloodied knives in each of their hands. Norrie and Angie take this to mean that they have to kill Big Jim to get out of the dome.

Golly, the things bored kids will get up to.

I gotta say, I’m sad that Max is already dead. If it means Natalie Zea is getting her butt back to filming The Following, though, I guess I can support it.

The storm is also disappointing. It kinda pops up, swans around in all its bland, CGI glory for a bit, then goes away without affecting anything.

Come on, dome. Impress me.

Why I hate this episode:

Linda is a fucking gullible idiot. She knows Big Jim was working with a goddamn drug dealer. She also thwarted his roving death squad plan just a couple of episodes ago. But then he’s like “Yeah, I’m pretty much Hitler. But you know who could be totally a double Hitler? Barbie.” And she falls for it. I sincerely hope she’ll come along next episode and prove me wrong by only pretending to believe Big Jim. I’d happily eat my words. And some wine chocolate.

And really, all Barbie’s done wrong is kill Julia’s husband. Who was a gambling addicted scumbag (which the DJ fills Linda in about this episode, too). And it was Barbie’s job. Get some perspective, Lindumb.

Max’s characterisation gets cranked up to a billion for no reason. She finds her mother’s drowned corpse, so is already a bit emotional when Big Jim and Barbie raid the cement factory. When she has them captured, she goes into a pathetic, chick-flick-esque whinge about how badly she wants Barbie to be her man. It’s stupid. She’d been built up to be this hardened, sadistic mob boss extraordinaire who merely wanted Barbie because he was pretty (true) and good in bed (I assume). Then she goes nuts because he rejects her again. Pfft.

Big Jim thinks he should be considered a hero because his propane hoarding happened to pay off when a mystical dome surrounded the town. I know he’s supposed to be being a dick in that scene, but it was still silly.

Junior thinks the mini-dome is a sign that he and Angie are meant to be together. When she obviously refuses him, he chucks a shit and pisses off. Then to get him back on the team, Angie is forced to say she wants him back. Ugh. Give Angie a break, show.

When Linda shows up late to Julia’s house and finds her and Barbie gone, she assumes foul play. Or, you know, you could realise that he fucking went and got help because your slow ass didn’t get there in time?

Joe’s conclusion jump to Barbie being the monarch is a tough sell. I’m still hoping it’s Angie.

Oh, and Junior doesn’t wanna kill daddy. Why is your murderous streak so inconvenient, sometimes?

Reasons to watch:

Norrie and Angie seem pretty keen on the idea, though. And Joe has no individual willpower, so he’ll help, too. And even if it doesn’t work, at least Big Jim will be dead.

Max shooting Julia was awesome. She definitely made the most of her time on the show.

Despite her doofy breakdown later, she shows some emotional maturity when she finds her mother’s body on the beach. She’s much more “steely, determined bitchmeister” than “blubbering, Heigl-esque mess.”

And Max gets best line. When Big Jim goes outside and sees the storm vortex:
Big Jim: “What the hell?”
Max: “Hell’s right here.”
Referring to herself, naturally.

She then gloats to Big Jim about shooting Julia. And when he hesitates in helping her further, she threatens to do the same to Junior.

Angie isn’t too far behind with this appropriate response to Junior’s offer to get back together: “Are you insane!?” Yes. Duh.

Julia getting shot cuts off her plans for Barbie to take her to her husband’s grave for “closure.” At least we didn’t have to sit through that garbage.

I abhor Max’s death, but I’ll give Big Jim some points for taking her out. No mercy. He tries to follow it up on Barbie, but Barbie’s too quick for him. The ensuing “this isn’t what it looks like” when Linda shows up is cute. As Linda goes to handcuff Barbie, he elbows her in the fucking face and legs it. A man’s gotta do, you know?

Big Jim makes a radio broadcast to declare a state of emergency due to Barbie being at large. I look forward to how this will play out. We already know the men of Chester’s Mill are lynch mob happy.

The radio Engineer catches a military transmission saying Barbie has been confirmed to be inside the dome, and he’s someone they’ve been looking for. This fuels her paranoia. I lol’d. It also affirms Big Jim’s position. Bad timing for Barbie, but good timing for drama.

Big Jim also offloads Mare’s murder on Barbie. I mean, while you’re there, I guess you would.

Oh, and Barbie does some DIY surgery on Julia to save her life. I like that they tossed aside the predictable tracheotomy and let Barbie suck air out of her chest with a straw, instead. Gritty. Norrie says “ew” when Joe tells her about, it, too.

Under the Dome Barbie sucks air out of Julia's chest

“It’s not even cold!”

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