Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

Under the Dome Mike Vogel Natalie Zea

You had a good run.

There’s no shame in not being as hot as Natalie Zea.

Pretty much nobody is.

And she even gets to be a dirty, sexy, rich douchebag.

It’s really what Under the Dome has been missing.

TL;DR Natalie blackmails Barbie and Big Jim into doing her bidding, the mini-dome disappears (for a bit), and Junior manages to have more than a 5 second conversation with Angie without kidnapping her.

Aww, our little psycho is growing up.

The major plot this episode revolves around Natalie turning up and revealing she’s Big Jim’s drug-peddling mob boss. She blackmails him into organising a voluntary gun handover program. So she has all the guns and can run a black market within the dome. Obviously. She also reveals she’s Barbie’s boss, and blackmails him into going along with her scheme (lest she tell Julia about how he killed her husband). Meanwhile, Linda investigates the propane stockpile (after learning of the Reverend’s drug operation) and starts to grow suspicious. Meanwhile, Julia discovers the mini-dome missing. We later find out that Joe brought it into his barn during a trance. Meanwhile, Angie has the “pink stars” seizure, which Junior recognises as the subject matter of one of his dead mother’s paintings from way back. The episode ends as Norrie, Joe and Angie touch the mini-dome simultaneously, and they deduce they’ll need a fourth participant to trigger whatever it’s capable of.

Very sci-fi vibe. So hopefully that means we are indeed avoiding running the spiritual nonsense gambit that I’ve been dreading.

Before we go any further as well, this is the most gun-drenched episode yet. And Junior doesn’t get near any of them. Hallelujah.

What didn’t work for me is Angie’s subplot. Like, has she forgotten that Junior locked her in a fucking bunker because she wanted to break up with him? Now she’s all cool hanging out and rolling around with him like that’s not a big deal. She shouldn’t be going anywhere with him where nobody can see them. What the actual fuck, girl?

I really wanted Angie to be my favourite character, but if she keeps pulling this shit, I don’t know.

Why I hate this episode:

Another notch on the “I’m not sure if Angie actually has a brain” belt is her absurd insistence that the diner keep running. On what supplies? She’s using her kidnapping against Jim to keep it open, and even demands he give her the deed to it. The only way this plan isn’t retarded is if she expects the dome to come down soon and she’ll then have ownership of a business. But she seems pretty hell-bent on keeping it running right now, which is just insane.

Her seizure also has no real trigger. She just stops mid-sentence while talking to Junior and flails about. Norrie and Joe had triggers. Inconsistent!

The townsfolk are way too compliant with Big Jim’s gun handover. Also, does he really think they’re gonna hand over all their guns? Is this not ‘Murica? At least the gun control issue gets nipped in the bud (Linda almost brings it up). That would have been tedious.

Angie’s butterfly tattoo isn’t coloured correctly to be a monarch butterfly. So now I feel stupid.

Junior’s mum was a fucking terrible painter. It’s, like, primary school level stuff. What?

Oh, and it’s kinda frustrating that Norrie and Joe’s “find the mini-dome” plot is solved when Angie turns up and is all “Lol, it was in the barn the whole time.”

Reasons to watch:

Natalie Zea is back in bitchy form. None of that running for cover in The Following shit. It’s time to strut, baby.

And she certainly knows how to get things done. She successfully blackmails Big Jim and Barbie without any resistance. She also knows Barbie intimately (they’ve probably banged).

And of course, she delivers best line of the episode. Natalie has just revealed she knows Barbie, which Big Jim realises means Barbie is shady as fuck. They start squabbling and Natalie has to calm them down: “Girls, girls, girls. You’re both pretty.” Well, she got it half right.

Linda investigates the propane stockpile (having found a drug recipe in the Reverend’s house that requires propane). A nearby resident tells her about how it is frequented by random people at all times of the day. She then breaks in and checks the surveillance footage, and she sees a tape of Sheriff Duke meeting with Natalie. It’s about time Linda finally got a heads up on something.

Linda is sparked into action when she has to deal with a local tweaker who raves about the dome talking to him while he’s high on Natalie’s signature drug. See, that’s the answer: Norrie and Joe should just hit some hardcore narcotics. Then we could sort this whole thing out.

Julia asks the radio Engineer for the tracker thingamajig to find the mini-dome, but she claims it’s broken. Julia doesn’t believe her, and neither do I. She apparently is still freaked out about Norrie and Joe’s powers. I’m looking forward to her outing them.

Big Jim keeps a few of the guns from the handover program (he’s supposed to be giving all of them to Natalie) for himself. Junior witnesses him stashing them in the bunker.

Oh, and the mini-dome turns out to be fucking awesome. Joe, Norrie and Angie put their hands on it, and it starts to glow blue. A fourth handprint appears on it, and our trio theorise that they’ll need to find another seizure superstar to join the Dometastic 4. Who will it be?

Under the Dome mini dome blue hand Angie

Goddammit, Angie. Could we dial the delayed Stockholm Syndrome down to about a 4?

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